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Off to a great start

Great start.
Heil Hitler.

Something Awful?

Something a e s t h e t i c

Stupid Anime bullshit and stupid Nazi bullshit. Thread's to a good start.

>said with anime reaction image
You're not quite helping your cause there, bucko.


True, but there is a difference between anime and weebshit

H o r s t w e s s e l l i e d

It's all weebshit but his weebshit is at least on-topic to the general.
There's no high ground for you here.

wtf i hate /pol/ now


This entire general is retarded.
All of you are furry virgins that get off to animatronic animals with dead spirits inside of them. You enjoy a POINT AND CLICK horror game, because "muh lore".
Fuck off, you cunts are worthless wastes of human resources.

>enjoying any video game


>playing video games
Grow up.

This guy gets it.
Media is controlled by the Juden.

Scott (((Cawthon)))

>coming onto five nights at freddy's general to bitch about five nights at freddy's general then instructing five nights at freddy's general to fuck off out of five nights at freddy's general

I don't understand. Do you want us to leave so you can have the place to yourself? You seem to have an intrinsic knowledge of what this place is about for claiming to be above it.

But he's a good, Christian man. He even made a video game based on The Pilgrim's Progress.

One must know his enemy.


>implying that he isn't a triple-agent employed by the Jewish Zionist video game conspiracy to turn children into furries

Non-specific breakfast item(tm). A poorly drawn croissant.


The holocaust never happened, but we can make it happen.

9/11 was an inside job
Jet fuel can't melt steel beams

fuck off benis

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, your right.
But when a fucking jumbo jet crashes and completely destroys an entire floor of a tower, it is bound to collapse.


Inferior columns.

A lot of FNAF lore theories remind me of 9/11 conspiracy theories to be honest.

The fact we're the only ones getting this shit shows that it's some of our regulars deciding to be utter fucktards for no reason.

Back to FNAF, do ou think we can be caught in the elevator?

Yeah, like you were caught in the closet.

Purple Man was the work of the Illuminati!
Probably, but only as a punishment, or maybe as a hidden ending.

I'd just about guarantee it. I figure any transition point like the vents, the elevator, and so on is going to have someone jump out and nail you. Imagine getting into the elevator to ride it and one of the other animatronics is in there with you, just like "hey what's going on".

I think certain ones will be hostile certain nights while others won't be. The schedule probably exists for a reason, and might even be a gameplay element.

It wouldn't surprise me if something popped out of a top vent or something.

Maybe when you open the door after you fuck up.

>go into the elevator at the wrong moment
>see an animatronic looking in through the windows

That's my guess, too. Maybe some like Ennard and the Bidybabs will be nightly threats but the main four will be active only on certain nights until Night 5 and beyond where you have to face all of them at once.

What the fuck are the Shadow bots?

Shadow robots.

Either the ghosts of dead guards/employees or some eldritch shit.

Unformed ideas.

Hallucinations. I don't think they're really intended to be anything other than an unexplained "look at this creepy thing" like Golden Freddy was in the first game.

FNAF4 seems to imply they're literally the shadows on the wall of Fredbear and Spring Bonnie.

Can anything in FNAF besides robots going "EEEEEE" really be described as a formed idea?

Springtrap seems to have a lot of thought put into him. Does he scream? I honestly only remember that groaning noise he makes.


Now crop a carrot into his mouth


I never understood why his eyes looked so strange.


I always figured it was the fake eyeballs of the springsuit.

Yeah, that's I assumed too. That the springsuit eyeballs just exploded through his eye sockets, or something along those lines.

The animatronic eyes were smashed into Purple's eyes so hard they merged.

Scott should seriously consider using his skills to make a much more visually disturbing horror game and/or movie. Maybe a Resident Evil or cthulhu like game?

I can't imagine how fucking horribly painful getting springtrapped would be.

probably sucks

Leddit is thataway.

Worse than an Indian burn?

Well, you'd start with an iron maiden, then go into a blood eagle, then, instead of just leaving your lungs dangling out your back and tossing salt on you, they would shove in metal pieces in place of your spine and organs, even though you should have been long dead.
The Eternal Darkness and Call of Cthulhu games were pretty good.

I didn't really use the word 'scary' anywhere in my post

Notice how I said 'visually disturbing' ? Hell RE isn't fucking scary at all, but some of the monsters are visually grotesque. Maybe you need to visit an eye doctor and/or english comprehension professional?

I agree things could be more visually disturbing, but ZOMBIES! and TENTACLES! is the wrong way to go about it. That sort of thinking is how we got the NIGHTMAREs.

If you look above and below his eyes you can see that they're being pulled and held open by the springlocks.

I'm not sure, but I really like the idea someone else had a while back that each night takes place on a separate floor of the facility. In that case I think the elevator might be nice as a peaceful little reprieve. Making the inevitable scare in the elevator on the last night that much worse.

I think the tentacle part is abit too late, considering Ennard

Lovecraft also wrote about ghouls, mutants, demons, aliens, and fish people. Can't forget the fish people.

And /pol/-tier comical levels of racism.


Can't forget about that! Kind of the main reason I never really got into his stuff. Guy was alittle too extreme around that subject


Most historical figures are racist assholes though. Ghandi hated Niggers, Walt Disney hated Jews, Malcolm X hated white people, Donald Trump hates Mexicans, etc.

>Desert Bus

I wonder how FNAF written by Lovecraft would go. There would probably be more interesting stuff going on than ghost kids.

Also wonder how racist he could make it.

Does Donald Trump really hate Mexicans though? Last I checked he only hates illegal immigrants and criminals.

>historical figure

More like hysterical figure. The man can't even attach that taxidermied ferret to his head without saying something that pisses off his own base and allies.

Man I can't imagine what Faz would do if he didn't live with Bonworth and Cheeky.

>he only hates illegal immigrants and criminals.
So yeah, he hates Mexicans.

It doesn't help that he's fucking hounded relentlessly by the media every time he makes a minor slip that any other politician probably gets away with daily. But this is FNAF, not American politics, so I digress.

What's a FNAF character you wish people did more with or who you feel is generally underrated?

Previous parts here: imgur.com/a/Evzc2

Oh fuck! You're alive!

Ya wanna know something even MORE interesting to wonder? What would fnaf be if it was created by a full on furry?

Probably turn out like Five Nights At Betty's



>Five Nights At Betty's
Did that ever get finished?
Just kind of dropped off the radar well, my radar after a few months.

I seriously wish they didn't go with the Schwartz style

If only the real FNAF World had Phone Guy.

>It doesn't help that he's fucking hounded relentlessly by the media every time he makes a minor slip that any other politician probably gets away with daily

Oh please, Hillary's had thirty years of constant attacks and accusations that have amounted to absolutely nothing. Maybe Trump could actually start thinking and not saying and doing stupid shit on a daily basis. I repeat, HIS OWN SIDE hates him now.

But yes, digressing to on-topic, I'd like to see more stuff done with the FNAF World characters, especially the bosses. GMF is the only person to have done anything with them and then only 1 picture involving Bubba and 1 involving Snowcone. Some wacky hijinxs involving Porkpatch and Browboy and the others would be cool.

>Browboy is BB's dad coming to visit him every so often and be the embarrassing dad
>Porkpatch is there to promote the new line of bacon and sausage specialty pizzas, talks and acts like a farmer, constantly getting everyone up at the crack of dawn with a robot rooster to do farm chores
>one night the bots go to the office to catch the guard only to find Security is the new guard who scares them away with his Alarm spheres


I think the person is still(?) working on it, as well as 2 which is funny because he didn't even finish his first game, and yet he started up a sequel project to a game he hadn't even fucking finished. Furries are literally worse than Jews.[/spoilers]

the pizza is aggressive


It's been two goddamn years, you'd think it would be finished by now with a ton of murrymoney made.
Still, I had a pretty good feeling it would go the way of the crowchild.

>I'd like to see more stuff done with the FNAF
Well it seems like Starchy has granted your wish.

All the way to Phoenix, huh?
That's pretty far.

>this entire clusterfuck of an election
Nuke this country

I'm still hoping for a third update to World, the second one was funny as shit

3rd should have even more batshit humor. Maybe a return of the Rainbow?

By the by, I wanna taste the rainbow, anyone?

Guess what?

Pink guy has been debunked by Scott


>that benis reference

Literally who?

Some stupid ass theory alot of fans (mostly from leddit and matpat watchers) completely agreed on. An extra murderer.

What, like Filthy Frank? I didn't take Scott for the type to watch that.

And why exactly should I give a fuck about what Reddit thinks? They think 4 is in 1987 and they like Silver Eyes. Their opinions are invalid and worthless.