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anyone have the upcoming horse porn?

post Veeky Forums musclefus

>tfw nora says to synth shaun that mommy is here now
>tfw she does the cute animations and you can hear the quivers in her voice

Grow the hair on the side of your head and take your top off, then maybe we'll talk.

fuc uff

xth for Enclave

Enclave waifu when?

>file name


Nobody has the Far Harbor DLC, user.

Yeah I'm sure she's real interested in conforming to your exacting if rather vanilla tastes, buddy

Oh that's good. I was afraid I might've sounded demanding.


>current-gen resolution

Remember to end it all~

i guess i have to go to final place to look

did i miss something?




nora was made for shota cock

Ehhh, not as cute, imo.

i've decided i kinda like that vanilla danse has a bit of babyface going on

Should we just abandon thread now and start over?

Welp. I made my game save size go from 17.6 mb to 16.9 just by removing excess crops from most settlements, but not finished yet.

Putting all the extra people on scavenge stations.

Shota gets front door and Dogmeat hits the back

any body mods?

such rampant degeneracy

You're not going to get rid of these folks just by making a new thread.

is this china?



>install infinite companion ammo so cait can blast away with my incendiary shotgun
>couple days later she picks up a molotov
>spamming infinite molotovs now

I think I have to uninstall :^(

Yeah I wanted to see what happened if I gave Preston a nuka grenade, it's a good thing I'm not so retarded that I can take something away from him.

Don't even pretend like companions pick grenades up every other minute

is this chyna? u_u

take away molotov. problem fixed right?

Reminds me of this gif.

Y'all sons of bitches need to post something Fallout related.

>Yeah I wanted to see what happened if I gave Preston a nuka grenade


There's nothing even remotely sexy about any of these.

post homes

Don't worry, that one Dansefag has you covered.

But really, user, one of the girls in those gifs are extremely cite face-wise.

>I don't like my women looking like men
>I must be gay.
Wew lad

All that scavenged crap will just go into the workshop as well, won't it, albeit at a lower rate. Why have them do anything at all when it'll just contribute to size-creep again?

If you think those look like men you have more issues than simple homosexuality.

>women look like men if they're not fat or weak

So i shilled out and got workshop because i'm a console peasant and wanted more customization.

Can someone explain how cages work? Like is what comes out of them level based, completely random, etc. I'm trying to make a ghoul infested arena town I can feed raiders too, but i keep getting fucking hideous charred ghouls every single time.

I noticed just reloading before you opened the cage can change the type of creature you get, but for some reason it's only these ghouls that are staying the same.

They say in the descriptor boxes at the top what you need to put in and what gets trapped

No they look like men when their bodies take on masculine forms due to body building.
Its like you don't understand your own garbage fetish.

Buffquad save this thread

Which is better /fog/?
X-01 or X-02?


They're both garbage.


>implying I'd make my Nora that hideous

They both look like retarded sci-fi suits from Planetside or XCOM and have no business being in a 50's retro-future post-apoc game.

Exactly. Now THIS is a proper sci-fi power armor

fallout 4 isn't 50s lmao

It's saturday night buff out gettin pussy

no what i mean is, why am i getting exclusively the one kind of ghoul when it's random for other cages. Was just wondering if there's a way around this.

So you're going to admit you're a retard, just like that?


Was Nora a virgin when she met Nate?

No, it's why the family dog ran away.

Nora never met Nate in my game. She starts as a brotherhood knight trying to destroy the institute.

Fallout 4 is early 60s in everything like the pre-war outfits and the army uniforms and the houses and the building architecture

I kinda wish we could all sit in a room for 30 minutes to discuss together in person, if only to see if people like you are actually this socially inept

She does mention at one point a fling with a guy in college, that guy could have very well been nate, but likely not.

FO4 takes place in the year 2287, and the bombs fell 200 years prior to that. It makes no sense whatsoever for everything to be stuck in the 1950s.

Let me guess, you think TES has a traditional fantasy setting?

Did the enclave build their power armor in 1950? I think that's what he was getting at

I need a good gatling laser drop

What's best gatling laser legendary modifier?

And it's obvious Beth is moving slightly from the whole 50's thing anyway

Cool it with the projecting, son

Rapid or wounding.



Wounding, Crippling, Powerful, Two shot, Kneecapping, Rapid. These are all top tier for all auto fire laser weapons.

This picture claims to be against chocolate curie but is filled with links to lewd pics of chocolate curie...

I'm retarded for wanting to not having to worry about companion ammo consumption
while also caring about them lobbing molotovs 2 at a time

never change fog

Does wounding stack?

And wouldn't two shot do more damage than powerful?
Don't laugh at my pain :(
Maisie Williams really let herself go

>Does wounding stack?
Yes, that's why is so powerful and incendiary and poisoners are so complete shit.

How dare you compare that land-whale to my waifu.

>Videogame tattoo
>Videogame clothes

Alright heres what you do, and for the record I'm using companion infinite ammo as well.

You open their inventory, you think "Gosh, I keep getting hit in the back of the head with X grenade whenever I stand in front of X...I wonder how I could solve that issue I'm having? After you've spent whatever time you need to think about it you take the grenade away from the companion and stop making up problems that can't be fixed

>I'm retarded for wanting to not having to worry about companion ammo consumption
With how easy it is to acquire ammo in this game, yes you are, and you're paying the price for your laziness. Standard cause and effect.

He meant that you're retarded for not taking the molotovs away, dingus.

>Does wounding stack?
Yes. It's broken to the point where it's the best effect for automatics.

Anyone doing unarmed/melee in the survival beta? Is it viable?

Where the fuck is the silent protagonist mod at. Seems like it wouldve been the first mod created for the game.


Male attention whores are worse than women attention whores.

It's in there somewhere, I remember Gopher covering it in one of his earlier mod videos.

>Xbox One
Rapture cant come soon enough.

If only there was a perk that lets you not take damage from companions
>Is it viable
Blitz melee/unarmed doesn't stop being broken just because survival.
Run to DC right away and buy the legendary bat. You're set for the rest of the game or until a better legendary drops.

Yo...is that even a tattoo or is it a sketch?
Also xbox one son? How he gonna do himself like dat

>tfw single handedly supplying the Commonwealth with Ice Cold beer.

>your own garbage fetish.
It's not a fetish, I just don't mind muscle in certain cases. I don;t like muscle itself, but when a girl has muscles and still looks cute, it's neat. It's like red-heads. I don't have a fetish for red-heads, but a red-head can be cute.

But you're right, muscle-mass is masculine, but masculinity is traditional views-- things you'd associate with men. When you realize men aren't the only ones who have short hair and muscle, that idea goes away.

I'm not telling you that it's right or wrong to not like muscular girls, people have their taste, just explaining the idea.

Effects of me only giving partial attention; pardon my tard. Dunno of a fix, but sometimes wiki's helpful with shit like that. Checked there?

Interesting, an entire pack of albino doggos.

who new vegas/fallout 3 still?

Post character and themesong.


Exhibit A

Look at nora's outfit. this is a staple of casual women's wear from 1959 to 1964, i.e. the high waisted pants and white shoes

Another detail is the pristine shiny architecture as seen in the kitchen. It is also an example of the gaudy colors the early 60's had especially in cars and appliances.

Can I give my robit a flashlight? I miss human companions because I could give them power armor with flashlights.