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$6 reskin edition

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The Beastmen are a cool faction but the pack is a bit overpriced for what you get. There probably won't be a price drop for some time, so if you're impatient or really like the Beastmen then go ahead, otherwise wait it out.

Double click a spell (it needs to be a boostable spell and you need to have enough magic in the magic pool) to overcast the spell
There's a 50% chance that the caster damages itself though!

Select your lord (make sure he isn't garrisoned or in a stance)
Select the quest battle (on the map or through quest log)
There's a button in the bottom right of the quest battle window that you can use to teleport for 5k gold (when the battle's finished you're automatically teleported back to your original position)

Group units with ctrl + g
Select your group and right click the enemy
All your units move and automatically direct themselves to and engage enemies they get close to while maintaining formation

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>tfw you're such a good goy you're hyped about reskins

I'm so sorry...


But they come with the LL pack, so it's a nice bonus to have.


But when is it coming out?

So what do the regiments of renown do what modders can't do? The two units we have seen now are just reskins.

Any mods that add tier 2 spear units to the alans?

Who fucking cares about LL? Seriously just give a new faction.

Probably new voice effects.


I do, it can spice factions up.



why do you even need them? Alans are strong as fuck already and can easily deal with enemy cavalry with their own cav


Can AI use the reskins?


>needing to pay for a mercenaries system cut/paste from attila

I do, it gives me a reason to play a faction a second or third time.

Plus they are adding new units and hopefully the legendary Lord has something unique that will change up their campaign.

Perhaps I should have said how are they best used?

When do we get Boris Todbringer as a legendary lord?

No agreed but honestly I think I'm more hyped for the reskins than lords?

I mean honestly I'm super happy they're just adding in random flavor stuff like this at all and hope they keep doing it.

I certain we won't have new voice effects. CA is incredibly lazy regarding voice acting. We have the same voice actors since rome II and in Warhammer they cut out all voice acting for all languages other than english.

Play them in Multiplayer

Probably never, it does not make sense since he is the elector count of middenheim.

If we played as him what would happen a duplicate of him??

Would be cool to have them as a faction though, but doubt that will happen either.

>hunnic hordes finally arrive
>my best general and faction leader conveniently dies of old age
every fucking time
also, it seems like no matter which faction i play in attila, campaign always ends up with a meatgrinder against the huns in po valley area

More like taken from the vampire counts.

I think there's a mod which does this? Plus if you can confederate with Middenland while hes still alive you get him as a lord.

They should make him recruitable after taking Marienburg though

There's one for archers and tier 1 spears:


What are some good unit mods for Warhammer? I already have the Empire of Sigmar mod.

Mousillon and Southern Empires are pretty good.

I think Chaos undivided is another?

Other than that not sure of any good ones that aren't either bad/lore breaking/memes



Great firepower if you can get them early (Rangers, Indian mercs). Still able to hold their own in a fight later on due to their light infantry stance.

If there is one thing that I like about warhammer, is that my lords only die from agents and in battle
Losing generals to old age is the worst

stale meme my friend


Radious with the Unit mod as well.
Best Total Warhammer experience available.

I meant more like adding unit diversity than more factions.

Cars Total War when?

Mostly what it says no the tin, you'll want to use them to harass the enemy and drop their numbers before they hit your lines so you can overwhelm them with fresh full units.

So things like peppering the enemy at the start to drop numbers, pulling them around to their flanks when they advance. Stuff like that really.

>18 reskinned units
>2 LL

sounds good to me.

Southern Empires by Cataph adds new units to Tilea, Estalia and the Border Princes. There's also a faction unlocker to allow you to play as them but their campaigns have no victory conditions so you can't truly win.

Chaos Divided adds the more occult side to Chaos. Cultists, daemons, god themed units, etc. Some stuff is pretty OP but that's good for Chaos imo. It's a good mod, breaks up the monotony of the Chaos campaign and makes their invasion a good bit harder.

Dont forget 2 new lords and 2 unique units.


Do any of you remembers the time when Radious mod was a collection of small mods that were modular, could be mixed and matched, and unironically helps gameplay?




What does Grace look like?


Pokemon Total War when

>Warhammer Total War provides framework for Pokemon Total War
>Radious takes up Pokemon Total War modding
>Heavy Armored Mounted Cataphract Pikachu [Missile Sword Infantry]

They're still modular.

And his campaign rework isn't that half bad. AI ends up spamming armies at times though.

Why don't they make a neural network based AI and let it learn from online PvP games? Then it could become like Google's DeepMind and actually become good.
They could have a different AI depending on game type, like if it's a gunpowder game or melee-based. That way it wouldn't try to charge with cannons or some shit. Don't know if it's actually necessary.

NN AI is hard. You don't simply make one just like that.

>check out Total war twitter
>they retweeted someone hinting than imperials need "bigger guns"



Are orc arrer boyz supposed to be shit? They do fucking nothing damage wise and they die instantly because they have no armour. Should I install Radious and get Black orc arrer boyz?

or Hochland Long Rifles

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how do I increase the size of my armies using pfm?

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I heard Denuvo got cracked

This true?

Been cracked a few times, but Warhammer specifically was cracked recently.

Finally I can play the game without worrying about my conscience.

It got bypassed, and the way they bypassed was patched out by steam.

Damn, I really wanna play the new NFS but I really don't wanna give EA money for it.
Fuck Denuvo man

Genevieve Dieudonné legendary hero when?

Not really, it got bypassed but steam patched it and banner the accounts.

there's a column called num_men, it's the number of men on large unit size, tweak to your liking, units with higher than 200 models crash the game

Women are inferior to men.



Anyone got any tips for the Thorgrim quest battle with al those trolls and giants? I've failed thrice now on VH

I am talking about the number of units in an army. the one that modifies the save file.

>defeat vamp army and have pretty much 7 fully stacked units left
>they eventually all get routed by ONE Banshee

ALT F4 out of that ridiculous shit.

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>Actually getting spooked

Serves you right for not bringing any magic damage.

What kinda army are you running? Cannons do wonders in that fight, and having a good ammount of ranged tends to rout most troll before they come close.

Use slayers to tank and take down the giants, focus ranged on the trolls till they route and then focus them on the giants as well.

>i savescum
>i can't handle anything other than zombies and skellies

go back to your histfag games, it's obvious you can't handle warhammer.

Men are inferior to women.

Empire and it was a defensive siege battle with just one guard house providing all my troops.

Took down most of Kemmler's small army with minimal losses, but there was nothing I could do against that one banshee.