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who watches the vauban? edition
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It's dead, jim

nth for stealth rework never, bursas, bastilles and booty

first for frogbutt.

Too bad your Booben decides to ATTACK FROM THE FRONT.

it's time

repostan official /wfg/ tier list: pastebin.com/W9jPdan4

No changes since last time

Remember not to shitpost. State what you would change about the list and your reasons for doing so, all other posters need not apply

>Remember not to shitpost
But friend, tierposting IS shitposting

Best friends with their butts together

You have acquired Brouzouf.

Is Critical Delay worth it on Tonk to push it over 100% crit chance, or should I put on something fun like Firestorm?

I'm in love with a Bursa!
She stunnin', she rollin', she shootin'
She mountin' my warm turgid Booben
I'm in love with a Bursa!
She whippin' and trippin', I'm slippin'
Gurl that butt-slam got me a flippin'
I'm in love with a Bursa!

don't be fooled, this is an impostor

here's the real list


nth for please someone kill this game already.

Maybe a little I'll agree. Makes me feel like a magical dragon girl though so it makes up for it.

From my personal exp:
Missions where i don't have to deal with many enemies, i like to go with Crit Delay.
Survival camping with firestorm,

>pretending to be me

>Trying to impersonate me to stir up shitstorms

You can stop now.

If you could make one female frame male, and one male frame female, who would it be and why?

I use it because I like having reliable yellow crits. The last slot alternatives are Fast Hands, Firestorm, Hammershit, Memeing Scope or Bladed Rounds. Or another elemental if you don't minmax crits

Firestorm or fast hands.

>male to female
Ash Prime, because pic related.

>female to male

>Trying this hard to impersonate me

>Impersonating me


Nice meme


She's a very beautiful girl with a feminine penis, is all!

Atlas build when

post real hallway heroes.


is that new?

Why are we EYE posting?

I need help with the market, here are some issues I have:

I was looking at the bundles, some of them look really good, like the beta color pack. Which ones are the best to buy?

It caught my eye something about credit to platinum, what is this? Do people trade plat for credits? Do people buy credits on trade?

Will the blue/red nikana's skins work with the prime version?

Finally, how much do arcane helmets go by?

>None, wait until holidays


>Warframe market . Com

Oh, I forgot one, what is the cheapest Mag Prime Set you can find? I'm on a budget, and I really want my maggie.

is EyE like warframe? or better?

What holidays? I'm not from the US. Which one is closer? What kind of items do they sell on these events?

Eye is nothing like warframe

It is the best game in the world if you are autistic and can endure mostly single player and source engine

Most people do the first level and quit


Who /cosplayframe/ here?

EYE is a glorious game and I'm insulted that you even implied that warframe can measure up.

What kind of question is that? You, me and everyone on the motherfucking planet know anything is better than Warframe.

god damn it now i have to build the gram again fuck you user

It's cool, I was the same way twelve hours ago. I also fell back in love with cleaving whirlwinds' spin-to-win attack.
>that little dizzy stumble at the end

Amazon killing machines shouldn't be cute.

>first person shooters

I'll pass.

do you use any frames or skins with their default colors, wfg?

Classic saturated, ice and smoke are safe bets.

Underage b&

that cosplay would be good

if it had red hair

Red ain't Red without her hair

2/10 for effort, +1 for sword

Ash and nekros, they look like shit with anything else

I tried. But the black part of banshee's helmet is tied to the same color as the boots.

Only if their default colors are AMERICA

Holy shit, Ripkas are fun. I'm tempted to potato these fuckers. Feel like I'm playing WCW on N64 with every finisher.

Is Opticor a fun weapon to potato?


It's a shitty bow.

Yeah I'd say so

>not making bursa confused with your golden codpiece

Are you implying Bursa is in a sexual relationship with Vauban?

deeper yellow, but holy fuck thats amazing

youre are very very very dumb

From an user last thread.

I was also talking about EYE, though. That's what he was saying.

>start a mission
>suddenly have to pee

>It is the best game in the world if you are autistic


>Got 3 day affinity booster.
>No blank state weapons for mr lvling

Fuq, I'll never get to mr 12 at this state.

I already have one kubrow egg, if I make the event alert one, will I be able to keep it?

just buy a shitton of weapon fodder blueprints from the market
alert eggs stack

There is literally nothing to do in this game but build shit and level it. Why don't you have a foundry full of shit built or ready to build at all times?

The way I'm reading shadow step seems too good to be true. Why doesn't everyone pick Naramon?

Yes, you just can't pick up more eggs in-mission.

Because they're too busy leveling up zenurik first

When is the next sale? I'm not on America, I don't know your holydays. I don't want to waste platinum.


What do you guys think about the new cat pet? In my opinion, I would have taken all that dev time expanding the kubrow system in every way.

>Vauban looks like something from Dark Souls
>easily best Warframe design

>Mynki makes Fairy frame
>so trash it's unfunny
G'job Mynki.

>When is the next sale? I'm not on America, I don't know your holydays. I don't want to waste platinum.

You'll probably get a Plat discount coupon before they do another sale. The Daily Tribute shit you get when you log-in sometimes gives you 25%, 50% and (very rarely) 75% off coupons.

>What do you guys think about the new cat pet?

I don't mind it. As long as they act different from kubrows and provide different kinds of benefits I'm not going to complain.

What is the best polarity to transmute rares? Which one is more likely to give me something at least decent?

So was there any ETA mention for Booben and the new frame? Next month, maybe?

I never buy platinum with real money, or... can I use that discount to buy platinum items from the market? I never see a discount in them the few times I got them.

>can I use that discount to buy platinum items from the market?
Only if you're on console.

>can I use that discount to buy platinum items from the market?

Unfortunately, no. Discounts on items are rather rare and are usually specific. Off the top of my head the last time they did a sale was on the "Proto" skins for Excalibur and Nyx.

Darvo gives discounts on specific items, usually weapons, every day. He only sells a limited amount of them though.

They never make discounts for items then? What about the holydays sales? Is it only platinum, never items from the market? You can tell me how much would I have to wait for the next one, I have a couple of hundreds that I want to put to good use.

Are orokin reactors/catalysts a good investment?

>I have a couple of hundreds that I want to put to good use
Buy yourself a warframe costume and a prostitute.

>They never make discounts for items then?

They do, but usually not on items you would want to buy for their utility. Skins and guns are usually the ones that get the discounts. I don't think I've ever seen components discounted. Don't buy guns from the market with plat. If you want to buy guns then buy Prime components at reasonable prices through Trade.

>Are orokin reactors/catalysts a good investment?

If you don't want to wait a month or two for welfare potatoes, and you build a lot of weapons, yes. Exilus Adapters require potatoes, but they cost about the same as a potato, so you probably won't regret grabbing those either.

Just don't buy basic components like Orokin Cells or shit like that. They're a total waste of your plat.

i'm doing these squad survival missions and they're fucking hard

i'm getting my ass kicked

git gud

Normal survivals or sortie ones?
Also, post gear


>boring ass Survival
>frustratingly annoying Interception with Bursas everywhere
>boss fight that took around 30 seconds
>Vazarin Lens

Did I not get the memo that said Braton Prime was a trash weapon? Jesus, I need to unload half my magazine to kill a lancer in fucking Pavlov

why the fuck is the requirement for sorties only MR4? that interception was hell, shitters galore

I didn't have a problem with the bursas on s2, was throwing bastilles everywhere while mirage blinded things.
Wasn't expecting to basically instagib jackal though.
And all that for 25 cores.

Sorties should be locked a fair bit higher, like mr12.
The amount of shitters expecting to be carried is a bit of a problem.

i don't know what i'm doing. i've only been playing for a few hours. this game has a lot of shit in it that you need to learn


Post your build so I can laugh at you, shitter.


it's just a serration and a speed trigger

but i've done more with the same two mods

i fell for the "it's a good weapon after the tater and the 8th forma" meme, didn't i

>but i've done more with the same two mods
Were you a bowshitter?
A MK-1 Braton doesn't take half a clip to kill shit on Pavlov with a proper build.

>putting speed trigger on a Braton

Jesus Christ nigger what are you doing?

how the fuck do i rank up to buy blueprints? i've done like 20 missions and i'm still rank1

hit esc, point at your name, and select "rank up" if you've reached the affinity requirement

>There is someone on my campus that's using the same cellular network that is tired of your ass. Small fucking world huh.