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Battlerite general - /brg/
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I feel this game is slower than BLC. But maybe that's just because I'm not good at new cooldowns.

Shit I'm not liking this new inhibitor. He's so weird and has no range. 1s channel on m2 is just so bad.

More control on the charges is nice though.

I've heard it's slower than BLC, but I had never played it.

Who the fuck is the new inhibitor? Everyone's using BLC names and I don't recognize any beyond igniter and glutton

I fucking love Rook

server issues fixed when
>official discord

Varesh. If you look at the footage of the game they still have old ability art for most characters.

Currently playing sirius though. Is healing nerfed in general or what? Because he heals crazy slow with the non-spammable heal and using your defensive abilities as heals is clunky.

Got a feeling il be playing poloma (psycho pomp) next. God these queue times though. Hopefully fixed by tomorrow.

Go make one yourself. I don't wanna mod this shit.

i want to fuck pearl

>just played a Poloma/Rook game
>our faces when

Poloma is fucking annoying but when she's on your side it's a god send

>tfw EX LMB with Alchemist

he's not even the same kind of character, hardly any actual control abilities.

He suffers the sameway a lot of other characters do, in that their unique abilities were taken out in favor of making everyone a more straightforward damage dealer

and he also doesnt have a reliable escape

I want to keep playing Taya but holy shit it's suffering playing her at times.
>dat fucking delayed Q
>shitty EX abilities
>walls fucking up m1's

whats the secret to engineer because all i see is mediocrity and a rush to ult

R is godlike, always has been.
EX LMB is a sick flamethrower.

How to get good at this game?

>tfw too poor to buy a 20 dollar game

as someone who has only ever played against Iva, the single most OBNOXIOUS part of her kit is the fucking Jump + Rockets, I'm instantly tilted the second I get hit by a rocket or oiled for more than 1 second

read the description of all the abilities, play each char a few times

the only "gitting gud" is a barrier of knowledge, once you know what everyone does youre better than most people

I guess if you're really good with her, you can ricochet to hit squishies behind tanks

new glutton is not fat but is buff as hell and all about doing more damage

where's the fat glutton all about controlling enemy position?

Another boring f2p moba.

There is a reason why bloodline champions died so fast. This will suffer the same fate.

How to play againt pearl as range(jade/lucie)?
feels like she can outdamange and outheal me easily, and just put up bubble if I actually manage to dodge more than her.

I just dont know!

post Ratings!
3780 here with Lucie as main!

God help you if you miss your charge. At least old glutton had his rightclick if you fucked something up or they juked it.

newglut is as good as dead if he doesn't trigger his counter

matchmaking down?

Look at it as a simple fighting game. You bait and poke the enemy.
As Jade start casting your Snipe, the long one, on a Shifu that wants to counter. You know it's ready for him so you just bait him into it. Cancel last second or switch targets last moment. You try to predcit what they want to do and then react when they do it.

As support learn how to survive.

Also improve mouse-eye coordination. Aiming is a big part of the game, same with dodging. If you have good reactions and predicitons you can beat someone 100-0,


He is lost forever in the better game.

>that feel when your name is too long to show up

I just wanna be automobililamborghini

Are the names permanent?

they said since alot of people have asked about it that they will look into it in the future

probably name tag change that you have to buy

I'd like to know too. I haven't played BLC, so I'm not quite familiar with the mechanics. And every enemy seem to be plain better. I haven't a single match yet against real players.

>learn what your buttons do
>learn what enemies can do (looking for counters and other tells/animations
>learn to aim and lead shots
>get objectives
>learn to dodge/bait moves

hovering at 4k as a shit Jade

i'm so bad at everyone else it's laughable, and i'm incapable of playing melee

as long as they don't go on 2 months vacation now
there will always be fotm, but as long as that changes often enough you have everyone be good once.

2.5k how do i get good please help me

wrong thread, sorry

is this game free

ask someone in a match that isnt retarded if he wants to team up and then learn together

also play some 1v1 with him

also, learn how to aim, learn what cooldown works best against stuff, and also know that your main damage source is your left mouse button.

will be in a few months.
but really... 20 bucks so you don't have to unlock all the gameplay relevant content seems like an alright deal.
the business model is basically Overwatch but instead going F2P in 4-6 months

20€ for early acces and then f2p on release in early 2017

Well, button learning is coming along fine, though I have the bad habit of spamming shit but when I don't it's almost like I'm not retarded. I'll learn what enemies can do by playing all the characters, aiming should come along fairly quickly too, I have trouble with objectives, never seem to get the ball in the middle when it's contested, and I guess my dodge/bait game is in the gutter right now.
So I'll git gud one day, hopefully.


Is there any porn yet?

Why is here spirit companion so fuckings shitty?

Is it just me or is Rooks damage completely fucking insane?
Like I get he has trouble staying on people and no survivability but I seriously haven't seen anyone else's damage come close. I mean I feel playing against a psychopomp is a free loss but still.

Also should we use the new names, the old names, or both interchangeably?

to appeal to the lol audience, the same reason behind most of the changes in the game

I'm gonna use the names of whatever Bloodline's abilities I see pictured there except for the sand guy. He's just the sand guy even though I see herald's ability images in his damage and healing or whatever. The names just throw me off but I'll probably use them once I bother learning them.

Pearl is just the wet nigger because I do not like her.

>no survivability
you wut m8
Rook is the most OP char right now

2v2 or 3v3?

I-Is there a chatroom I can join?

the class names were a lot more memorable than shit like Pearl or Lucie. like whats the point of names if theyre the most generic shit ever

you could join the official discord. no IRC channel whatsoever though.

Where is the server located?

you can pick servers in option

No Veeky Forums server though?

>le sneaky frogman tries to come in for the kill
>appears and stuns me
>immediately R with Rook and heal
>toss him some meat 'cuz he looks hungry


The guy's an idiot to keep attacking after the stun is out because most people will use a trance right as it ends, but still god damn do I love playing me some Glutton and getting the killing blow with MEAT BOLT

anyone want to duo? Only r10 but I'm getting 80~ points a win so I think that means the game wants me to climb

When I played BLC I remember there being some plant dude that would hit in melee with some claw shit and could dash in a lane after turning into roots or something. Is he in this game?

I remembered there's a replay function that's fucking great.

He should've fucking booked it and assumed I had every possible cooldown that wasn't my Q ready

No, and thank fucking god for that.

i uploaded a sick frag during beta and now the vids broken... bullshit!!!

Pearl is currently the best support, somewhat broken even.

Only way to lose with her is crazy stunlocks, Ranid+Engineer stuns work best as you cant bubble them as pearl.

No stunlocks - No real way to kill Pearl, kill others first.

Bitch about it and hope Stunlock finds balance somewhere hidden, dont bet on it though, based on BLC

Not yet...

God, I hope they don't try to churn out a new champion every month

little girls are always broken
i mean they are just copying over the movesets from BLC.
i wouldn't be surprised to see a new character every 2 weeks.

Ranid = Croak
Engineer = Iva

The game started being widely playable today. These things have to develop. We don't even have any memes yet.

´This reminded me, why the hell does lucie have ugly shorts instead of these cool baggy pants :C

>more direct damage dealer
What you say is true. But I have faith in the studio to strive towards making the game great again honestly. Playing inhibitor was amazing back then.
I'm happy Astronomer (sirius) is fairly similar at least. I can play that for months. Poloma also feels too different.

But I'm wondering if it makes sense to lobby for a more conservative game right now or later. They've made changes for a reason but I think these changes don't really gain them that much.

many of the redesigns are actually shit.
turning engi from an asian weapon smith in oriental armor to some granny is quite bad.
legacy skins when?

I don't see why they did that. Old game had so much more character.

That's thorn, and based on how they brought over Glutton and Inhibitor, he'll suck in this game.

Most of their changes have made the characters more bland IMO.

Why do I have to connect to a server for training mode?

art has to be done first though

access online sensei interface

because a comicy artstyle attracts more people than the rough goreish one of BLC.

i also liked the old one better but for example oldur, alch and freya are done well imo.

>copying over the movesets from BLC.
copying them over and then taking a shit on them

this guy is actually more fun than he was in BLC.
so not all hope is lost.

does anyone wanna help me manage the shit show if I start a discord?

sure if i can shill my stream there

dude you can post porn in any other discord you dont gotta make a new one every new game

reeeee shifu
was 1v2ing so hard as croak until the area got super small and shifu just started spinning

>he doesn't iframe that shit with all of croaks iframe and then stun

l2p nigga

what possible shitshow could there be
unless people start posting cp I can't imagine the eventual circle jerk being that bad

i never played the previous game and if by iframes you mean jumps then they were on CD from dodging shit

I've seen the shit show thats the /d2g/ discord where its just shilling and r34

yes you hit an iframe every time you leap, meaning nothing damages you

What kind of shilling?

That's a very good question, what are they shilling in the discord for a F2P game?

Streams, sets, russian traders. mostly the 3rd one. Here's the link for the new server btw.

Discords are the great destroyers of generals.

Let's not have one

meh. its there for LFG purposes. works for d2g.

I'm not joining if i can't shill my stream

i honestly dont care if you shill your shit. you're preaching to like 5 other people. just dont spam everyone every two seconds.

Lets only have the official one to contain discordfags.