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hana song

D.VA IS ____________

Cutest and best pairing

Is it true that Bastion is the one getting the next animated short?


Should I pop my Hanzo cherry? 75 hours in and I haven't played him yet.

>start tanking as d.va so much that i can't even aim as offense anymore

This...is my curse

KotH map set that isn't completely awful WHEN???


I think Zarya/Roadhog would make a nice compliment pairing to that.

Since release.

Nana is the cutest hero

Stay pure.

I haven't played McCree yet over 115 hours.

We must stay strong.

So it took me all week I guess but I just realized this.

>Zarya and Tracer each have the worst legendary skins in the game, goth and punk garbage.
>Blizz gives them each 2 new legendaries so players actually have more choices.

blueberry smile

>shit on tracer mains
>get good at the game, get better aim
>use her
>feel like a goddess
im sorry

Well that sucks.

Bastion tank is going to be really goddamn silly if they show a bunch of those tonka toy howlitzers buzzing around like bumper cars.

>tfw you cuck Projectile alts all day everyday and then kill their users

Meh. Fair trade

Nepal is god-tier though

So I can easily grind around the well in Ilios on PS4, but we still lost the point.

Do I need to be near the top or something?

>spergs obviously from here just trolling the whole match in ranked
>memes in chat, insulting the Frenchie on our team
>even when trolling they couldn't take it easy, getting mad at the enemy team for some reason or another

Not as bad as the /r9k/ players I've played with though. They would rage quit midgame.

Tracer's racer helmet is pretty good. So is Slipstream.

What's wrong with that? You've earned it. You've gone from making your enemies think, "pffft, easy kill" to "goddamn it! How'd she get behind all of us? Half my health just melted off. I thought her guns sucked!"

>t. Hanzo or Mei main

Oh no my friend, very wrong. Nice try I guess?

Most people who chat shit about the meta don't even read the reports, they just look at the graphic from overbuff and do what it tells them.

>Bastion animated short coming
>still no junkrat and roadhog animated short

Stop cucking me Blizzard

/owg/, give me a plausible reason for Talon causing the eco disasters Mei was investigating at Watchpoint: Antarctica before she went into cryostasis.

You're getting another Lucio Ball stadium and you're going to like it.

Your head pretty much had to be above the top. This makes you an easy target. Don't do it.


Post your plays. I've limited my bullshit to 1 webm.

Damn. That's lame.

They got a comic and 2 special trailers:




ORGY of destruction!

>Can revive her team
>Can't revive herself

Is there anything more satisfying than punishing mercy players?

>win a ranked match
>this is all you get
Fuck you Blizzard

I'm level 150 and I still can't fucking aim as widowmaker


Same reason Talon does anything else?

>pressq the webm
Nice song tho

Practice on bot matches.

I'm hoping that they make his tank transformation scene as bonkers as possible

>Oh no, the townspeople are in danger!
>Bandits have taken control of the local chapel and have taken hostages!
>The faint sound of thrash metal can be heard from the inside, bad guys looking at the door in wonder.
>Tankmode Bastion bursts through a fucking wall instead
>[Electric Guitar solo intensifies]
>Explosions send bad guys flying through stained glass windows one by one
>Camera zooms in on Ganymede's soulless eyes, bursts of flame can be seen reflected therein.
>And so the day is saved! Thanks Bastion!

is this the smallest possible gain?

They're a rip-off of COBRA.

And COBRA was all about the weather machines.

Absolutely nothing? Seems about right

>36 rating
literally how



also this is cosplay not art

Lets play some Overwatch

>figure season is ending soon might as well try competitive because it doesnt matter at this point
>win two games in a row and one was 5v6 shorthanded
>afraid to queue for competitive again

i just know i cant keep the win streak going do i just switch back and forth from quickplay or what.

Practice on Quick Play.

Learn the best vantage points on the map.

Abuse the Venom Mine.

all that matters is the highest point you achieved


you're not maining anyone below a 50% usage right?

Nice link to the results

i got u

Mei is a double agent. Her father is/was the head of Talon. She went down there to kill the other scientists and put herself in stasis after she murdered them.

>try to play competitive
>get so tilted about getting stomped by 5-man premades while solo queuing that I quit after the first match

why god

what are the best targets for ana's ult? i'm making a list.

genji with ult
roadhog with ult
soldier with ult

did i miss anything?

>As the world teetered on the brink of anarchy, a new hope arose
>An elite task force charged ending degeneracy and restoring liberty to all nations
>/pol/verwatch. Faggots, NEETS, autists, shitposters; Guardians who secured global peace for a generation
>Under its steadfast protection, the world recovered
>And today, though its watch has ended, its soaring ideals of freedom and racial inequality will never be forgotten

what the fuck is tilted, is that a new niggerpseak word like salt that made its way into gaming now?

>by % of time

What a shit plot.

Jesse McCree? That is a TERRIBLE name for a cowboy.

Tracer bomb gets stronger and more widespread.

D.Va maybe?

solo queue with shit teammates dragging me down.

>Lucio wall-rides and jumps around contesting the point all day
>He stalls long enough for their team to come back after we wiped them

Wouldn't be as annoying if he was actually able to be aimed at and couldn't sustain all day with shift/speed boost.

>Read this
>Look up my mouse, 800 dpi, apparently somewhat ideal
>Decide to go by your sensibility
>Go in Quickplay and pick S.76 since he's practically perfect to practice basic FPS shit
>Mfw shitting on Genjis left and right
>Mfw outfucking Widowmakers and Anas
>Mfw I'm nuclear

I did shit I never thought I'd be able to pull off like intercepting a speedboosting lucio with the Helix.
Shit's wack.


Can league shitters just leave already. Nobody wants your shitty one hero gaming here.

>happens once
>go on tilt
>rant about it on a Malaysian shadow puppet bbs.

You should probably work on your anger management skills you child.

It started in pinball.
It was big in poker.
League of Legends players spammed it.

Rip Mercy

Always implied to me that he had Native American heritage. No, I don't read the lore, so if I'm right about that, it's coincidental.

Anyone got more ideas for Underwatch?

Ulting Bastion
MOLTEN CORE with hammer out


Do you know about pinball? It's this new fangled thing the kids are playing now. Well it comes from there.

Obviously this

>An elite task force charged ending degeneracy
>Implying they wouldn't just go and force teenagers to crossdress before raping them

Bastion with ult. Maybe Torb with ult.

>MOLTEN CORE with hammer out

are you prankin me or is that actually good

>ana RoF buffed
>still dropping

Who is the best hero to carry shitters with?


I hate torbjorn and I only ever pay him to piss of my team, but I will say that beating Reinhardt to death with you hammer while you've got molten core going on is pretty enjoyable.

I literally never use his gun seeing as I'm just feeding the enemy ults to end the game more quickly, and you can batter some squishy if you catch them by surprise.

Genji if you arent a shitter with him. If you understand the minimal of his basics, you'll be a god with him

I'm not sure how Reinhardt would work?

Robohardt? Talon-hardt?

If you know the McCree is good & he has ult, McCree then since he charges faster in his ult, much like a Mercy damage boost. You'll likely just fuck with their aim if you do it with their ult down, though.

It only really works if Mei hates him


Finally reached rank 50 in comp, holy fuck that was a climb.

>why? 65 is when you get gud

I've been playing exclusively as Symmetra.

But McCree is fun though and he's effective.

I want to join in on the Sombra ARG, but I don't want to have to deal with le redditors. Anyone on Veeky Forums involved with it?

It doesn't make it any better, the cannon still does one hit kills and if anything the added speed just makes it harder to aim with the cannon.

However, ulting bastion in his turret mode is pure death, just as effective as ulting a ulted 76. The increased fire rate turns him into bullet hell.

Let me tell you how to steam roll a payload push.

>shove a bastion on it
>heal it constantly
>when the enemy team is lined up ult him
>guaranteed 4 or more kills per ult
>shoot tires and sleep dart threats like roadhog

Hanamura attack is fucking horrible if there are 2 or more Torbjörns.

If they ever end up buffing defense heros, they can't do it without adding hero limit to QP too.

Made something real ep*c for you bros....


omnic d.va

like regular d.va except shes an omnic. shes piloting a stolen mecha or some shit idk

Reaper if your positioning isn't shit. Roadhog if you're braindead but can land a single skillshot
Zarya if you have good game knowledge
Genji if you have good mechanics (If you're not above 50 don't even try, the amount of work to payoff isn't worth it in the lower ranks but if you're trying to go top 500 he's the way to go)

roadhog and reaper are my go-tos since they have self-sustain and they can get lots of solo kills safely. i'm sure theres a bit of personal preference there for me though, they're 2 of my favorites.

zarya and zenyatta are also great

ana ult on lucio means mega speed boost on everyone?

But why only Sym?


>Route 66 Offense
>We have two Soldiers who refuse to change
>Go Soldier too
>Gates open
>6 Soldiers storm out
>We actually win

At one point we had three tactical visors going at once. Only D.Va survived and the Tracer ragequit.

Are you on console? A lucio trying that shit around people who can aim usually ends up dead in no time.

Night Rocker

'nuff said

how does anas ult affect mccrees ult? i almost never play him, but i saw a mccree ult when i boosted him once. does it speed up the targeting?

>Get this fucking skin thrice

i want to see mei being mean to junkrat but also beating up anyone else that's mean to him. she's the only one that's allowed to be mean to him.

He's a true warrior, and true warriors are neither good nor evil, they just fight in defense of /their guys/. So he'd be exactly the same, vain and glory obsessed, just fighting on the other side and in different armor.