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Fuck you Korean bitch. Here's a proper waifu.

Mako Rutledge

D.Va is for hug not fug

D.Va is for fug off

Cutest and best pairing

>not wanting to fug her

Just Mei Things
>placing walls underneath turret bastions and watching as they desperately try to acquire targets from on top of the ice wall
>placing shields behind Reinhardt to separate him from his team and then freezing him
>killing that frozen Reinhardt by yourself
>walling off doorways so that people can't escape from you
>freezing your evil twin's iceberg so that you can freeze her when she comes out
>blocking D.va's ult
>blocking literally everyone's ult
Mei is the best cockblock

>Winston chimps out
>attempt to Nanoboost
>Mercy's fat ass gets in the way
>she doesn't even take out the pistol


Okay /owg/, I can buy a golden gun. The only problem I am now faced with is which one. I play a lot of Genji and I would like to gild his set, but I feel like everyone is going to do the same when the season ends and everyone gets 300cp. Same problem with Pharah.

I play a decent amount of Hog and Rein, but I don't like gold on either of their sets.

I'm tempted to go Bastion or Hanzo, because I play them in QP for shits and giggles and having one of them gold would be funny to me.

I also play a lot of Lucio, but I feel like the gold on his gun is a little subdued compared to others.

Someone help me make this choice.

>wanting to nanoboost bitchslaps
how much damage does he do nanoboosted?

b a s t i o n

Is torb honestly as shit as people whine about?
I held gold damage the entire time, shat out armor the best I could (forgot to check how many) and tried to shit out rivits like I just had prune juice, but the only thing out of my teams comms was "OMFG TORB 5v6 GG"

Am I just a fucking shitter for playing him, I mean I feel comfortable with torb because I come from a background of ~450 hours of engie. I only pick him when I really want what he provides (area control and armor)

Are they right, is torb shit?

I'm getting tired of having to play Lucio (I want to play other healers too) every game, anyone down to party?

>gold hammer paragon rein
>not godlike

The fuck did u say

Tracer is ____

Pretty sure it's 60 each ult melee. I think it's better for Winston if he's not ulting.


>450 hours of engie

How have you not killed yourself yet? Is this your way of punishing yourself?

wearing some silly ass goggles

Can someone do this with hanzo?

go to play some competitive. as soon as i load in to the match i get insta kicked for inactivity. also get deranked proceed to lose the next 3 games anyway. sometime i wonder why i even try


>placing walls at the spawn and watching as they desperately try to get out
>placing walls behind Reinhardt to separate him from my team
>missing that frozen headshot by yourself
>walling off the spawn again so that people know you're insufferable
>freezing superior players so that you can get any kills at all
>blocking the objective during overtime
>blocking literally every ally's ult

make it stop

He's pretty easy to deal with if there's competent people against him.
>competent people in games


I do not believe this story.

>gold damage
doesn't mean shit, just gets healed.

translation: every mei I play with is shit and so am I

>Tracer was supposed to be Overwatch's mascot


>"Guys why are you letting me die I'm the healer protect me!"
>"Where is all the damage I just got killed by a genji/winston!"
>"Why would you want a lucio? I can heal faster than him and boost your damage!"

Make sure to reply with more average mercy quotes.


I hate when the enemy does this.

How fast does he go if nanoboosted as well?

>Playing Ana/Rein combo on kings row with friend today
>he charges
>mei puts wall right under
>he flys in the air and pins a air born junkrat
Dumb meis are the best.

She's perfectly legal, officer.

>playing junkrat
alright buddy :)

Check your eyes user: he is nanoboosted.

>Incredibly annoying voice and personality.
>Wanting to fug her.

Do you want a full drawfag work of art or a shittily photoshopped wolf hanzo head slapped on there?

I can do shitty photoshop, don't expect much though

That webm is Zen getting nanoboosted, ulting, and getting a lucio speedboost

What is this suppose to be in his mouth?

It looks like a mechanical lobster or a crab with it's arms cut off to replace for the breather. It would make sense since it's a shark eating a crab. Maybe crab or lobster is Roadhog's favorite food? I mean he has a treasure chest on his for fucks' sake. Fuck if I know.

Does lucios speed boost stack? Has anyone does ana lucio reaper ult combo yet?

still doesn't justify your shitty ana pick.

Why does Blizzard bother advertising other games when I'm only looking at a certain one? I thought they added a Demon Hunter to Overwatch for a second.

I don't why but I can't stop laughing every time I see Mercy run by



Whats with people picking trash chars in comps?

Scuba breather?

When you play, DVA, does she ever stop mid screen and start laughing at you? She always says my penis is small and that I can't do nothing right. I feel ashamed a lot and cry in a corner. I need to get rid of my go-into-a-video-game-machine. I think it's starting to control me.

That webm has been floating around for a while now.

I already got to 65 so now i'm just playing competitive like quick play and playing whatever hero I want. it's amazingly fun and a nice break from actually playing and you would be surprised how many people get absolutely assmad at video games

i've had people link me directions to tying nooses on the internet just because I picked mei

Sounds like a bug, you should report it

Either works.

>Starting to run into more and more Winstons to counter my Lucio



>enemy Ana puts me to sleep
>friendly Ana nanoboosts me
>Just lay there for 5 seconds

how would you buff based huntsman?


Overall yes he is shit, he CAN work in some specific situations but generally only at higher ranks where you have your team working together and everyone knows what to do. He isn't an "I'll play this all game" hero either, if you use him for the first point defense on numbani for instance and lose it, you have to switch because his value is now 0.

ana is good on attack but shit on defense

but if you nanoboost somebody who dies in 2 seconds because they're shit you're not going to help your team

I'm having this weird glitch where I'm not able to play any heroes effectively. Anyone know how to fix this?





R8 and H8


How do i get past this rank? All the teams ive gotten have been shit. All im playing is Zenyatta/Lucio/Reaper if the situation calls for it but I cant seem to catch a break. solo is fucking hell

how did you get to 65 user?

Goggles/visors are fucking awesome, eat shit nerd.

Increase the arrow speed.

Most of the time nobody uses it
A lot of the time when somebody says something yeah it's some kid either bitching or having his mom talk on open mic
Oddly enough ruskies are generally nice, I think the game is just too expensive for shitters

My only serious problem with chat is the lack of normalization (or a really bad one), everything is either far too loud or far too quiet, I have to readjust the levels in for every player, if multiple players speak during the same match I'm basically doomed, I fucking hate it

Ugh, this pic is too cute.


Eh, he could have been going to attempt a revive. If you run over looking for the revive sweet spot it's easy to look retarded while doing it, you run right into the enemy most of the time and it's all about the luck of the draw.

And of course, if there's more than 1 player actively using voice chat, it HAS to be a pair of a really loud player and a really quiet player, they can't be anywhere close in volume levels, because fuck me ears

They need to just remove the POTG for Ults. I don't need to some someone do an epic Q press at the end of a match.

I've had more helpful/mood boosting things in comms than negative/useless. I don't use it outside of comp (50-71) though.

Faster arrows/draw speed or faster movement while fully drawn? Touching cooldowns on sonic or scatter arrow wouldn't be met very well.

This has happened to me, I know it's not too late but I don't have the willpower to do anything about it.

wouldn't gengi be closer to the stains of time

>Ruining a serious game mode because you want to pick silly stuff
>Trying to make fun of your teammates who are taking the game seriously when you are the one being an ass and ruining the game for 11 other people

Nah, just go to quick play and stop being immature.

Is it any good? I heard good things about it and one of the most cynical "reviewers" I watch actually shed it in a good light, but the $25 pricepoint is a bit off-putting. They're also asking $15 for the soundtrack in addition.

>Play 5 games of QP today
>5 games with meme squads on one or both sides (Picks all one hero)


How do we Make Defense Great Again?

usually from people who can't actually shoot, so they pick some gimmick shit and try to cheese the other team.

this only even sort of works if you have a team carrying so they can set up their gimmick shit to work properly.

Someone buy me this game please so I don't have to wait a month.

No-one is actually dead at the start of the webm. You can see the scoreboard at 0:08

POTG for ults has been greatly reduced, it's usually just solo kills now

There were only 2 dead, no skulls directly through the wall. besides when Mercy died.

Roadhog and Junkrat make this game unplayable

Is there an /owg/ discord?

Get a job you fucking NEET

Yea kinda I just like Stranger I remain while using Sparrow Genji


Is this a console post?

Junkrat is especially bad because he is a shitter magnet for people who are too dumb to switch from their literal trash defense main on attack/KOTH.

As always, Australians ruin everything.

>team of 3 in comp
>all pick damage
>one of the guys is 10 ranks under the 6 team level, ruining the matchmaking with their team
>none of them will switch
>harambe has the gold medal in damage and kills
>one of their guys leaves

The World Ender - Lord Huron