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Blame IRC Edition.

Current Update: Silverfrost Mountains

>What server will most of /bnsg/ be playing on?
Mushin/Poharan is for NA
Jiwan is for NA RP
Windrest is for EU
Ebon Hall is for EU RP

/bnsg/ Clans Info (embed)

>Steam Group

>Discord Links

>BnS Resources (embed)

>Soul Shield and Gear Cheat Sheet

How to add true AA to B&S (Nvidia guide)

Drawfriend portraits


Mods (ALSO USE AT OWN RISK) (embed)

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Crimson #1

xth for the rat niggas living their lives

Lambda will only be close friends only, like my discord.

I'll work on it later though.

Reposting from
Are there any hidden guilds on Mushin that some anons might not have posted? Friend isn't an option, No seku seems more like a clan of association and as far as I'm aware NFA is dead and doesn't seem much different to no seku anyway. Is there any other options of clans that work together and are pretty friendly and tight with each other? Crimson would be nice too due to that fun owpvp but I have no loyalty to red.

Happy Family Edition

looking for a best friend

Xth for Mamuo a CUTE!

Once you mail me 500G, user!

>tfw courante strips naked and hugs you

xth for widows are stindgy bitches who only drop something once every 50 runs!

Post popsicles!


Sure, Eirin Cross




I'm buying you a name changer so you can change it to "submissive jin"


NA SF blues and purples #1098298

>tfw courante tells you to leave them alone because youre annoying them

this is literally the worst feeling ever




Tfw comfy solo life in the snowy mountains.


Yo what the fuck you doing in my house? I thought no one knew about that place

>tfw alone
>tfw not comfy
>tfw no big strong maku to hold you and keep you warm

I'm not sumissive jin!!!

Back off.

Fucking statics

>all the actual good fm skills havent dropped yet or are behind ridiculous barriers in comparison to other classes

why does ncwest hate fms so much


Heya! You just missed our lobby earlier, but we can help you out on Chuanka and purples, and then I can help run the other dailies that you skipped! We've got room for 2 more!

NA #1100136


Post a screenshot of what you're doing right this very fucking moment or else.

Theres plenty of these around.

Sorry user, I'm a hero. That's more Smile Protectors territory.

They love it too much you overpowered fuck



Kick the yeti in the nuts.


Ippiki back at it again



SF Dailies! All are welcome!
NA #1100136





Ni ni bnsg.



Why is Laphi sitting alone in the corner?



Hi friend

I dont think so.

Reminder to all summoners, remember to give your pussy lots of love and sex everyday.




*teleports behind u*
she's mine...!

I actually logged off awhile ago.

>tfw Poharan's eyepatch drops and you have 30s

Please off yourself.

Never expect a gank on Suljin, guaranteed soul stones

>no NA lobbies
>no EU lobbies
>no one talking about the game
>everyone is just posting screenshots of their character



i love Eristic Nyan!

Stream a movie please I'm dying here

who cares....

Everyone is settling down for the night. The only people running now are NEETs and they have people to run with.

O-okay, pls no bully

What the fuck happened to the stream

>you arent helping

This game is fucken dead only people here are avatarfags

>tfw neet and have no one to run with


Nothing was going on. Sorry about that, friend. I'll try to have more things to work on for next time.

What movie do you want streamed?

I'm sitting at 39/40, so I'm gonna take big king beetleborg as my last daily today.

If anyone on Mushin's interested, we could go rat hunting or brigand bullying while we wait.

Work on streaming playing the game!

make a lobby then champ

Baylife incoming, so that's going to be cut pretty short.

Never mind that, I guess. On the other hand, I'm open to run stuff if anyone's looking for people!

What do you have? I'll watch whatever you've got.

But I'm bad.

>still no gul waifu

Come join in our BSH run!

NA # 1107103

Don't care. Fun to watch. That's what matters!

When you streaming movies instead Reto


I love you, Tuplet


I want to fuck those thighs.


Please stop taunting me.


SF Purples4 NA #1112946

i like ufiaw

Currently sitting on true pirate weapon and true siren accessories. If I could afford it, should I upgrade weapon to true breeze for gem hammer compensation?

>true breeze

Grab the AP