/yfw ETH is already dead but whales and shills are giving a "last ditch effort" to prop up the price before their final...

/yfw ETH is already dead but whales and shills are giving a "last ditch effort" to prop up the price before their final dump

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>they're trying to shill some shitty IPO scamcoin with pictures of some commie malnourished autist

>I know right Lindsey!? Can you believe there are retards out there dumb enough to fall for this scamcoin?










>Ethereum is still alive guys! I promise!

>my boyfriend told me he's been bagholding some shitty scamcoin named Ethereum or something!

>He thinks because Trump is the next president that some random scammers made a coin named Trumpcoin and he's bagholding that shit too!

>I'm finding a boyfriend who's holding Bitcoin!

>ETH will replace Bitcoin

>he thinks some shitty centralized scamcoin has any future

>Better post another picture of Vitalik! LOL Jamie why are you so mean to ETH holders!


>Going places

>He thought Ethereum was his ticket to riches

>He thought Bitcoin would be replaced

>Did you see the picture of that autist they want me to invest in?

>I know right?!?, he looks so goofy and creepy!

I'll bite on your shit b8 and shameful self bumps.

Why do you think it's dead?

did you short eth or something bro?
shore is cope as fuck in here

not even an eth supporter but god damn man get it together and conduct yourself like an adult.

>if you know eth is dead, short the fuck out of it instead of posting here
>oh....you don't know eth is dead and you don't have any money to short it with?

>beyond 2014

It's painfully obvious that you're shorting ETH.


>there are people out there dumb enough to fall for this scamcoin when bitcoin exists

The creator literally spergposted about selling 25% of his autistcoins, he's literally rubbing it in your faces

Enjoy getting dumped on

A friendly reminder you faggots who invested in this IPO scamcoin are only gonna get fucked in the end

Enjoy learning your lesson, bitcoin is the only crypto

So what's going on here? Have I lost the ETH I held before the fork?

All in a wallet, not exchange.

Whales cashing out

gg ez

Is this how you cope with the bitcoin halving being a dud?

But it's dropping to less than $2...

Whew lad, did you short at 0.018?

You're literally chain posting nonsense and garbage

I'm sorry for your loss


This shit is wild

Did I miss something here? Coinbase just added an eth wallet, this shit is only going up.

You missed everything you dumb nigger.

That's why eth is the only coin a) worth haking & b) survives a 50m $ hack effortlessly

Faggoots. Mooning

I dumped my ETHC as fast as I could then bought the ETH dip AGAIN.

It wasnt hacked and it wont survive

Cute teenage girls laughing amongst themselves at all the retards who bought this autist coin dot jpg

>price is low
hurr durr worthless memecoin
>price is high
hurr durr whales preparing for the dump

>price is low
hurr durr its just a dip
>price is high
hurr durr here buy more since eth is moon

ETH shorts not working out for you OP?

Buy the dip. We will likely retest $20.