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As a mage I'm never sure when to TW unless it's on the last boss. I'm never sure how long a dungeon will last so I dont want to pop it on first boss and then not have it on last.

Post you're character FLEXING, /wowg/






The B in belf stands for breast!

Breast Elf!

>availing of the content and then wanting your money back
user (You) really are a jew and I don't mean religious or ethnic but a cheap shitter.


Damn his horns were seared off




worth about 9million+, only few left on EU, jelly?




">want something but don't want to pay"

>try game
>epic questline of about 5000 "rares"
>every1 is #1 and gets an artifact xD

I'm in North America, where the eternal jew is. Not gonna happen :S

The new expansion fucking sucks worse than WoD somehow.

I tried Warlock this time around and it's literally
-Afflict; Same DoT bullshit
-Destro; even boring than ever since Chaos Bolt does weak damage
-Demonology; Promising, but they fucked up a bunch of small things [aka no instant cast proc for the dogs]

Goats are unrated mounts


Where my high test melee bros at?

Caster cucks can stay out
Leather cucks can stay out too.

Quick, /wowg/, I'm gonna find the emptiest server I can find and play it like a singleplayer game.

Pandaren Windwalker or Orc Survival hunter

>demonic corruption manifests itself in horns and wings
>purified demon loses horns and wings

at least they're consistent

>order hall resources are already completely worthless

So high test they can run 5mans forever

do i need pots for mythic+ or is food/flask fine?

None of your reasoning makes you less of a jew

>uh yes i played this game for 78 hours and decided it's awful please give me my money back


Scrub question: How do I find a new area to quest in? I'm currently level 28 blood elf mage in Tranquillien, but the quests here seem to have very little payoff now and I'd like to move on anyway. I've been using the Dungeon Finder to level a lot.

>my hunter+Rexxar perform the fusion dance
>become badass 7 foot tall Mok'Nathal/blood elf bitch with a giant axe


Fuck off faggot.

lothtaxion has wings

wings are a nathrezim thing because they're vampires silly

Will I finally get my second legendary today?

He still has his wings.

>want to play a female draenei
>don't want to abandon my main


There's a notice board in SW/Org that gives you a quest which tells you which zone to go to based on your lvl

Where the HECK do I get a keystone?

>The only people still playing are the good people who stayed in a guild/have friends in guild and have their roster airtight
>And casuals happy to farm heroics and play LFR forever

It's over before it's even begun.

>make the leveling take a day of gameplay
>try to do the max-level content for 3 hours, disliked it and found there was nothing else to do in this expansion that I liked

You're absolutely brain-dead.

good god please let naths be playable

> holy vampires

fuck me, then

You need order hall resources for artifact knowledge so they are very useful, also if you want to use two legendaries at once you need to get your final order hall upgrade

Today's friendly reminder:

Remember to use Bear Tartare when leveling!

Regards, your friendly reminderer.

Whatever keeps you from putting a gun in your mouth I guess

Wish we knew what the Nathrezim looked like before their corruption.

Space Elves

How are sub and ass. I'm not really liking the rngness of outlaw?

The waggle is going to make her your main. Get it over with

Once you reach your quota, which takes no time at all, you have nothing to spend excess resources on, assuming you're over 840 ilvl

can u call me tomorrow night and remind me to take my mother to bunco
thank u

he would have done more damage as holy desu


>havent played wow since mop
>play 24/7
>start to ditch coworkers invitations

Halp wow made me an addict again ;_;

>needing buffs while leveling

>tfw can only pull around 115k dps as fury at 841

Oh shit! These 3 bitches are walking towards you!

wat do

Prove to me that cute draeneis exist

wtf I do 200K at 843 with destruction
fix urself


1. Tweak Mastery to:
>Divine Judgement: Mastery empowers your Judgement and Wake of Ashes by X%. In addition, striking a foe with Judgement empowers your Holy Power consuming abilities by Y% for 8 seconds.
(basically have mastery effect WoA and turn the debuff into a self buff).

2. Make Divine Hammer baseline, with a shared CD with Blade of Justice (like CS/HotR back in MoP and WoD). Replace DH on the talent tree with
>Art of War: Your auto-attacks have a chance to instantly reset the cooldown on BoJ/DH.

3. Change Greater Blessings significantly:
-Greater Blessing of Wisdom: removed
-Greater Blessing of Kings: Add a shield equal to 15% max HP on all party members, degrading over 8 seconds. This causes a Blessed by Kings debuff stopping them from receiving this effect for 60 seconds.
-Greater Blessing of Might: Make it a Heroism with the proper debuff.
-Change Sword of Light to %15 to make up for the DPS loss on the GBoM change.

Here you go Blizzard, how to make Ret playable while sticking to your class fantasy of Judging and smiting foes, I'll accept $$$ as payment.

what boss is this on?

You're clearly doing something wrong, that's my damage as holy priest

>always afraid of signing up for mythics and shit
>always the best in the group

Anyone knows that feeling?

beat them up and enslave them

wtf I do 260 to 300K at 843 with destruction fix urself

If I do the World Boss the first time with no bonus roll

And then come back and do it a second time with a bonus roll token

Can I use the bonus roll on my 2nd kill? Or is the only opportunity to bonus roll with the first kill?

I forgot to get the token on my monk before I killed him the first time.

So it costs like 40k to get the obliterum forge if you aren't one of the required professions?

Why is there no streamer playing warlock?
Haven't resubbed yet. Has warlock got literally no love?
Maldiva doesn't count since he's always online when I'm in school ;_;

the one with the eggs in darkheart thicket

No because WoW is the only place I seem free of social and performance anxiety

Our class has been fucked in the ass

You may use the token

>Has warlock got literally no love?
they regenerate to 3 soul shards out of combat now, so they're fine

i dont think you guys realize just how poorly attuned fury is right now

>MFW someone tries to kill me in a pvp free for all zone but i have the pot that makes insanity never decay

server issues?

Go tits out, dicks out.

where do you get the bonus roll tokens

Are the bosses in violet hold the same on any given day or can I run it over and over again hoping to see manastorm for achievement?


wow this solves everything 10/10 resubbing right this second nigga mofuggin bix nood

I want to milk you like a tauren

wtf I hate destruction now

1:44 dps attacking a tank in random bg

should healer classes be removed from PvP?

finally just got my 22 trait im a shitter

should the minigame be removed from the game?
the answer is yes

From 2v2 yes

>doing warden WQ
>get to one
>a paladin tank is having an autistic shitfit because a hunter has their pet growl on

which is which?

I had to reset so I'm coming up on 21 AGAIN

Why are paladin always autistic as fuck

>wanna play BM
>don't want 2 nigger pets running by my side all the time

0-4 horde
5-9 alliance

What to main? DH rogue druid or paladin?

0 panda

>I want to be the master of pets!
>I don't want pets though...
Just play MM thank you.

>not changing Hati into a pet of your choice
It's like you don't want to annoy the piss out of people with Thok stomping around.

i hate model edits

funny thing is that that's literally 3 seconds aka two shadowbolt casts and most of the time you aren't out of combat long enough for them to regen

Sure, why not

>Want to be a beast master
>Don't want anything to do with beasts

>be yuropoor
>see all those screenshots from world bosses