Job in Cancer City

Just got a job in Beijing, China for nearly 2x the pay of my current employer.

I've heard some bad, and some worse stories about working over there.

Should I do it?

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you will die twice as fast so your spending can basically go up 4x!

The short answer is, no.
It isn't worth the money. I personally wouldn't live there long term, even for a million dollars a year.

China doesn't have the integrity of business, government stability, healthcare, social standards etc. that more developed nations have. The people are rude and the pollution is quite bad.

The scenarios in are believable.
Simply put, during the Cultural Revolution, China became a very dog-eat-dog culture. People got reported and purged, so of course individuals placed their survival above all others. The same self-serving attitude is still widespread there today. People will certainly lie and cheat to get ahead.

I was born in America to Taiwanese expat parents, so I know enough Chinese to talk to the Chinese students at my university, who emigrated when they were about 14 years old. Even the Shanghai rich kids admit that there is a much higher standard of living/integrity of behavior here. Some even seem intent on staying in America for some time after graduation.

If you're white, do it.

Not even if he's white. The Chinese will just take advantage of guilao OP because he's unfamiliar with the business environment. You'll also be gawked at everywhere you go.


Not sure anything would be worth breathing in heavy smog every single day.

don't listen to everyone in this thread OP. You're better off going to /trv/ or /int/ rather than listening to a bunch of people who've never even been to China and know nothing about it other than the western propaganda clickbait headlines about the country.

Beijing is a great city. Lots of expats communities. The air does suck sometimes, but when it's beautiful, it's amazing.

I don't even buy food from China.

Beijing's air pollution has fallen 60%, and it is getting even better.

Furthermore, Beijing was never as bad as the memes. New Delhi and Shanghai are way worse.

Take the job.

>Simply put, during the Cultural Revolution, China became a very dog-eat-dog culture.

t. Ignorant

China has always been a dog-eat-dog culture. Look at the war of the three kingdoms.

i thought it was a people eat dog culture...

People have eaten dogs all around the world for millenia. Including in Europe.

Only in the last century did Western people start seeing dogs as more human and deserving of love than other people.

All these fucks heading procurement departments who have never heard the phrase, "You get what you pay for." Why do these mooks even have jobs? They should go to the breadline.

I don't buy anything made in china. At best it's going to break on you, at worst it will give you lead poisoning or literal cancer.

OP: Ask yourself what your health and happiness are worth.

>The air does suck sometimes

So yeah sometimes on Arrakis you get these sand worms that eat your men and machines and fuck everything up, but when it's a nice day it's amazing.

>New Delhi and Shanghai are way worse.

So yeah Detroit is pretty shitty, but Cape Town and Syria are way worse. Detroit being a crime ridden povertous falling apart shithole is just a meme. :^)

Sounds like typical stupid expats. Some Chinese are conservative(doctors, business people) and they don't like foreigners. Doctors don't really give a fuck since they get paid very little compared to the US unless of course you go to private clinics. Young people are generally OK.

Read this thread

Research as hard as you can and make sure the agency or company that "hired" you isn't some kind of scam. Scamming stranded white "employees" is currently a big industry in China.

you've obviously never spent a significant period of time in the city.

I spent a month in Beijing and I can confirm most of
Im not a businessman but the chinese are dirty as fuck, I've seen countless people shitting in the middle of the street, spitting everywhere (even inside airports , train stations, food malls, supermarkets...), people passed out in bushes, etc
the polution was unbearable on some days. you could feel it in your lungs in each breath. at least 1/2 chinese wear a mask like they make you wear at the hospital

>if pay a low price for something you'll get scrap
This is translated incorrectly.

>even if it's suppposed to adhere to a strict standard
This was added in.

The correct translation is: you get what you paid for.

Wow its true. Autists fail to grasp humor

if they haven't already offered it you should demand hazard pay in addition to what they're offering you

It's actually become a critical problem for chinese companies that they have a lot of trouble recruiting foreign professionals because they demand exorbitant hazard pay and premiums for being away from their family since they refuse to relocate them to a place with so much smog it should be renamed Morrowind.

>You'll also be gawked at everywhere you go.
that's not really true in Beijing and Shanghai, they're used to westerners. Everywhere else though yeah people like to stare. It's not a threatening thing though, there's just no social norm against it.

>New Delhi, Shanghai, Detroit, Cape Town

Chinese cities have the advantage of being safe. In Beijing or Shanghai you could literally walk around for hours and hours in the middle of the night without the slightest risk of being mugged or raped or whatever.

it depends money more important than health? i wouldnt feel comfortable living in a city that all you breathe is toxic fumes day in day out

why Russian?

My friends mom was literally being beat up by her boyfriend and she had her buisness destroyed since he would come there everyday and make a mess. The police can't do shit besides put him in jail for one night.

She's going to hire someone to stab him. That's how fucked China is.

>le bad thing happened
Right, because everyone will have the same experience you had, got it.

It's an example of the police force you autismo.

Gr8 job taking things at face value.

Do it dont listen to these retards

Hi, I a former Chinese whose Dad work at a senior manager position in Sinosteel. A semi-state owned steel mill big in Chinese northeast. Apparently most business require a Chinese translator because alot of Chinese have shit accents English speakers can't understand, but English speakers graduated from classes that have STANDARDS and thus far are more competent in language translation. HOWEVER, this should plant a huge red flag into what Chinese culture says about their business industries. There is a nonexistent standard, everything will depend on the niceties of connections, and for god's sake never trust a person's word. I always, ALWAYS, check the goods and contracts. Chinese believe that slipping one past the customer is being 'smart' and it is the fault of the buyer, when caught, they're all "it was a bro joke", even at the cost of 2m USD in business on the line. Liability is not a Chinese thing in business, it's sad I know. You actively have to make them liable. Also they will actively employ you OUTSIDE of your contracts do to shortage, and sometimes will slip by these ADDITIONAL hours and not pay you, should you stir a fuss, they will threaten to revoke your VISA. ALWAYS ALWAYS, make sure there is a clause somewhere in the contract, ALWAYS ask about it. IF you don't have leverage somewhere on paper, YOU WILL be taken advantage of. It's cultural, and they will place blame on YOU for being stupid, which is insane. It's something I have never understood about cultural studies classes on Chinese culture, why do they not put this shit in? This is why most Chinese have utmost respect for white people in China, because they cannot not trust their own as far as they can throw them. It's like the stock market man, it's very easy to make 200kUSD and live like a king if you are smart, but if you assume for a second they can be dealt on a mutual basis or respect you will be a wage slave, cuck, and pepewithnolife all rolled into one.

Sorry for the broken English. I hate my Chinese teacher for it, but it's very hard to unlearn the bull and learn proper sentence structure and syntax.

>BTW I love this country, but. The food sucks, and driving around is a pain in the ass. Nightlife is nonexistant, Texas driving is scary af.


This isn't the first time i've heard this advice.