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Last Roman -- youtube.com/watch?v=ZPOHiFTQDyc[Embed][Embed][Embed]
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Attila launch trailer -- youtube.com/watch?v=h9xmbMLyMuo[Embed][Embed]

EGX Siege AI and Vamp vs Chaos gameplay -- youtube.com/watch?v=fj05Ll1Mark[Embed][Embed]
Chaos vs Empire battle -- youtube.com/watch?v=uao1Pu-Kw88[Embed][Embed]
Vampire Counts Campaign -- youtube.com/watch?v=2a9nF8X2Yd4[Embed][Embed]
Vampire Counts Reveal -- youtube.com/watch?v=uj605sogy3I[Embed][Embed]
Corruption Blog -- wiki.totalwar.com/w/How_Corruption_Works_in_Total_War:_WARHAMMER
How Corruption Works -- youtube.com/watch?v=g6PPH4GkEM8[Embed][Embed]
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Second for Beggining of the End Times

I claim this thread for /gsg/

Third for Ancient Empires

Post warhammer cavalry charges.

Why put warhammeri n the OP

>literally has locked in race based alliance

Should have made it a dogbert edition

Reposting since Im curious about it

What do you mean exactly?

Makes sense I guess, otherwise you have the shit the Janissaries pulled.

What happened with the Oda and Tokugawa if you dont mind elaborating?

> Tomb Kings still not announced

Bushido was all about yearning for death. You better get murdered, or you better die trying. If all else fails, kill yourself. Nobody will like you otherwise.

Aksum cucked da world. Hataz did! He took an Aksum army to Britannia. There wuz NO ONE left to cuck, da wimmiz wuz his.

Aksum - Christian Nippon showdown when?

>Lizardmen still not announced

Feels good.


Bad post timing in the other thread.

Playing head to head DEI game with a friend, what would you guys do next?

Planning on consolidating everything north of the Spanish mainland and then taking the rest of North Africa. Not sure if I should make a move against Britain but I will attack Egypt soon by sea and land crossing in Asia/Bithynia and land invasion supported by a fleet in Libya



Lizardfags in the middle.

>M2 charges

To be extremely brief, Ieyasu Tokugawa managed to broker powerful position within the regimes of both Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi despite fighting on opposite sides of both of them at at least one point, including a secret alliance with the Oda during the early years of Tokugawa's rise to power. Then when Toyotomi died, Tokugawa took advantage of the power vacuum to place himself at the front of the Eastern coalition against those representing Hideyoshi's heir (his son Hideyori, who was only 5 at the time). His victory at Sekigahara cemented his place at Shogun, creating a shogunate that would last more than 200 years. He wasn't seen as a dishonorable person, but it can be interpreted from a modern perspective that he was running an extremely long, pragmatic game that eventually led him to power.

Reading up on the three unifiers is probably the best place to look for more information. The later years of the Sengoku era were filled with unlikely alliances, pacts, conspiracies, and betrayals all over the place.


They shouldve hired those guys for Shogun 2.
I was I was smart enoug to mod their songs in to play on the campaign-map.

Damn, Japanese history seems pretty interesting, where did you read up on all this stuff?

First wave of the Beta test.

We are happy to announce that we are now ready to begin accepting applications for beta testers. Everyone, who has ever dreamed of being a part of the GSC team and put their own efforts into Cossacks 3 development can fill in the form and try their luck.

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Please follow this link to compose your application:


>tfw 20th birthday in a few days and no one to celebrate it with but my parents and /twg/

Who is that? Isabella? A Lahmian? Aren't Lahmian courtesans and prostitutes?

I didnt celebrate my birthdays since I was 10, I get a call from relatives and thats it, I dont even tell people about it, who gives a fuck familia?

It could always be worse family.
You could still be here next year.

Isabella and Lahmians are not in.
It's just a female Vampire... I think it's hero level.

Almost one month away.

holy shit. can not wait. I've been avoiding total war specifically for warhammer.


Err... Wikipedia and other online resources mostly (though the first Kessen was what sparked off my interest when I was a teenager). I'm really not even that knowledgeable, just have a passing knowledge of the three unifiers and Sekigahara. There are so many clans and characters in mix, it's absurd.

The rivalry between Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen is also extremely interesting if you like action oriented history.

Have never given a shit about warhammer but I have to say the game has me a little hype.

I've liked the idea of a fantasy total war game for a while now and Warhammer looks like it'll be good. I'm still not decided whether I want to wait a while or grab it on release tho

I think it will be a bitch to keep track of all these names kek.

Well hopefully plenty of info comes out in may so its easier to make a decision

no friends, person of relation?

are you a sperg?

i've been following /twg/ religously for almost a year and i see this same post in every thread.

congrats dude. you're super dedicated to a meme. i'm team slaan so i guess we will probably get our wishes in the same expansion

Whenever Arena includes a Nippon and Aksum faction.


Why are elves in third age so op

because elves are OP in the univcerse

Eh information isn't an issue so much as price and getting it with a bunch of the future dlc and patches versus getting to play it immediately.

>Celebrating birthdays after 20~ish years old

You reach a certain point in that the only thing you do is have some dinner with your family and that's that
And honestly, at some point, you start hating birthdays because that means you are getting more and more distant from your prime

>you're super dedicated to a meme
>a meme



>playing vanilla M2

what a fag

It's not so much the birthday itself as it is the reminder of having no social life.

What is this 2007?

One day you won't even have your parents to celebrate with. Become a normie, user

By the time you reach 30, all your social life (what little there is) will be related to your job

So don't worry, you are not alone, people, ultimately, are alone in their adult lives

My mom just turned 50 and she still hangs around with her friends from highschool

As opposed to what? What's wrong with vanilla med?

Well congratulations, your mother is an anecdote.

Nothing, its just that most people today play mods

That isn't true at all though.

Birthdays are still celebrated though the 20s user. I think they really start to become less celebrated in your 30s, when its just family, your best friends and an so

I'm a normie tho so it doesn't really apply here

>im a normie


>on Veeky Forums on a saturday night
Choose one and only one

You are not fooling anyone


Sure, if you are some kind of faggot who never left his small-medium sized hometown since he was fucking born and people that you used to talk with also never left you might retain contact and through contact you might not lose many companions.

But most people don't stick around their small-midsized hometown forever, they move to other cities and lose all their childhood-teenagehood bonds, making a lesser amount of adulthood bonds.

It's the end of the term, no one who's still here isn't studying


>studying in a saturday night

That is no longer a normie
That is borderline autism

>Not just studying the day before the test

Increased the quality

The point isn't that I'm studying, it's that no one goes out during exams. No one stays after they're done either

Not everyone goes out all the time, this isnt tv

user, im almost done with my university years

Experience taught me that people will ALWAYS, ALWAYS procrastinate till the very last moment and will then take saturday off to "relax"

You are not fooling anyone, all the normies are going out to "relax" from their "arduous" studies

>Experience taught me that people will ALWAYS, ALWAYS procrastinate till the very last moment and will then take saturday off to "relax"
Is this what you do?

You're wrong but okay.

No, you are wrong
But its okay

He's obviously 110% right and his word is law

>One day you won't even have your parents to celebrate with
I haven't really celebrated my birthday since 17 years old, but I'm really dreading this day. It's always nice having mom send you a text.

Does Montreal count as small?

Hey /twg/, what was your first and your favourite total wars?

>toss up between BI and Attila, love the setting

Why the fuck are we arguing about college/uni friends? Look, if you move away from your hometown, yeh, obviously you lose some friends. You can easily make friends throughout your life is a) you can actually talk to people and b) they are worth being friends with (similar views, hobbies, or just good conservationists) Now, lets go back to explaining why the Empire is infinitely superior to Bretonnia

>Medieval 2

>whiteknights:the faction

Just think user

One day you will lose your parents
One day you will lose your siblings
One day all the people you met will be dead

One day you will have a excruciating pain in your chest and will have trouble breathing
You will try to reach for air, your lungs desperately asking for oxygen but you will be unable to get it, your head will start getting more and more light and you will fall into slumber, to never wake up again

Just hope that you reach that point while still retaining some indepedence/sanity

you are wrong because you are young
But okay

>One day you will have a excruciating pain in your chest and will have trouble breathing
Having a rope around my neck will do that?

>I consider myself old and i can't make new friends so no one else can

>One day you will have a excruciating pain in your chest and will have trouble breathing

Fuck that, I'm, strapping some homemade explosives to my chest, and detonating it on a rollercoaster. Go out with a bang, if you know what I mean.

Im not going to argue with you, im just gonna let time teach you

Is it just that impossible to make friends? How did we even survive all this time? This is truly the endtimes.
This generation is doomed.

Does Montreal count as small though?

Does beginning of the End Times have the same endless spawning stacks meme that CoW 1.6 has ?


t. Toronto

No, it removes a lot of those stupid scripts

t. City with 6 mill ppl


>only 400k more than my shitty state capital retirement village city
Pretty damn small to be quite honest with you.

Shogun and Shogun 2 haven't played Attila though yet

>people, ultimately, are alone in their adult lives
Are friends just that useless later on in life?

Thats what psychologists are for!

>But most people don't stick around their small-midsized hometown forever
Do I have to move this a different city now? Where do I move? Do I even bother with friends?

psychologists do the studies.
psychiatrists are the ones you bitch to because they can prescribe drugs


Good point

Fuck that. Not spending $100+/hour for nothing

Health insurance brah

>for nothing
They listen to your incessant bitching and give you drugs
Its a good trade depending on how much bitching you have