Another day of work completed. Let's review, shall we?

Came in an hour early, asked to work on silly things before things get busy.

Get screamed at a full half hour before my shift starts.

Work for eight hours, one hour unpaid lunch break.

Expected to answer phone, emails during lunch break.

Work for an additional 10 minutes after the end of my shift, at work for a total of over 10 hours at this point.
Go to back office to fill out my timesheets. Leave 40 minutes later.

So, out of essentially 11 hours at work, I was paid for 8 hours, "on break" for 1 hour, and working for free for nearly two hours.

How did your day at work go?


How did your day at work go?


Who works these days ?


Well let's see.

woke up at noonish, had some coffee, checked my email.
went in to work the job I do Tuesdays and Thursdays.
spent one hour cleaning offices, two additional hours bullshitting with the guys that work in those offices.
made my $265 and went home
made 5 minute phone call to a client to get the go-ahead to do $4000 worth of cleaning work in October.
spent another five minutes calling up the crew and telling them we're on to clean for that client in Oct.
booked a hotel to stay in after my Caribbean cruise at the end of Oct.
checked email again
'clocked out'
lurked Veeky Forums for a few hours
roasted some green chilies someone gave me.
skinned and gutted them
forgot I had chili juice on my fingers and picked my nose
regretted it
banged the wife
helped my youngest kid fly his new drone
watched the new Southpark
back on Veeky Forums
probably go bang the wife again in a while.

pretty good. fairly average day at the old salt mine.


Still a janitor


Yep, that's really the irony that makes it all worthwhile.

Guys I was talking to today work in an industrial lab, they all have masters degrees in science and make less money than I do. I once offered one of them a job making twice what he does and he declined. There's that stigma of being the janitor. That and my work is mindless and boring with no chance of improvement or advancement.

Janitors do get some respect though. It's like being the one black guy that everyone wants to be friends with to prove they're not prejudiced. People go out of their way to be nice to the poor janitor, their job must REALLY suck. I smile all day while I work though. There's no job out there with less responsibility and I don't worry about anything. I can't really fuck up at work, if I do it doesn't really matter. Nobody rides my ass or watches over my shoulder. A relatively agile monkey could do my job. I don't worry about getting fired, everyone needs a janitor.

obviously it's not everyone's cup of tea, but for someone that hates dealing with the public and doesn't like having a boss breathing down their neck it's actually quite nice. In most cases I'm the most trusted worker on the site. I'm definitely the most relaxed.


you bastard Im jelly, here the market is monopolized by ugly romanian women


unless they're licensed, insured, bonded, and OSHA certified to deal with hazardous waste they can't work anywhere I do.

I have a local monopoly as well, but mine's a bit harder to intrude on.


Hazardous material
Trucker shit?


that SHOULD count, but no.
sadly you don't need certification to deal with shit.

Most of my job isn't shit though. I spend about 3 minutes out of the hour I work each day scrubbing toilets. Most of my time is spent cleaning and maintaining office floors.


the hazardous materials I'm licensed to clean are things like lead, mercury, asbestos, arsenic, cadmium, blood, caustics, various dangerous chemicals and their vapors.

Most of the work I do is in areas contaminated with heavy metals though. I get a few crime scenes to clean up each year. Those are interesting.


mandatory unpaid hour long lunch breaks
Fuck i dont miss that at all


woke up at 8, had a nice cup of tea and checked my phone
refreshing 15 minute cycle to work in the cool, crisp air
Get to work, make a cup of coffee and have a banana
Settle into my desk, check email, fire up Veeky Forums to see what's new
Do what I have to do for the day, taking breaks to read news/Veeky Forums and make cups of tea
Occasionally talk to coworkers about random things, shoot the shit
Fuck off for 30 minutes at lunch, grab a sandwich or something, have a smoke
Go back to work, repeat
Cycle back home, just long enough to get the blood pumping
Usually back home for 5:20

Being a wagie isn't all that bad. Feel sorry for ameriblobs who don't seem to have any kind of workers rights though.


I work 10 hours a day every day. No breaks or lunch breaks of any kind.

What is "being a man?"



Clock in at work
Find out that the batter created during the FAT of a batter mixer burst out of its containers.
Start cleaning the side of the containers and the ground.
Guy that comes to pick up the containers says it's too liquid, and that he can't transport it like that.
Another company is called to pick up the batter.
Have to help him
Get splashed with batter.
It smells disgusting.
Clean containers afterwards.

Even after washing my hands multiple times and showering there is still the faint smell of batter on my hands.

At least it was better than yesterday when i had to clean the drainage, because the batter wasn't able to go anywhere. The rest of the week was okayish albeit a bit boring. It consisted mostly of watching the client do the testing and helping every now and then.

Garbage Can Lid
Garbage Can Lid

No work today. I get Fridays off but I work Sundays.
Be me yesterday
Wake at 5:40
At the station 5 minutes early 6:40
Get my route, keys to my van, and my GPS device.
Loading wave before us took twice as long as they are supposed to.
Start loading at 7:30. 165 packages today
Make it to first house by 8:45. 45 minutes late FML
30 minute break whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I don't take one.
Deliver packages all day until 4.
Drive back to warehouse. Check out and go home at 4:30.
Just the nature of being a delivery driver. Sometimes I get easy routes and im done by 2. Sometimes you just can't finish until 4 or 5. I make 13.75 an hour. Pays the bills as a young uneducated wageslave. Gonna enroll at community college next semester and start getting myself educated.


hates his job
gets treated like shit
yet will continue working in the same job for years to come

You deserve every little bit of your miserable existence.


I interviewed for two jobs last week.

I have another job interview next week.

I am working on passing the onboarding for a completely unrelated third position. They have already accepted me, and are vetting me before making a final offer with a start date.

Unfortunately, I dislike my professional work... There is little hope for the lost.


I really don't understand the workplace obsession with this shit.

Having no lunch makes no difference, it just means leaving an hour early (or getting in an hour later), it's not giving them any more work time, and staying doesn't matter because the work isn't really dependent on the time. It's just weird.


Ive done 20 applications this month man.

So many fucking hoops to jump through.



Wake up
Bojangles and coffee
Listen to Tom Leykis
Load up vps
Run several commands
Watch screen scroll through
Make adjustments to script
Run commands again
Load up MySQL db
Make sure vps is gg with db
9fag a lil
Veeky Forums a lil
Eat some wings
Shitty vps not accepting http
Smh cause port 80 closed
Open port 80
Logout n all is well
9fag some more
FTP another server
Fuckin dashboard not logging properly
Change php a lil
Now it's working, aaaaa yes.
Bullshit on Skype with partner

Might watch movie n college a lil. And I can do this cause I'm on contract as dev obviously. Vps bs is for ma side cash.

I'm bored now.


Got up at 9
Started work at 10
Finished a retile on a guys shower
Job was hard labor, but guy was nice and tipped me
I'm making $50 - $100 hr

bretty good.


Idk your target industry but I recommend finding a massive corporation you like and applying to every office in the world. If they call you back send them a personalized cover letter.
Be willing to move. I'm willing to go 3500+ miles away for the right opportunity, as long as it is worth it.


woke up
decided to reset my laptop that's been acting up
made some lasagna
watched some college football
no good teams playing right now
packing up and inspecting the boat before I take it out

Feels good being self employed with my own HVAC company. Got my contractor's license almost 2 years ago and have been doing well. Have been off 3 weeks. Which I know is going to bite me in the ass when I'm stuck in the Winter with no work and wish I worked those 3 weeks for more money.


go in
finish day's work in about 1 hour
shitpost and browse the internet for the rest of the day

it's pretty much the same shit i would be doing if i were unemployed. i get paid to be a neet


Sounds like my first job. I was a janitor at an elementary school. I worked evenings and really only had to clean bathrooms and hallways. 8 hour shift got things done in 2-3. Brought my PSP back then because they were popular.


I don't work weekends.
I've been off all week due to holiday time.

Usually, I walk in when the shift starts, and get on with my job. Once I've done the first part of my job and cleared up the mess from doing so, I go on break for half an hour. Then I come back and get on with the rest of my job until it's finished or I hit the 8 hour mark. Then I walk out and go home. If it finishes early, I go home early. If it finishes late, I have a choice whether I want to stay or not.

I don't answer phones. I don't answer to customers. I shoot the shit with the guys at work every so often, I banter, and I get to listen to music all day.


Wake up at 6, leave at 7, arrive at 8, get at desk at 8:15, take calls about retirement plan accounts until 10:15, piss or get coffee/tea, get back at 10:30, take calls until 12:15. (10-45 seconds downtime between calls), 30 minute lunch, take more calls until 3:15, break until 3:30, take calls until 5, get home at 6, repeat (end my life desu [email protected])


I get a few crime scenes to clean up each year. Those are interesting.
care to elaborate?


Went to work
had nothing to do
moderately cleaned
company bought us lunch
took a nap in my car for two hours

It sucks I only make $16.20/hr but the job is chill and the job security is phenominal. Not many places can still manufacture explosives legally.


It's a way to make you work 9hours but pay for eight.


Sounds like you have a shit job. Also if you're not hell bent on your current job don't go above and beyond. Why the fuck would you do extra work without pay?