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some people hedge their gold gains by refusing to do 40 gold quests until a quest queue fills or something to that effect

n i g g a w e d e a t h r a t t l e

1st for Khadgar best hero, Dalaran Flame best cardback

>Tentacles for Arms
>4 mana 2/2
>Deathrattle: Return this to your hand. It costs (1) less.

Did I fix it?

OMG I just walked into the laundry room and saw Kyousuke sniffing my panties!!

I confronted him about it but he told me it was "just a meme."

Is this legit guys?

This guy comes into your game and slaps your deck in the ass, what do you do?

>play yogg
>he flamestrikes my board
>he swipes my face
>he forbidden flames my face for 10 damage
>he circle of healings the enemy hero to full health

Who's your god?


>I must choose!
>I choose death!

Which are the good class legendaries?

The only quest that I absolutely refuse to do is win 5 games as rogue the class is just shit desu senpai

Ask him to slap mine.

anyone keeping a running track of how many times popular 'top' pros were wrong about their card reviews?

Oh shit son what are you doing

i loathe the win 5 tavern brawl quests.


by time turn 4 comes around 2 damage is meaningless

>Nerf druid to the ground with the force of nature and AoL nerfs
>C'thun druid becomes the new meta
like pottery

Here's the list, still pondering between Cult Master or Coldlight Oracle. If you want that rank 5 and likes token Pally, give it a try


polymorph it and then laugh at his broken curve.

Those are literally the easiest ones to finish.

Why aren't people playing Gnomish Inventor in Evo shaman? Every time I play against evolve shaman they run out of steam if they lose board control even slightly because they don't run any card draw, and Inventor is a prime evolve target.

It'd be an arena card.

>I fought broken shit with broken shit lmao whats the big deal

Do the patrons actually die during the animation? Or did you end up with a board full of 3/0's because of ordering

xeril, rag, shaman

At least I'll always have my Deathrattle Shaman for Wild.


Mal Ganis

are all those shitty cthun buff minions in arena if cthun isn't in there?

I already have him

>Best expansion Hearthstone has released
>Game hasn't been this interesting or competitive since the base set
>yfw this is the Burning Crusade/Lich King of Hearthstone
>yfw after this it's all down hill

It's been fun guys. What do you plan on playing after the Cataclysm destroys Hearthstone?


It was the default Divine Shield Paladin deck recipe with some tweaks to compensate for cards I didn't have.

ayy lmao this shit breaks arena

>Those are literally the easiest ones to finish.
Only on brawls where you don't make your own deck. I have a hard time doing it on any day after day 1 since the "meta" has been established by then. Still, not as bad as rogue only quest.

even worse

maybe 6 4/2 with same deathrattle would be good in arena

The problem with Call is that you have to play Hunter in a meta where Forbidden Healing, Darkshire Alchemist, Flamecaller, Disciple, and Emperor exist. Not to mention so many of their best cards are gone. People might find a strong deck for it eventually, but they basically have to completely revamp how they were played, which will take time.

N'zoth is just completely absurd from a value standpoint, especially if you compare his mechanic to that of the other gods:
>Yogg gets "stronger" every time you play a spell, but complete randomization makes him completely unreliable
>C'thun gets +2-+3 battlecry damage per C'thun minion played, most C'thun minions are mediocre, C'thun itself gets the Boom treatment of being instantly removed every single time it's played, especially because your deck tells the opponent you have him. Takes the highest card investment by far to be good. Only certain classes get worthwhile C'thun bonuses other than Emperor.
>Y'shaarj summons one random minion from your deck per turn, usually dies.
>N'zoth immediately summons every one of your deathrattle minions that died, effect is non-random, can be planned around/customized to a degree (IE running Chillmaw to make your N'zoth play a taunt), most deathrattle minions range from good to great and can be chosen to fit your class, takes very little overall investment for ridiculous value

I disagree, there are really good neutral deathrattles as well. Corrupted Healbot for example is great in Priest, and gives N'zoth additional massive bodies. Healing doesn't even matter when winning on value anyway. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to make a "deathrattle deck" for N'zoth to be powerful.

That said classes with synergy probably will be particularly good. Shadowcaster in particular seems absolutely disgusting.


Questions /hsg/

>Decks you have tested

>Decks you have liked the most

>Decks you dislike the most

>Cards that surprised you

>Cards that dissapointed you

>Opinion on the expack? Hit or Miss?

>Are you rank 5/legend already taking advantage of the badly made decks that everyone is using?

Personally I expected Call of the Wild to be good, but to quote Kripp

>"That card it's insane"

Like I made a proper Beast Hunter deck with 2 calls and I went from rank 20 to rank 5 in 3 hours yesterday.
That shit and the new Zoo.dek are absolutely bananas.

I want to add that my brother's decks were the following.

>C'thun Druid
>Tempo Mage
>Netdeck Midrange Shaman that he made for the 4th match because of how mad he was about me beating him

I regret nothing.

Because the draw totem does the same thing, and it turns on Thing from Below.

No need to be buttmad that your deck isn't viable

a bunch of 3/0's because of the ordering. However I got 2 of them to stick around

I also have Yogg in the deck for fun

nth for Mind Control being the most cancer card ever

Should I craft Princess Huhuran and a second Call of the Wild?

The reverse is true, the ones where you're given an rng deck are the worst. Make your owns are the best

Second Call, not even a question.

you seem to be vastly underestimating how much cthun fucks up the board state

when he drops he is basically almost guaranteed to pyroblast the opponent's face in addition to clearing the board and putting a body in play. Most of the time he just outright ends the game that turn.

say what you want about the cthun minions (I wouldn't call them mediocre but whatever) but the card itself is a fucking outright win condition.

>tfw 50 packs and only one, shitty legendary

CotW. Whorewhorejuan is a shit

I've really only had one good turn with huhu and cut my second call

Yes and if you plan to play deathrattle/n'zoth hunter (you should), yes

>tested in standard
Patron, N'zoth Paladin
both, mb N'zoth paladin because of ebin butt ure faith in da lite spawns
freezemages are annoying af
N'zoth decks
I expected nothing from Yogg and I was still disappointed.
>epack opinion
I think standard made the game playable again. I like most of the new cards too.
10 scrub

but you can't evolve totem the same turn you play it and get value

Here's my mid/control paladin. Murlocs are mostly there for a strong early game but they stay relevant throughout. Rank 3 right now. Justicar is probably going to go because I just realized that it doesn't work with the murloc hero power.

This was my other deck

>check out wild
>there's still people playing secret pally



I love how this meta meme'd even aggro into running targets for my big removal.

>Haven't even touched wild

>playing wild
Blizzard made it very clear its no longer supported by them as a format by giving 2 quests that say "Play standard"

Givr it 1-2 more expacs and it will literally just be otk decks or aggro that wins by turn 4 only.

>mfw Rogue is top tier and control Shaman is shit tier

on one hand i disagree with blizzards choice there because patron doesnt need another popular deck shitting on it

on the other hand, the animations would take like 3 fucking hours

m...muh evolve

My midrange shaman has no problems friend. Even beating freeze mages

>Decks you have tested
-C'Thun/Reno/N'Zoth/Dreadsteed Warlock
-C'Thun/Reno/N'Zoth Rogue
-Dragon Warrior
-Pirate Warrior
-C'Thun/Reno/Shadow Form Priest
-A whole lot of Yogg-Saron and C'Thun decks not worth mentioning cause they're bland or useless.

>Decks you have liked the most
All the Reno decks I've mixed the Old Gods into.

>Decks you dislike the most
The new Zoo and Aggro decks that are bound to become the next meta, but are absolutely fucking boring and auto-piloted. Especially Tempo C'Thun Druid.

>Cards that surprised you
To be honest, I didn't think I'd enjoy C'thun. Tempo Druid is the exact kind of boredom I expected out of it, but Reno decks made C'Thun very enjoyable for me.

>Cards that dissapointed you
Call of the Wild for sure. I was hoping it would revive Control Hunter. Which is kind of did, but it also strengthened Aggro and Tempo Hunter exponentially, so Control Hunter will still never be meta.

>Opinion on the expack? Hit or Miss?
On week 1, it definitely managed to slow the meta down and allow lots of enjoyable decks to be played. However, I strongly suspect that the meta will settle in the next two weeks onto a HIGHLY aggro and midrange scene where fun will once again not be allowed.

>Are you rank 5/legend already taking advantage of the badly made decks that everyone is using?
Rank 4.


Made a wild mill rouge deck with Dark Pagle. Pretty good. Also made a Paladin Zoth deck, also a great deck.

>tfw can't afford n'zoth
>40 fucking packs and didn't get him
>all this garbage can't dust up to him

Everything I do. I suffer.

>3 attack weapon
>4 health + taunt

Miracle doesn't run N'zoth
Dogs rogue list is crazy good and doesn't run any old gods (Yogg optional)

I have played my new casireno mage with great sucess, tested some token druid with spawn of Nzoth, C'thun druid + priest and renouncelock

Renoucelock is so fucking fun and the new cards makes my casireno mage much more reliable

Aggro shammy and zoolock are annoying, but I beat them easily with my casireno

The frostwanker is actually pretty solid, cabalist is so fucking great and yogg is far more reliable that what I would've tought

Fendral makes me sad, I spent a lot of dust crafting him and yet I never draw him

It's a total hit

Only rank 11, played too much memes

>Decks you have tested
Mostly token paladin and Malygos mage. I might try Midrange Mage/Warrior or Aggrolock later

>Decks you have liked the most
This one, for now >Decks you dislike the most
Eh, C'Thun druid. Is not that the deck is that powerful but it's everywhere on ladder

>Cards that surprised you
Vilefin, fucking love this card

>Cards that dissapointed you
Hard to say, but I'd pick Rallying Blade. I mean, the card is good but a fully divine shield deck is not a thing, so it's tough to get full value from it most of the time

>Opinion on the expack? Hit or Miss?
70% hit, Standard being the main reason. The expansion per se it's a 6/10

>>Are you rank 5/legend already taking advantage of the badly made decks that everyone is using?
Rank 5. Maybe I'll push for legend in the next days


>implying it won't be yugioh levels of turn 2 KO

>8 mana for ALWAYS huffer

Why is this allowed?

>Decks you have tested

All classes except Priest and Hunter

>Decks you have liked the most

Evolve Shaman, C'thun Warrior/Druid, Mage Yogg.

>Decks you dislike the most

I haven't played anything I don't like, even the ones that didn't play well were pretty fun. This set has so many interesting combos and strategies.

>Cards that surprised you

Yogg. I thought it was going to be one of the most kek worthy bullshit cards that was going to make the game trash. So much random it made the game a complete joke. I don't know how it will end up in the meta, but you can actually build a pretty strong Yogg deck without ever having to play Yogg. He is best used as a wild card, when you don't have anything else to do, and in my experience he hasn't fucked me or my opponent over to the point where it was auto game over. It's pretty evenly split on how much bullshit he causes both players. I like him, there is more thought into when you should or should not play Yogg than I thought was going to exist. And everytime he is played if the game doesn't end both players immediately have scramble to figure out what to do, it's fun.

>Cards that dissapointed you

Not much off the top of my head. Most cards I thought were going to be strong are, the weak cards are weak, and then there's boogerman.

>Opinion on the expack? Hit or Miss?

Best update Hearthstone has seen so far. Not only the xpac, but the introduction of Standard. TGT was so dull, and then this xpac has made me enjoy Hearthstone like I did during the beta.

>Are you rank 5/legend already taking advantage of the badly made decks that everyone is using?

Highest rank I've hit is 9, but I've played every class except two in ranked and multiple versions of decks. My win percent is roughly 50/50 right now because I am trying so many new things. I was a pretty sick win streak using Evolve Shaman and C'Thun Warrior, and then I fucked around with a weird Reno Warlock/1 mana health divine shield Pally and lost rank

>>Decks you have tested
zoolock, aggro shaman, embrace the shadows priest, midrange beast hunter, lock and load yogg saron hunter, cthun warrior

>Decks you have liked the most
yogg&load hunter, neozoo, I also like pokemon shaman in concept but don't have evolve cards yet

>Decks you dislike the most
c'thun priest and generic aggro decks on the ladder

>Cards that surprised you
bilefin tidehunter is surprisingly alright and call of the wild is stronger than i thought

>Cards that dissapointed you
fiery bat

>Opinion on the expack? Hit or Miss?
great for memeing, the only people who aren't having fun are the ones trying to netdeck imo to be honest family

>Are you rank 5/legend already taking advantage of the badly made decks that everyone is using?
i'm one of the badly made decks

>4 mana war golem
why is this allowed?

b-but muh overload

>6 mana war golem with charge
why is this allowed?

Please Respond

Its 6 mana for a card with no immediate effects other than fucking up the shamans curve

I wanted to see what kind of C'thun deck people would do, so I went to play a game. When I saw the secret keeper coin secret play, I conceded and returned to Standard. fuck that

yogg and shadowcaster can be replaced by FoK

>Dr.Boom is a 7 mana card with no immediate effect other than fill your board allowing you to play less minions

how do mark rng better for murloc snowballing out of control

No really, any substitutions I can make for consistency? I'm struggling to find ways to make key murlocs survive but Kings is too slow

More input, guys.


>want to make a sarcastic video trying to pass off bad manners as proper etiquette
>play two matches
>lose horribly in each one while still spamming emotes throughout the entire game

I know, fag/10, but should I upload the video regardless?

>They introduced another way to get rid of it. It's beneficial since it buffs the trogg
This card and the Twin Emperors are bullshit, the rest is fine

>Decks you have tested
Control C'thun Warrior
Face Sham
Fandral Reno Druid

>Decks you have liked the most
Control warrior is actually fun now, and can finish quick enough that it doesn't feel like a grind anymore. Fandral is fun, but super inconsistent obviously.

>Decks you dislike the most
All the fucking C'thun Druids. Face Sham is way less consistent to play than the people in here seem to think.

>Cards that surprised you
Completely overlooked Darkshire Councilmen when he was announced. My love for zoo has been rekindled.

>Cards that dissapointed you
Y'sharraj but I was disappointed at his announcement, I just wanted more out of that card than what we got.

>Opinion on the expack? Hit or Miss?
I like all of it except the C'thun shit. Shoehorning one deck type into every class is going to be so annoying.

>Are you rank 5/legend already taking advantage of the badly made decks that everyone is using?
Climbing ladder with the control warrior now, just got to 13. I fell off playing fun/stupid shit in the days between the nerf and the launch.

take me with you to bizzaro land

I have everything but Tomb, Thalnos and Yog.


>River Croc except it boosts Cthun
>Spider Tank except it boosts Cthun
>Fen Creeper except it boosts Cthun

Disciple and Chosen are pretty exceptional, but if you're going for a really impactful Cthun battlecry you need to run quite a few completely baseline minions or get some insane Brann value. While Cthun itself potentially offers huge burst tempo swing and/or burst, you're paying for that ahead of time by playing these minions.

My point is that the investment it takes to get to that point is a lot bigger than the investment than it takes to get him that big, and in terms of raw stat payoff (seeing as minion HP can be directly used to absorb Cthun's damage) N'zoth seems to offer a lot more for a lot less.

And really, by no means am I saying Cthun is bad. What I'm trying to say is that Nzoth is completely ridiculous by direct comparison.

How does it deal with aggro without FoK?

Please please please don't dust me user. What did I ever do to you?

always 1 off lethal never lucky

Decks that annoy the fuck out of you and why

Yogg mage
- I like yogg but its basically tempo mage + yogg. With the amount of burn they have at any given time theyre like the new face hunter, except you dont get the benefit of short games
Divine paladin (though at least that one gets countered)

Evolve shaman
-again the evolve mechanic is great but it just spams all high value cancerous minions like golem and that fucking 3 mana 7/7

Cthun Drood
-most of the cthun minions are on the boundary in terms of broken and are just plain irritating to deal with.

>anyfin paladin
fuck you, you deserve it

>Sitting on Rank 15, trying to make my Anub'Arak rogue Control Rogue work.

I guess 50% winrate is still miles ahead it was before Standard.