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3DS: 9.2 (10.7 downgrade - Entrypoints: Browserhax/Menuhax up to 10.5, otherwise OoT/Ninjhax)
Wii U: 5.4 (5.5.1 IOSU delayed indefinitely)
Vita: 3.51 (Userland)
PS4: 1.76 (Webkit)

3DS: pastebin.com/TQwDsWh9
Downgrade+a9lh: github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki
Other consoles: pastebin.com/pHS5LaR5

-New features for the currently relevant CFWs have been/are being added. Check their respective threads/changelogs.
-AuReiNand renamed to Luma3DS.
-ReiNand now supports the original 3DS and FIRM protection.
-Preview2 release of NTR 3.4 exclusively for the New 3DS. It allows streaming to PC, among other things. github.com/44670/BootNTR/releases/tag/3.4preview2
-FBI rewritten from scratch, with new features like decoding title names and removing tickets github.com/Steveice10/FBI/releases

-First game ISO dump. ps4news.com/ps4-hacks-jailbreak/driveclub-alpha-read-nfo-ps4-abstrakt-with-decrypted-rifkey-released/

-3.60 released. It only patches the Metal Gear Solid VHBL exploit. wololo.net/2016/04/06/playstation-vita-system-software-3-60-is-now-available/

You can use FunKeyCIA (and/or other tools) to download 3DS eShop software using keys from 3ds.nfshost.com/
Check the Pastebin if you want to know more.

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I've been gone for months. Did 5.5 ever happen?

Are you trying to force a meme?

Read the OP.

Is there anything new/revised in Luma or is it just a name change for now?
Or should I just change it now to save having to do it next time?


never you dumbfuck

Just a name change at the moment. Is reading the changelog hard?

just a name change
5 hours

post yfw sky3ds+ master race and didn't fall for a9lh meme

An user from here said he was working on it though he was probably lying

I don't understand this 5 hours meme

1. Stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW
2. Look at my game collection
3. Rate it (and if you want, you can make game suggestions)

>playing pirated Yo-Kai Watch for hours
>it's so much fun I'll actually buy it

Is it going to be hard to change?
Is there a guide for this shit?

You literally just swap the files.


I don't know which files to swap though.

So, I'm on 9.2.20 with rxtools, what guide should I follow to stay up to date?

>yoshis island
>fucking nintendogs
>paper mario
>clusterfuck of random unorganization
>two random folders with games past them
>Lot of other shit games I don't ever recognize

Not even a 0/10

the ones you download
put the new ones in place of the old ones

I'll probably have it done sometime tomorrow.
I need to catch some sleep now.


Stuck after installing arm9loaderhax. I can access decrypt9, and using the alternate arm9 turns off my o3ds.

What can I do to fix this? I'm worried I bricked

Do everything github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki says.

I'm an idiot
The new arm9loader will just read Luma3DS instead right?

For some fucked up reason I thought I had to change the file it read

Is there a method of exporting saves from a non-cartridge 3ds game?



How often does CHMM rotate the themes?

Thank you.

is there any way to get tomatoes on daigasso band bros p? i want to download shit but i can't

You have to put the arm9loaderhax.bin file from the contents of your cfw (luma, cakes, rei, etc) and then some extra files that vary depending on your cfw. You should use Luma3ds, it's the best one by far, and also the github page/plailect's guide have tutorials on how to set Luma.

>mfw i didn't fall for any memes and installed A9LH just because

Hey guys, how do I update FBI? Do I just switch files around or install with the same FBI I got from Plailect's guide? Or Both?

I hear incompatibilities with 2.x, so I feel 1.x should stay just in case. Please tell me if I'm wrong here.

don't you get them when you connect to wifi or did you already waste those?

I used luma. I double checked that all files were in the right places and the right sizes. It would not work.

Should I try a different cfw?

Screenshot of your root?

i never got any


I'll release it in 4 hours, 28 minutes

>you need to go to the options and activate the Nintendo eShop overlay. If you are sad that it seems that you need to pay again upfront, don't worry. The game gives you 100 tomatoes for free and this allows you to download any song you want.

>cuck yourself out of ds flashcart


how do i do that? i can't read moonrunes

arm9loaderhax.bin from luma must be on the root of your sd card. You have to create a luma folder on the root, and create a payloads folder inside the luma folder. You have to get a .bin file from any app that supports a9lh (i recommend decrypt9) and put it inside the payloads folder. If it's decrypt9, rename it to def_decrypt9.bin

You need the slot files inside the slotkey_input.zip of plailect's guide on the root of your sd card. And also you need to have the a9lh installed with safeal9hinstaller from aurorawright.

give 5.5 kernel

Give me one of your female horses for about 4 hours and i'll consider it

I restored a nand backup, and now I'm unable to use SafeAL9H

Is there a reason while emulating a gba game, it runs slow? Do I have to do something other than using the gba emulator in the homebrew menu?

Revert to AuReiNand 5.2, with the bin file, and try that
Try using browserhax to use safea9lh, my issue was it said my otp was invalid, but i switch to a different sd card with all the needed files, was weird, maybe delet and reinstall safea9lh?



What is the latest release of blargsnes, i only have 1.2, installed it today
Can't boot it without fbi, and will installing a newer cia wipe my saves?


Is switching from AuRei to Luma as easy as renaming the folder? And transfering the new files?

use injection for gba games, they are only ok on new 3ds but injection is still the best method

1.3b, if you have a new 3ds you should just inject them

I just have an A9LH O3DS
literally can't boot it without fbi
Also, i assumed the b part stood for beta

Can anyone help me figure out why some DLC is installing properly but some isn't?

Mario golf, EOU2, and FE:F all worked perfectly, but FE:A, and Taiko don't show up in game. Taiko actually shows this message saying something about content, but I can't read the kanji

needs more Legend of Dark Witch 2/10

Ah alright, thanks

New entrypoint via a pokemon mystery dungeon exploit!


It requires a system with homebrew launcher already installed, but at least you can sell your shitty cubic ninja copies on ebay now, and use a game you actually want.

>implying pmd isn't also shitty

less shitty than cubic ninja imo

do you do the japanese laguage plugin with ntr with taiko?
i know you need to do that and run ntr to play the taiko dlc

Neat, I guess.

What games have characters that look like the labyrinth girl but isn't absolutely awful?

Is this going to replace my emuNAND or just make this "redNAND" a separate file?
Or should I just wait 'till I get a new sd to start from scratch?

I'm this guy and after copying everything from my sd card in part 5 of the guide I managed to become able to boot into Sys 10.7.x but the homebrew icon disappeared. Any ideas?

I agree with everything rei said though. Holy shit that place is such a hugbox.

Theatrhythm DLC isn't working either.

Doesn't seem to fix anything

how do i batch install in fbi2?

>aurora probably gonna steal mega and rename AUMega

Fucking dying

inb4 AuWiiNAND

I thought I almost lost my 3.52 vita. I royally fucked my TN-V and decided to just do a system restore. Then I realized I can't launch my PSP games because my system wasn't activated.

Thank the lord you can sort of hack an activation via PS3. For about an hour or so I thought I was totally done.

Anyone modify devmenu to show up on what you're playing yet? Or a way to show it on favorite title

Is there any way to permanently change the NTR shortcuts? The default ones are fucking retarded, and it makes me switch them to the secondary options every time I reboot.

What's the latest safe release for >cakes? I'm wanting to update.

don't think so

I tried it user and it worked. Thanks. I got stuck at the end for about an hour

You're welcome, did my solution fix safea9lh or booting?

how do i us reinand with a9lh

How the tickets fuckery works? I want to download good cias from Nintendo's servers, but no with the eShop, I don't want to risk that much for a ban.
How can I make it with a computer?

Starting to regret getting a 64gb card desu.


Too much or not enough?

I'm more of a digital hoarder than I thought I was, starting to run out of space

emunand and rednand are essentially the same, red's just more optimized and saves 200MB of space

except emunand/rednand are only really ever used in the guide to set up A9LH, which allows you to start using SysNAND CFW and have the ability to unbrick sysnand.

therefore, the guide also covers moving your emu/red to sysnand and deleting the partition from your sd entirely, saving you some extra space on your card

but anyway, from where you are, assuming you already have menuhax and autoboot set up, you'll want to start the guide from part 4: github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/Part-4-(Getting-the-OTP)

Don't skip ANY steps, no matter how pointless it might seem. People brick because they do really dumb things instead of following the guide.

At least you have more space as opposed to not having enough. Just have some self control and focus on a set of games to play at a time.

please respond i'm about to install a9lh hax and i don't want to use luma/cakes

download latest reinand from github, respective to your 3ds model

extract and copy all the contents of the .zip to your sd root. replace any conflicting files



but i did the prep work for luma, will it still autoboot into luma?


no, a9lh loads whatever it finds at SD:/arm9loaderhax.bin

that also means it'll just freeze/brick if you don't have the sd card in. copying all of reinand's files should overwrite the a9lh.bin on your root so it knows to run reinand instead, but if you want to have alternative payload options you can just use arm9select to redirect to a different .bin payload, similar to what CTRBootManager did for menuhax users back then: github.com/FIX94/arm9select/releases

yes, something you should get

>people fell for the meme
>missing out on glorious sky3ds master race

>yes, something you should get

Thanks for the (You), friend!

Sky3DS+, senpai.

>tfw never run the risk of bricking
Feels SO good.

Post yfw A9LH master race