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>Mega Pastebin - This pastebin has lots of useful things like important guides and other stuff so don't be a shitter and read these before asking something.

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Lan-chang kawaii

Commando eruns.


Will there be a Suprise Ticket when Summer skin start selling?


Sen a qt

Do multiple magna weapon passive skills stack? There's nothing in the guide about it.

Yes, that's why they're any good.

even the SR ones? I finally made a pool of SR and SSR magnas and was thinking of MLB some of them.

Hey, if I rushed the fuck out of co-op and cleared hard for the gems before legfes hits, would I start getting dailies from extra stages? I normally do dailies with my friends and we can handle hard just fine, but I'm not sure we can handle ex and I don't want to get dailies that are dead cause we can't do the content.

They're actually a guide specifically about weapon optimization.

Go fucking read it.


Soaking Ferri's womb in cock milk

That's why you plebs should start from stacking mlb SRs instead of waiting till a set of SSRs.

I don't know what happened to the beginning of that sentence.

Oh okay, thanks for answering. I have a pile of Colossus SRs with Med ATK Up from leeching while two useless SSR collo katanas and a deadweight SSR gun. Might remove them to make way for a full set Collo SR weapon pool.

Any team welcome rank 46 newbie?

What should I change for the point dagger?

Either nothing at all or the staff.

SL5 Sword.

Playable soon

Do I have to make friends play this to do the noob coop quests? I check coop search and everyone is rank 40 or higher. I'm only 15.

Also how do I get more earth damage for the water island? The water island is pretty hard with only Usopp as an earth damage type.

I'm a Virasexual. I bet Vira would be fun as fuck to get drunk with.

Dunno user, I think she might be an angry drunk

Don't you mean "fun to fuck after getting drunk with"

Just join someone lowish, no one cares if you leech.

Foxhound is open. ID is 10732017.

You'll get Eugen partway in and that's basically all you need for Water Island

What's Foxhound?

Oh I didn't know that. Is that the same for requesting help in raids?
All right. I guess I will try to power through with borrowed summons. The only upgraded weapon I have for my class is water, and Rackam is completely useless.

A scrub guild with a shitty name.

Yeah, no one cares if you leech their omegas. Just don't broadcast it if you were invited to it somewhere outside the raid list.

more like erouns!

being a newshit is suffering, I have to choose between Chun li or the unknown water weapon with skin.

Get Chun, Ogre is shit

Chun Li you can only get with the badges.

The fist you can get from drops.

The unknown isn't worth it at all if you can't MLB it so Chun would be better

At least do it for the skin if you're going to do it for anything.

Okay thanks. Got a new muscular waifu. Maybe I could grind for the skin if I don't sleep.

Is the SSR guaranteed pull like star gacha happen often?

>be suffering in casino
>poker has earned me pretty much all of my savings so far in total so far
>meanwhile bingo has lost me like 200k net total
Should I just never touch that shitty dice roll simulator that's sentient enough to actively hate me ever again and slowly grind out the SSR shit by playing poker for months on end?

yes, once a month is not uncommon

Focus Chun-li but try to get the fist if possible, you are gonna regret later not farming for it.

Once or, infrequently, twice a month.

Fucking smalltime. Lost 20m on Bingo in one day a few weeks ago. Made it all back but still.

In theory ten man bingo rooms gain you a slight profit over time, but you need to do 10k bets in there and you have to start with at least 300k or you'll run out before you win.

You will also probably lose everything anyway because fuck that shitty game.

But I just started. That 200k was from the very first few attempts at bingo after like a week of playing.

I wonder how much the artist for this game makes

>In theory it works, in reality it sucks.

Bingo in a nutshell, don't fall for the meme.

>start at 500k
>20 game later back to 500k

I want another surprise ticket

Wait 2-3 months

It's monthly now user. They lose nothing as new chars are always limited.

Surprise tickets are useless now, why'd you even bother with it

Probably soon since >limiteds.

>new raids wont appear until the first ones loaded are cleared

Who programmed this shit?

I did, no need to hank me.


I'll tell you hwat

>our servers are at limit

>Discover pick-up spots in the casino
>Gives bonus chips
>My chip count is now fucked up ending with 86

newfag here, how do Guilds work, exactly?
which one should I join, what's the etiquette etc.
the FAQs don't say anything about it

Join whatever. Do whatever. When you're good you'll want to join a real guild, but that's way further down the line.

>what's the etiquette
be up to date with the current memes.

Stream when?


That's intentional to force you to help people who can't clear them though

I scrub your back, you jack me off

sounds fine to me

>Story 50 boss
What the fuck is this massive difficulty jump

Most of the weird difficulty spikes in story mode were the end pieces of that content patch.

Steam when?

Steams were posted some threads ago

>Hits like a truck and 2-3x the amount of hp of anything I have ever fought
>Immune to gravity
>Maxes out her bar every 25% hp she loses
>Aoe Doom if you survive her 4k burst hit
>Does a 7k hit to the whole party when she hits 25% hp

Rule of jrpg user, grind when you can't beat bosses.

Is it better to find an account to buy that is closer to having a mono team or a limited character I want with other off elemental mid tier characters.

Just buy one with Kurwa.

Ask reddit

This is Reddit

Buy a kurwa account and win the game

Kurwa is nerfed though.

how much attack do you do per hit?

Whats your point?
She's still broken as fuck on her element

They might need to nerf her again.

JK shits out better numbers.

>Posting a pre-nerf picture
Pic unrelated.

Literally no different if you manage her ougi properly

Except the part that it's much harder to get 5 stacks

It's actually after the nerf.

Got my first Omega raid SSR drop. Right after the Angel Halo grind.

>Colow's nuke

What the fuck

People have been running off element Korwa even after the nerf.

Her "nerf" did like nothing and her numbers are still retarded as fuck. Easily the most broken character right now and the best buffer on wind, just pair her up with Siete and Petra and you're set for life.

whats the easiest treasure to get/sell for the pinboard missions

The middle enemy on the last Angel Halo battle is the only one who can drop rusted weapons, is that correct?

Doesn't every coop treasure count for that mission? Just leech a room and you'll complete it.

I want to HUG Lyria

Does kat have big tits? Its hard to tell with that armor

So I bought my Start Dash with the android app but got nothing? did I mess up?
I got the receipt and everything in my mail but no ticket came.


What a slutty knight