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Man a cool date.

Almost as cool that Venom hates Quiet.

>I'll be here, if you let this general go for good, you won't have to hear from me ever again. But I already know this won't happen.
What did he mean by this?

What I'm predicting is TPP with GZ graphics and DLC.

Start linking the Discord in the OP.

sad virgin ramblings.

tfw when the tfw phantom pain video got taken down.

did anybody download it?

nope, what was it about?

basically the elegia trailer but with the wojak (feels guy)

he deleted his channel last night.


The truth* not ramblings
You joostfags are pathetic, if you had any understanding of underlying narrative you would notice that Venom Snake has nothing but disdain for Quiet, she loves him but he doesn't love her back, her dying alone and heart broken was always part of his revenge plan.

Snake slowly manipulated Quiet's feelings of hate for what happened to her into feelings of guilt for doing he stuff she did to him, and then those feelings become love to which he rejects her, just as he planned, making her lonely and depressed and suicidal, when she finally tries to kill herself she fails, and when Snake goes to """save""" Quiet, she is misled to believe that Snake wanted to bring her back to his home, when the only thing he was really there to do was stab her in the back.

Quiet was less than nothing. She didn't belong anywhere, she wasn't a diamond dog and Snake never cared about her, he certainly never loved her. No one did.

She was less than friendzoned by Venom.

I meant that this general will never lose yours truly.

Metal Gear Solid V is the best game ever made.

Quiet is the worst, most unloved, most hated character in a single piece of fiction, and that it fact.

This is how it ends.


It ended with snake abandoning Quiet and leaving her for dead. Snake never loved her, or cared about her.

In MGS5, you play a one-eyed, robot-armed madman building an island nation staffed with a private army fanatically devoted to him. You have a scantily clad super-powered action girl minion and a pet one-eyed wolf. You have an army of killer robot weaponry and you are building a thermonuclear doomsday device.

Only Hideo fucking Kojima could make that boring.

Exactly, Quiet was basically a lackey that Venom Snake doesn't love. Just some chick that is in love and he deserts her and leaves her to die.

Those three votes only confirm that he uses different IPs.

This post only confirms that you bump this thread on agreement that Venom hates Quiet and never liked her or loved her.

>tfw no Busou Shinki game with FOX Engine
Konami, please.

Quiet? please, no one cared about her and Snek left her for dead.

Venm hated her and still does.

What's interesting to me is that it's called Definitive Experience instead of Definitive Edition.
I wish they kept the naming convention of the older games' re-releases, though. Just imagine.
>Metal Gear Solid V: Substitution

lel, Joostens Instagram has more followers than her twitter.

A shame Quiet didn't have a follower, Venom hated her and still does, it ain't gonna stop no matter how annoyed you don't get.

The biggest fucking flaw of MGSV is that
isn't even in the fucking game
Go fuck yourself Konami
At least give me a fucking cassette you useless fucks.
I'd pay so much fucking GMP for it

Biggest flaw is that there isn't the dialogue that Venom hated Quiet, it's true but there is no cassette for it, only Venom deserting her.

The reason none of the trailer songs are on cassette tape is because the real Big Boss has it.

Is Shota Mantis actually Solidus?
Tretij Rebenok does mean "third child" after all

Doubt it, Solidus is supposed to be the unaltered clone.

Maybe Massive Marshall was a redhead as a child and his hair got darker as he got older?

Nah, Solidus isn't in 5
I was hoping he was going to be the entire fucking time but what can you do
I was hoping for a lot of story related elements but no such luck
fucking konami
Game completely ends after the kids take Sahelanthropus
What kind of bullshit is that
I know about the canceled mission but that's no fucking excuse.

No, he's phycho
Venom absolutely abhorred Quiet and she was delusional that Snake liked her, it was nothing, He only hated her.

Always and forever I will be here for you guyz. Unlike Venom was never there for quiet.

They have a chance to remedy it with DE, I'm hoping they take it
>Episode 51 completed
>Episode 52 added
>Cutscene showing Solid Snake and Liquid Snake as kids together
>Solid then morphs into his 23 year old self, infiltrating Outer Heaven and having just destroyed the Metal Gear
>Venom comes out and gives his final speech (maybe with some minor variations so its not so lame 2bh
>Player takes control od Solid with a rocket launcher and an MGSV era AR and pistol in the final battle of MG1 recreated on the FOX engine
>At first Venom is vulnerable to any weapons, he takes cover intelligently anf even tries to juke the player
>After (seemingly) fatally injuring him, Venom, covered in gratuitous amounts blood from his injuries, has his horn grow to demon length and he stands back up in Demon mode
>At this point he just walks around firing his rifle continuously that you over cover and the ony thing that can kill him is your rocket laucher
>Venom dies and Big Boss is shown at Zanzibarland, Miller and Campbell are shown training an older Solid
>After completing the mission Big Boss becomes a selectable character in the loadout screen with all his unique animations from Ground Zeroes
Yeah, that would be cool

Not gonna happen.

Just GZ+TPP with the DLCs

And the added bonus feature of the hidden cassettes that Venom hated Quiet and deserted her.

Oh my god
Fuck you man
The fact that I'll never have that as a real ending to this game has left me in despair

Go fuck yourself

Just like Venom hated Quiet and told her to fuck herself, get over you pathetic loser.

Quiet never got to get over her heartbreak because she died alone.

So I can just filter Venom/Quiet so I don't have to deal with this retard anymore right?

You can but the truth will continue!
Step forward those who would serve!
for an army will be raised.

Snake hated тихий more than anyone in the world is hated, even if she wanted to serve him, he didn't care about her and she died alone.

Quiet isn't a real person lad

Quiet died alone.

She was heartbroken that Snake abandoned her, all she wanted was love, but Snake never cared what she wanted and hated her for the rest of his life, he never trusted her, cared about her or her feelings or her well-being. He actually always hated Quiet.

Didn't know this general was still around, though it looks like this guy is worse than ever

more honest than ever*

I agree with you there.

What was his MSF codename?

He has no name, hes only known as combat medic and "always the best man we had".

He could be just a random recruit or a fultoned guy at this point.


He hated Quiet that much, so large hate and no love for her.

Snake hated Quiet though, and she was a piece of turd that meant absolutely nothing to him.

I noticed something funny.
In the hospital, when Volgin arrives, at no point until you get on the horse with Ocelot, do you actually have to shoot Volgin.

And in Truth that part doesn't happen so you never actually have to shoot him in that.

No, he's the player.
The player is the best man in MSF.

Who else was there to begin MSF besides Miller, BB and You? '"Always" the best man we had' means you were there from a very early point.

I noticed something funnier.

Venom could not stop hating Quiet after he got his revenge on her.

>he's the player

No he's not because Punished Snake hated Quiet.

It does happen in truth, hence the broken bridge at the end.
Ocelot gets out big boss first while venom is unconscious, then goes back for venom who is then chased by volgin, having venom safe he then bids farewell to big boss as the sun rises up, while venoms scenes only happen during full night.

When did everything go so wrong?

Also how do you get the paz animu posters to spawn? I started a new game and COPULATED sahelanthropus and still no animu

When venom brought Quiet in, he always hated her, she was never welcome on MB.

Quiet was never a diammd dog and you don't care if I post that much is clear. No one cares for the well being of Quiet.

I was talking more about how you never have to shoot Volgin at all in Truth. You know? actually playing Truth you never have to shoot Volgin.

Should be right there on the first command platform right next to the shower.

The proof that Quiet means nothing to Venom is that she is optional. It's literally like she never existed because she provides nothing useful.

Quiet is the only one affected by keeping her alive because she is rejected and heartbroken, and doesn't want revenge anymore.
Snake was counting on Quiet to feel something for him. Snake wanted her to think she was one of them. He could finally stop the silent act when he deserted her.

Not there, I have a friend streaming it too and he doesn't have it either. I know for sure that it spawns near the shower but I just can't figure out the way for it to spawn. I just have Big Boobs Is Watching posters around.

Quiet meant nothing to Snake.

A flower that spawns all the time in Afghanistan made much more of an impact than Quiet made on Punished Snake's whole life!

D-Walker is cute!

Quiet is hideous to venom.

She was so ugly that she died alone.

Oh, it must be you haven't visited Paz yet.

Medical platform.

I can confirm that I have NOT visited her.
Then that's the trigger. Looks like I need to complete Side Ops 51 first. Thanks user.

3rd story.

Venom hated Quiet though, you'll see the truth to it all soon enough, as I keep posting.


Venm disdained Quiet and burn noticed her.

Snake actually never cared about her at all. Quiet is basically not canon. Just that XOF bitch soldier from the beginning.

I feel some companionship with you since you've obviously been here as long as I have.

I bet that's what Quiet thought,

Venom was like "wtf get off my base."

Ocelot wanted to bang quiet thats why he told venom to take her back with him.

Venom never planned on bringing Quiet back, whether she spoke or didn't speak, whether things turned out the way they did, he was never going to bring her back whether she lived or died. Became a Zombie or a slave

Actually I sage'd it.

Here's hoping for TPP with GZ missions and additional content from all FOB events. Because if it had a menu to choose between TPP or GZ, it would be pointless for anyone who didn't own either. Anyone who was hyped for TPP has played it by now.

Hey, unknown321, did you get around uploading the explanation for the flags?
Also, dunno if I've done something wrong, but the dummy slots aren't working for me, nothing has changed in the game.

Like one guy is ruining this general. Seriously man.
You have to develop dummy slots first.

Yea, just found out about it, I'm retarded for not checking first.
Does this mean that I could develop stuff like the PF shields and they'd appear in the weapons selection?
And what about making custom weapons? Would that be feasible if not for every update fucking everything up?

>Does this mean that I could develop stuff like the PF shields and they'd appear in the weapons selection?
>And what about making custom weapons? Would that be feasible if not for every update fucking everything up?
don't think that would be possible

Did TPP go through a rebalance? Kind of feels like GZ at times.

This better be FUCKING free Konami.

You hear me? FUCKING FREE for all of this BULLSHIT.

God I love the filter, it's hilarious seeing almost 50% of the post hidden.

This guy won't stop until he is literally killed irl

speaking of, I got my first legit false positive, lol

for including 'snake' and 'her' in a single post

TPP difficulty will increase as you progress through the game.

>MGSV: Infinite Heaven
>MGSV: Phantom Pain

tfw some guy keeps invading my fob and taking my men so I have to keep invading him and taking them back but fuck up at the last second so a wormhole is made

What is your name, I took over 25 Hacked Soldiers 2-3 days ago. And 5 of them were Waifus. The same guy retaliated an failed so now I have most of them.

my next goal is to complete development of the sneaking suit mark 8.

do you think that's possible with just three FOBs?

me intel platform is level 108 i dont know how man S+ and S++ i need

Do I need people to support me in the relationships section? If so can some ps3 people support me please? My id is wrsng

Also I have tonnes of vehicles , should I sell them or do they actually perform a function in FOB defense?

they help on your PF battles, you know, the part of the game that you dont actually play.

Are there any mods that can let me ride from landing zone to landing zone without returning to acc every time? I just wanna fly around.

no, that would be too op

does anybody have a compilation of drawfag's work?

How so? I can already just toss a flare from the heli to fly around and shred things with my chaingun, and you can already move from lz to lz in motherbase.

battle dress and sneaking suit in different colors when

Whats the song called that plays in MGS4 during Act 2 when Snake does the healthcheckup at Naomi?

Not really. Venom just hated Quiet and never stopped.

you werent posting for 4 hours

Venom actually never even cared about Quiet.

He was pretending the while time he never wanted her around.