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>Patch 3.4 Preview

>Patch 3.38 notes

>Youkai Watch x FFXIV Event. (July 26th-October 3rd)

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1st for bunny


no, you missed it. you have to go back.

Whats going on?!


post cats for cum


What is a cute blm glam

ugly grown man

Post tummy.

shh, it's okay to be jealous



I want to fill this mouth with my seeds

what a qt moonie

Winter outfits of course.


Get outta here you crazy farm man!

guys.... GUYS....


tfw I want to fuck this suncat like a bunny.

Midan Coat of Casting, something short for legwear, either short gloves or Emperor's, whatever for hat, Bridesmaid's Sandals. Alternatively, just wait for 3.4 for the classier coats

>being jealous of a man who can't get laid irl so he textfucks other grown men everyday

post tummy

Renko is the cutest!

when are you going to collar me...


I need you in my life Aranea

A lot of things work for cute blm glams.

Is this cute cat single....

lol why is your hair grey grandma

i want to fuck a lalagf!


So I have been cumming to only cats lately.
Show me some midlanders and au ra, please.

>tfw depression hit hard...

barely too late

I did say quick

but that lala is a boy

Perhaps. Who's asking?

Its anime white, not old person white :3

you look like an old hag

>tfw you're not even in catch-up gear because you stopped playing before you hit 60
This is going to suck for a while.

cute [email protected]


beautiful sun maiden

>tfw no desire to ERP ever since losing your virginity almost 2 weeks ago

It's gonna be tough swirl-user. What server are you on do you want some help?

But are they really an ebin if you don't know their name?

>tfw still a virgin and have no desire to erp


wus good

that's too much..

But I do.

thats a mooncat you fucking autist. also that hair style is atrocious and the highlights make it even worse

I still love you, you know...

Hyperion from pso2g post.

Beepy, let it go. You don't even play anymore.

>he'll never ravage your bp again

How often do the Legacy of Allag quest fates respawn? Is it really every 30 minutes?

>tfw you hate someone so much but still somewhat love them

how do i stop this

>tfw you love someone so much you hate them becasue you can never be together

>still no elezen hour

Maybe it's time for a break from the thread then.

have you picked out a top for the panties yet? i'm eagerly waiting.

this is how i feel too. it's like a never ending spiral with the 2. sucks that they hate me now


CUTE !!!

I'm almost tempted to buy the green bikini from the mogstation, but it's $5, and I'm not ready to spend $5 on a virtual bikini when I could buy a cheap pair of panties irl for the same price and feel much more satisfied with my life choices.

I'm too embarrassed to actually be here in the thread right now, so I'm not gonna post mine.

I know you do


It'll never happen.

Keeper of the Moon, Maiden of the Sun


I appreciate the help. I'm on Ultros, which is in the primal server cluster if I remember right. Right now it appears that unless I missed something, I'm stranded on my main scenario until I hit 55, so I'll have to do a few runs of Sohm Al tonight and hopefully get far enough along to hit the next dungeon/trial, should you be interested.


You do?
So what then...

Can I feed you an apple strudel with some spiced cider

>tfw fanta to lala from [email protected] to avoid constant creepy erp tells from randoms

I didn't know velvet transferred to balmung.

I play as a cat and I never get erp tells

Remember to dress appropriately before stepping out into the cold.

I don't know if it's good for your level, but you can also try PotD if you're up for a change of pace. it's nice experience, too.

Let's be happy, okay?

>implying that will stop them

midland r best


I'm a cat too and never get tells. What did your cat look like? Were the tells often?


>avoid uldah
>avoid soft
annnnd no more erp tells

i want to impregnate a lala!

>with the 2.

Thats where you fucked up. Polygamy is wrong

hnnng. why you do this.

i had a revelation during work


That's improper uniform you're just asking to get fired..

Tell us of your revelation. What was it?

>have been in Ul'dah a lot
>been in Soft/Pure since forever
>no tells
Maybe you should stop dressing like a slut.

the secret is to dress like a slut or put erp friendly stuff in your search info


i didn't mean polygamy. i meant that i hate someone so much i love them but at the same time, love them so much that i hate them.

*air horns*

in total agreement

By being together

Can someone direct me to the softest pair of feet that are also consequentially such a treat?

The image is a little dark, might finding some place with better lighting?