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I have nothing left.

Does anyone here like miqote....

Okay, so I got miner to 60 and my gear is so shitty I can't do my last quest or even see nodes in Azys Lla.

What should I be doing to gear? Scrips? Buying shit? Is there like, a benchmark of certain stats I should have before I can do certain things? I'm lost and all I want to do is work for some gil.

I guess


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xth for puritfy!

You should be able to get a carbonweave set made relatively cheaply these days. What server are you on? If you're on mine (unlikely) I can make you a set and/or give you the gil for one.

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I'm on Balmung but with a bit of a cash deficit right now and a desire to at least have 500k left over to buy an apartment next week so I can't blow through everything on gear just yet.

It's all good, I can make the money that I need for myself in time I just don't really know what it is that I should be shooting for.

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Yes. Get Artifact2 armor, even augment it and it will help you earn gil to buy better shit. Or just keep it and earn gil regardless. Make sure to get Folklore. Do it quick if you want in on the exploited market on 3.4 release.

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favorite gathering set?

Damn, not my server. I would say aim for the af2 augmented gear or get a carbonweave set made. The upside is the carbonweave set will help a lot and be a decent upgrade, not to mention it's universal across min/fsh/btn if you ever level the other 2 as well. It's mega cheap to make as well. If you want a consolidated list, I suggest craftingasaservice.com

I know how you feel my man. Get scrips and get yourself a set of Minekeeper gear. Then go buy some high quality Mutton Stew, or make it yourself like I did. You should have enough gathering to get your HQ stuff with a full set of Minekeeper stuff plus the stew.
If you're on Leviathan I can help

xth for collars are the best and you have not lived before you try collaring someone or being collared yourself

Ironworks, because it reminds me of some high tech version of my classic glam set from 2.0

Gorilla post


What about sun seekers...?


Minekeep's set, though I preferred the AF1 chestpiece to it. I love mining and the Minekeep set is pretty nice. Second would probably be Tacklekeep, and the hat is one of my favourites in the game. Third would be BTN AF1 though Fieldkeep is close. I don't really care too much for Ironworks, just out of personal taste

No seriously why can't I catch legendary fish? I trigger them, I hear it I know it's them. but I lose every time. I should have way more than enough gathering.

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I mean, I guess I could like Seekers on a good day.

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>History tells of a Meracydian nation comprised of a multitude of races, the foundations of which were built on the worship of a single deity. The "Goddess," as she was simply known, graced the souls of her worshipers with perfect equilibrium, binding their disparate societies in gilded chains of harmony.
In the present day, she is better known as Sophia, one of the incalculably powerful eikons of the Warring Triad. And after five thousand years of imprisonment, her failed plans for vengeance once more threaten to come to fruition. Defeat the wakened thralls and slay the stirring Goddess, lest her divine "balance" bring all the world to equal ruin!

Pretty sure I preferred Sephirot and him being worshiped by tree people to Sophia being worshiped by a multitude of races

The left one definitely

So...What sort of outfits,cash shop or event, would you like to see be added to the game?


Makes sense because she doesn't resemble any particular race.

Is today a good day...?


It was, until you showed up.

I guess so

What did I do...?


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why is sophia so lewd?

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Because Sephirot was a pure man with incredible muscles. Sophia has to take the role of the lewd eikon of the trio. Which leaves the Demon to be incredibly gay and malicious.

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Minekeep feels a bit odd as cat, but it's cool, tacklekeep is hnnng navel and leather for me

I don't have Minekeep on my cat, but I like it on my Au Ra. My cat only has MIN at 60 but no actual gear

Since I'm leveling my crafts in the ded hours as well, I'll ask you. Does the market really move a lot after a patch? Surely it can't be more than just a few items and materia, right?

>We get Hades from Kid Icarus: Uprising

please god yes

Did Hiroshimoot break the site again?

>Yoshida:"if you have BiS in 3.2, you shld be able to clr turn 1-2(3) easily. 3.4 is not tuned for world firsts, so it shld only take 5 days"
Does this mean we can easily clear a9-10-11 with lvl240? Why can't they make a balanced raid?

"Dafaq is balance?"

The first two fights in a tier have never been a gear check, thats not really weird at all

Gear checks generally hit in the third fight

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I don't like the way the collar/exposed chest looks on cat frames, it's a bit too masculine, similar to the hammer keep crafter set (armorer i170, I think that's the name of it)

Pre nerf a6 could've been a bit hard for some with the lowest gear possible, a7 had a lot of gear check. Now only a12 will, according to yoshida.

a6 was cleared in full pre3.2 gear, a7 is the third fight in the tier so yes it has the gear check

even mdlndr

odd lala

What job are you getting?

>a6 was cleared in full pre3.2 gear
after some days rather than right after a5 only by top teams, the rest was stuck on it for a lot of time.

I already got it!!!! just something lil over christmas but it's my first ever job desu

Instead of paying me back can you just be my bf (female)?

it wasnt a gear thing that people were stuck on though, a6 was relatively tame when it came to gear checks, not the actual fight

Plus there was a bug with water that stopped the early groups from clearing on multiple occasions, it was ass

go lala anyways

no sorry maybe take me out to dinner first!!!


Is he our guy? Perfect ambassador this community, turned his life around, AND keeps pvp alive.


Actually, this reminds me. Is it safe to assume the Demon will be named Zurvan in XIV since Sephirot and Sophia both got their concept names?

Here is the real slut test. If you're a female cat or lizard unequip all of your gear and take a screenshot.


This is a thinly veiled fapbait request

You're my getting my lewds.

Did something happen to the Luancher? Everytime i try to login, it says it says it cant connect to the server and/or it freezes up.

>Yoshida:"if you have BiS in 3.2, you shld be able to clr turn 1-2(3) easily. 3.4 is not tuned for world firsts, so it shld only take 5 days"
incoming miunih going full salt lul

Worked fine for me when I logged on a bit ago

are you trying to get everyone in soft banned user ?

Is this the nude mod check?

Did I pass?

miunih isn't even on the prog team anymore. he's shit lol.
t. Em member

source pls

because then i can clear prog in a week then role swap owo

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> doesn't even have midan weapon

How's Sartigan nowadays?

I bought this game because it looked fun but I can't pronounce half the shit within and it makes me sad.

I think that's Lyra "XIVG first A8S" Rose my dude

Just came back, I don't talk to him much. My friend used to bully him a lot about me so we're kinda not in speaking terms.

Listen to the audio?

literally who and why should i care

>Slavic Guy Fieri is our guy

I don't understand. ;_;

Who? Who cares even? Xivg first would be fold / layla / miunih.


Abe will be next tier first

>Listen to the audio?
There's audio? When I played only one or two of the cutscenes had any audio, as well as the opening cinematic. Am I missing something? I'm only level 15 so far but I think I want to start a new character because mine is ugly.


That's what you wanted when posting a picture with no context, right? You got your (You). What more do you want?