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How fares your empire, /gsg/?

This day in history, April 24th:
1184 BC – Traditional date of the fall of Troy.
1914 – The Franck–Hertz experiment, a pillar of quantum mechanics, is presented to the German Physical Society.
1915 – The arrest of 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Istanbul marks the beginning of the Armenian Genocide.
1916 – Easter Rising: The Irish Republican Brotherhood led by nationalists Patrick Pearse, James Connolly, and Joseph Plunkett starts a rebellion in Ireland.
1933 – Nazi Germany begins its persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses by shutting down the Watch Tower Society office in Magdeburg.

EU4DD - March 31

CK2 DD3 - The Bonsai Tree

>Random Country Picker

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The Tsar

Reminder to stomp roaches

Which one, the qt bottom?

In case HPM guy comes around, I have found some mistakes in his mod.

1- Poland should have Vilnius as a core, when "Claim Eastern Lands" decision is executed.
2- When Tripoli and Cyrennica happens to be organized and become Libya cores, form Maghreb decision gets broken. Keeping the old cores can be a solution to it.
3- Transcaucasia should have Georgian as a primary culture, instead of Armenian, it was based in Georgia. I have never tried to play as it, but after some requirements, it also should have decision to add Azerbaijani as an accepted culture.


>poorly-rendered bricks spewing tennis balls at each other
Why bother when Battlefleet Gothica exists?

Reminder to pls buy Stellaris and HoI4

buy our shit

>Armenian is the primary culture of Transcaucasia
That's fucking bullshit if true, Armenians hate and are hated by both Georgians and Azerbaijanis.

You fucking serious Belgium?

Battlefleet Gothic isn't a GSG.

But it has better fleet battles. So does Sins of a Solar Empire. Shit, so does Star Wars: Empire at War, and it's TEN YEARS OLD.

I guess I'm wondering why the guy posted a fleet battle when that's the LAST reason to buy/play any grand strat set in space.

*tips helmet backwards*

Is this a modded event?

He probably fell for Greater Armenia memes, but Georgia was always the significant one in the region, then Azerbaijan, and maybe Armenia after them, if not one of those minor states. Without Armenian diaspora abroad, I doubt they would even manage to get a country.

I just don't get it anymore, why would they attack me?

It's in HPM for when your infamy is over 25. Some random ass country sends you an event demanding your dismantlement, even though they literally have NO FUCKING ARMY OF STRENGTH


Because burgundiums must be gross

Just dismantled Britain because the Netherlands added the CB, almost had death by commie, miraculously survived, just so the netherlands can add YET ANOTHER DISMANTLE CB ON BRITAIN
oh and of course I'm the only one that actually makes a move on Britain

So how would I be able to achieve this while playing as Japan?

Ah yes, the times when I threatened Japan's sovereignty. I surely deserve to have war declared on me by Japan
fucking retarded country out of nowhere

Why start a separate war too? Now that's just lazy modding

I guess I'll have to invade the British while this shit war is happening

you can't add countries to existing wars

By coughing in the general direction of the Chinese Army.

Even before Westernising you can take Korea.

>Ah yes, the times when I threatened Americas sovereignty. I surely deserve to have war declared on me by America
t. wilhelm the 2nd

Doesn't that shit on your literacy rates, or can you still have colonies as an Unciv? Also, does the Dismantle Nation CB automatically come with great wars?

.shitposting ignore and report to Reminder

This is the current ethnic makeup of my country. French made it to 1.2% somehow

Don't understand why Paradox didn't allow adding countries to war as a modding feature.
We could have used the total war ally call in thing for this case too though

Conquering Japan as Korea on day 1 should still give you a literacy of 32%.

The main reason you want to take Korea before westernising is that they get to become a state when you do westernise, and having extra space + pop for factories is a good thing.

forgot pic

I also gotta go so peace out /gsg/

I dont remember blowing up Japanese passenger boats carrying weapons user

Dismantle comes with Mass Politics tech

Are you Slovenian?

What could've been

>that pic
Johan DYEL?

Is it easier to just ignore coalitions on ck2 and declare war freely? It seems like waiting for threat to die down is inefficient and i don't really see a coalition being much of an issue considering the AI never coordinates well, unless warscore is determined differently then.

an update on the century's couple
We have plenty of new islands in the pacific they can honeymoon on

Is there any Communist nation that's let a monarch be head of state?

>communist monarchy


Should I go after Kursk or Don Host Oblast?

Both of them have a lot of ukrainian pops who deserve to be free of Russians

what's a good EU4 complete overhaul mod? i don't want to install many mods and need to upkeep them.

Kurksk or bust. You should focus on teaching the niggers how to read first tho.

The UK

Well this is easier than I thought it'd be

I don't know how feasible this is. Should I be playing as Shogunate Japan instead?


Oh, you are playing a mod that splits up japan. I don't know then.

Even if you played as the Shogun the AI won't be good enough to land troops in Korea.


>implying monarch and not a high ranking official

I think I broke russia

>that sexy craftsman pop


Reminder to join the discord server and shitpost with friends, also get that sweet sweet mp chat when Stellaris comes out

pls buy

What should my goals be for this game? Should I try to hold on to my French holdings, or abandon them and colonize the New World? I wanted to grab the European India and Japan achievements this game, but otherwise I'm willing to do whatever.

Try to hold french territory

Have they updated that meme mod yet?

New world

>>people used to waggle to purge threads shat up
no, they didn't
the whole thing was invented by yohan and just like his simpsons porn spamming or his more recent furry scat spamming, the only purpose was to shit the thread

it's not us who is weak, it's the format of this website

it's inherently weak to outsiders

>obvious newfag accusing others of reddit
waggling wasn't to "cleanse threads", it was just pure unadulterated shitposting.

Simply not true, me lad. That was the case, originally, yes. Then for a time the steam group left us in peace and it was only used when the thread went to shit (Rob chatting shit, stellaris pros shilling, etcetera) but now it's gone back to the original use.


nah, it was never used like that
regardless spamming any shit to clean the thread is retarded anyway, it only shits it up more

Get out redditor, you don't belong here

How do these borders look for a Greater Romania?

Then fuck off back to your steamgroup and stop spamming our thread

>hurr durr everyone is reddit but me I have never been to reddit what is reddit BTW???

I've seen it happen, me lad.
>regardless spamming any shit to clean the thread is retarded anyway, it only shits it up more
Obviously. But the point is if autists are arguing for hours on end, a genuine problem here, it ends the shit flinging contest. Allowing for proper grand strategy discussion to continue when it's over. It acts as a stopgap.

Remove t*rk and make slavs great again.
Althought the first years are a drain, post results.

Just fuck off already, moron. You know nothing of our culture



>our culture is supreme it's not like that reddit culture I don't know about reddit culture I have never been to reddit what is reddit BTW???

nice tagswitch

It's like a bizzaro-world version of the Golden Circle

haven't tagswitched this game

Had to manually fire disunited states because the civil war never happened, and I cheesed the commie revolution itself, but other than that it was all natural


>mfw GB allies France in Alexmod

Please just kill this fucking meme and dissolve it's corpse in a bath of acid. It is fucking sterile. There is no fucking humour in it, it is fucking done.

>replying to shitposters from radical yugoslavia

Hi Alex! How's your brother Roberto doing?

Fine, thanks for asking.

Fucking stop it, lads. Your posts are all so fucking cancerous, just give it up.

You can epicly """ironically""" shitpost all you want, it doesn't change the fact that you are a foreigner in these lands and should respect our ways.

Lad, I am campaigning against faggotry, you're telling me to fuck off? Perhaps it's you who should fuck off.

wtf is going on



>there will never be a CK2 style dynasty simulator for the Victorian era

stfu mongoloid negro, it's 10:30 PM EST, get yo autistic ass to bed before mommy revokes pc privileges.

Dynastic stuff didn't really matter much in V2 era

>not iranic

>mfw the real gsgidf comes out and drives back the insurgents

Now your just trying to fuck with me Seriously, whats the issue? Has this happened for anyone in the past? Its not breaking the site but if this is a new thing i am slightly worried that this could just be the beginning of either some bigger coding malfunction on the new owners end, or the servers are getting fucked and Veeky Forums will crash again

Starting a new darkest hour ww1 game

which country shall I meme with?


Otto and his men.

I'm new to strategy in general, decided to start out with Alpha Centauri. This game is something else...
>Decide to play Morgan
>Hordes of alien worms attacking my colonists at every turn
>Yang and Miriam team up to murder me and destroy my supply crawler fleet
>Actual aliens join the fight for no reason, invade my territory, and capture three of my cities while I have my back turned
>Initiate pearl harbor, but in reverse to destroy their transport fleet
>Second alien faction decides that they want to invade me moments later
And the weirdest part is that I'm still, somehow making money.

Wrong thread

4x games go in the civ4x general. in your case, since that specific thread is dead, i'd try

>if HPM ever extends the game to 1815 Britain will start with mad George III in power
Can't wait to retake the colonies, me lads.

Otto and his men it is. Grease will be otto clay again

What do you mean? You get Korea for free once they are westernized. Just wait for Russia to make a wrong move or take Sakhalin and add state CB. Can always dismantle Russia later on for Cumchatka. It's not like Russia is dangerous.