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Serena is not a bad character and Dawnguard is pretty decent DLC.


They all need wanted posters desu

Any essential Solstheim mods before I start Dragonborn?

Will Bethesda make a DLC as interesting as Shivering Isles ever again?

Oh shit I didn't know it was opposite day. Well in that case, you're a nice heterosexual person, user.

Serena is literally the worst
>can't cure her unless your nice to her
I got you out of that tube i can put you back in fucker


Waifus and harmony and things like that.

Bumping this idea to the new thread.

I think Jo'Sien has some bounty on his head. Haar and Ylfa might have a bounty, like said. Mistel is a thief so she probably has a bounty.

Longhorn is wanted on multiple counts of rape

Can't think of anyone else, but this is a really neat idea. You wouldn't want anyone who's too mysterious, or too much of a "supervillain" (thinking of like, Valdimir here), since they wouldn't really make sense on a wanted poster.

called me a raging homosexual, BUT i thought nuka world was pretty decent since it relied heavily on making up for what the game itself lacked to begin with. maybe bethesda is wiser now

Is this any good?

lmao look at this newfag


Ravenrock Expanded or Immersive Solstheim
Populated Solstheim
Solstheim Extended - Tel Mithryn
Solstheim Extended - Skaal Village
Bonemold Expanded
Enhanced Landscapes Solstheim or Solstheim Landscape Overhaul
Red Mountain Erupts
Fantasia w/ Vicn Creature Pack
Solstheim Climate Overhaul
Solstheim - The Lost Levels
Solstheim Weather Tweaks
Solstheim Dungeon Pack
Colorful Magic for the bosses


>>can't cure her unless your nice to her
How is that an issue anyway? If you never liked her in the first place, then you wouldn't bother trying to cure her.

Did you ever try out the lotr map mod? Was it good?

Jo, Veit, Mord, Witchcat, and Prissa already have a poster I believe. Add Erowen to the list of people who need posters yet.

I want to get molested my this goat

Solstheim Overhaul 2 different variants one dead and one lush, so you can play through both and get a different experience

Nah they didn't look all that great, only Rivendell was decent looking I just didn't bother, the mod was abandoned in 2014 or so too.

Without MERP, LOTR modding in Skyrim is basically dead.

Should I get the fertal or dead edition of Solstheim Landscape Overhaul?

Waifus and stuff!


Big fat Dunmer butts, post them.

I'm going to marry alternate universe Yarti

Definitely go with the dead edition.

I recommended Enhanced Landscapes with the Solstheim addon if you're already using dinduLOD, though.

The one you feel is best.

I fixed the Beatrice Follower for those that have the old version.

- I fixed the missing armor texture.
- I changed the steel shield to the blades shield.
- I changed her class to Blade and combat style to Delphine.
- I moved her to the Sleeping Giant Inn.


t. follower-kun

things are superior to stuff.

I got the dead version for the first Solstheim playthrough since it makes more sense.

And then I'm gonna try the lush version on a second playthrough for something different.

Both look great

There aren't enough bretonfus

>Thought it would be nice to specialize in fire because it's kind of the dunmer's thing
>Time to play Dragonborn where everything is resistant to fire

>Solstheim Climate Overhaul
>Solstheim Weather Tweaks
Do these play nice with ENB?

Converting Oblivion meshes to skyrim meshes and using skyblivions stuff.

One thing I wish I could do is turn oblivions trees and scrubs to skyrims. Since they are speedtree, I can't import them to skyrim.

literally why?

she has a bounty for picking pockets and general thievery in Cyrodiil

>those glossy lips
what specular?

Is that what her name is? That guy like never involves himself in the community here. He just posts his waifu. Slightly annoying tbqh

Ask Xi.


Ha, you did name that character Beatrice. I win.

Well holy shit

My combat ability is back, I wish this had happened during posing and not after I was done, would have been easier a bit.

I don't know what I did to trigger it though. Usually after posing with flycam the combat remains broken until I load a previous save

I think you might be confusing teeth and a half open mouth with lip gloss. As for speculars, the ones that came with the Sadure follower

Who? I don't know newfruit.

I want to feel Xi's fat ass slapping against me while she rides me

>I think you might be confusing teeth and a half open mouth with lip gloss.
Oh. That's a shame.

Every now and then after I'm done posing my character won't go into combat mode or won't use any weapons or spells. Sometimes shit just breaks.


>Usually after posing with flycam the combat remains broken until I load a previous save
Yeah just don't do that at all.

Would you get involved with the community that convinced Niko to leave and even make Cumtears disappear for a week? This community is filled woth awful egotistical people

Its not fat, its muscle.

Stay away from me.

Good lord what shield and helmet?

I'd argue both those points, but I'd rather not start drama.

Any way to make my character look less like a Pokemon trainer? I'm not the backpack, or clothing accessories. I'm talking about facial features

I NEED that fat ass slapping against me

something ebony something

Wh-what? You got a problem with things?

CL Ebony Weapons and Ebony Valkyrie

y-your necklace is really p-pretty, xi...

Go on adventures with me

God bless.

How tight is she?

I require images, for masturbatory purposes.

>Its not fat, its muscle.

Yeah thats the norm but I somehow managed to break out of that bug and can freely use my weapons and everything, without reloading another save

Trying to figure out how I did that

Its too useful not to.

And if I can find a way to easily fix that bug it will make posing combat much easier.

Since then I just have to put the NPC into a combat pose and my attack pose can look more natural

If Ylfa had anything left, still, Galena would have paid it off. It's up in the air if she still would, since she had been captured already and was left to rot in the Helgen dungeon, escaping after Alduin wrecked the place and everybody fled.

I'd imagine Haar does, still, but I'd assume there'd be some kind of deal involving his joining the Companions to commute it or have him work it off.

Camenbaire/Mulsclemer would have ones put up by the Thalmor and at some point would in Stormcloak holds, given her history and her taking work from the Legion. Not exactly a criminal, just antagonistic to certain parties.

I don't think any of the rest of my roster would be, currently. Thorindor is in exile from Valenwood, but I doubt anybody but the Silver Hand might be looking for him.

Thanks, fetcher. Now go away.

No, piss off.

I'm not answering that.

I don't believe in your god, but thanks nonetheless

You stop that. Also it is muscle.

Talos bless.

Is Relationship Dialogue Overhaul good?

Glad to know the follower will never EVER be public.

>296,718 Total D/Ls
Why does the abort post button exist if it never actually works?

I'm going to thrash Xi in single combat. Then she's going to thrash me in bed

Why is Xi so mean?

Wow its stupidly simple.

Just unequip and equip the weapon you're holding again, or any weapons

And its fixed.

Now I can pose with flycam all I want and not have to reload a save.

Can someone else try it now and see if the fix works for them?

How is that not muscle? Look at them gams.

see I'm not him. I just finished what he couldn't do for him.


Why do you keep answering these drooling retards, it's almost as if you want them to keep hitting on you

Pure muscle.

Unequiping the weapon/spell works about half the time for me.

dunmer are always mean
that's why they're the best waifus/husbandos

Why are you massacring those poor guards anyway?

Glad to know Xi will never EVER evolve as a character beyond "Neurotic"


Yeah, its really good.



I'm surrounded by idiots.

Good point, I should stop.

For what actual possible purpose

I-I'm not mean...

The problem that I had with posing with flycam is that once you do it, you can't use the scroll wheel for zooming in and out of 3rd/1st person. It's why I don't use tfc and pose in the middle of it.

That face was made for kissing.

For what it's worth, I think you're pretty cool, Xi.


Kissing with a warhammer.

>Ada don't have a dick.
How am I supposed to take lewd screenshot?

You be quiet before I slap your ass
Talos didn't exist when Pelinal was around.






I think its neat.

>tfw tes doesn't have an automaton/golem race

Pelinal is from the future. He was screaming "Reman" before Reman existed. He has no time to care about your timeline.

So Xi?

But why would he pray to Talos? He'd just be praying to himself

Why is everyone so serious here on /tesg/. You make one tiny shitpost when you were drunk, everyone is after you

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Be creative.

I'm gonna tell everyone how muscular Xi's butt is.