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/sthg/ - #571 - Instant Ramen Edition

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Which Sonic CD level do you guys think we'll see in Mania? Will the third act be a bad future? Will we get to fight Metal sonic again?

Have you heard the good news?

Keep be grillin', /sthg/

>/sthg/ - #571 - Instant Ramen Edition

>Which Sonic CD level do you guys think we'll see in Mania?
Stardust Speedway probably
>Will the third act be a bad future?
I feel like they might go and have act 1 as past, 2 as present, 3 as bad future.
>Will we get to fight Metal sonic again?
Wouldn't be surprised.

What program/brushes are you using?

Fucking nice dude

>Which Sonic CD level do you guys think we'll see in Mania?
Stardust Speedway like everyone else or maybe Quarts Quadrant
>Will we get to fight Metal sonic again?
I really hope we get a Metal Sonic boss fight

good stuff

Long hair Sonic and forehead showing Sonic are so cute.

>/sthg/ - #571 - Instant Ramen Edition
no it's not you liar

Black and white version for the coloring professionals

A magician never reveals his secrets
Photoshop and a 6px standard brush. After I finish, I increase the contrast and brightness around 10 times until it's completely pixelated, then bring it into Paint to color it.


I take it you draw in a higher res than the final image?

>Not Shad
It's shit.

>liking fakers

Whoops, looks like I missed a spot under Knuckles' arm.

Knuckles was Shadow before Shadow was Shadow

Excellent work

>buy the Sonic Mania Collector's Edition for the ultimate celebration of past and future
>and future
What did they mean by this?

Sonic CD

It means over 50% of it is a rehash.

>Mania being a disappointing rehash
Oh wow who could have seen that coming. Can't wait for 2017 which will be Generations 2 except with "new" levels that are suspiciously similar to old levels

But what about the drawing of shapes? I mean I'm tempted to do those, but at the same time I feel I might end up symbol drawing rather than grasping the shapes/fundamentals themselves.

I'll give it a go regardless. Thanks, I'll do it in trad as that lends itself to less ctrl+z down the line.

>All this gloom and disappointment about Mania

Come on guys, they've thrown us a bone, the game itself looks like it will be great. Even if the level themes aren't new we will at least get redesigns of them, and of course if it's wildly successful Sega will greenlight a sequel.

Shut the fuck up.

Nice job, user.

Yes user, keep gobbling up that rehash. How much you wanna bet Studiopolis is the only new level?

I wish kids understood what that word means

Reusing the same levels instead of creating new ones sounds like a rehash to me user

Just got Sonic Colors
What am I in for?.

I'm still hype, but it really depends on how much of each we are getting. Having more classics won't bother me at all as long as we get a substantial amount of new levels too.

Fun 3D, lots of slow 2d, and a simple yet somehow annoying plot

PC port when

One of the best Modern Sonic games out there. Just don't go in expecting a 3D Sonic game just because it's a "Modern" game. It's a 2D game pretty much the whole way through. It's a very low-stakes game in terms of plot and scope. Some of the greatest music since the Genesis-era, though.



Sonic has the best bro-ship with Knuckles than Shadow.

Hello, IGN

Well, at least the fans made an all new 3d adventure!

This. I'm still very much looking forward to it. Even if it's classic levels, Tee Lopes will make it sound fucking fantastic.

So how long did it take you to type that one up?

It's an edit of one I already made so like 30 seconds

I'm just happy that we're getting a Sonic game with physics again. These days only the fans know that, when you put a ball on a slope, it tends to roll down it.

>massively disappointing fact about one of the only things the general as a whole was looking forward to was just revealed

/sthg/ is gonna be a miserable read until they reveal more about Project 2017 isn't it? Unless there's something massively disappointing about it too.

Also I hate how people are justifying how the game is being handled by claiming that SEGA is "testing the waters", as if they want the fanbase to continually funnel money into lackluster endeavors in exchange for the promise of a fully fledged 2D game (a promise SEGA never made, anyway).


>as a whole

I wouldn't go there.

Oh 2017 is going to be a massive disappointment I guarantee it. Can't wait to be disappointed by this franchise again


So what sort of food do you think Mania and 2017 will be?

Good. Burn this fucking shit franchise to the ground.

>that filename


Reheated pot roast and rotten fruit respectively

Why Rush is all chocolate?

A piece of the first 4 and some popcorn.


2 bombs wasn't enough


Vaguely hip-hop-esque soundtrack=full nigger, apparently. I'm pretty certain there's a more complete chart somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find it.

Shouldn't it be fried chicken and watermelon in that case?

Given that they say that they listen to fan reaction and reception and criticism and stuff, do you think we can meme more original levels for mania into existance?

see >muh 9 second post time difference
you are too slow

>food analogy

Absolutely, I can't wait to hear those remixes.

Stop being such a downer.

Because all that chocolate will give you a sugar RUSH

Not to be a party pooper, but the Green Hill Zone remix wasn't that spectacular. I hope the rest of them are better.

Incredibly fast paced game if you can keep the tension gauge maxed out. Lots of springs everywhere bouncing you about, hence all that sugar.

Mania will be Sonic 2 but half-eaten, 2017 will be a dollar menu cheeseburger with diet coke, a pudding cup, and small fries.

not so fast

damn it now i'm hungry
do they sell chilli dogs at Sonic?

Green Hill is so overplayed at this point that I don't think a remix of it good or not would really catch me.


I agree about it being overplayed, but many people praised the Gens remixes of GHZ nonetheless.

Why do you think Sonic eats chili dogs in the first place? Of course they do.

>from dying /lolg/
yes I did just go through 9 pages of generals to find the post

Chili-cheese coneys are one of the things they're known for, dude. That and tots.

Oh yeah you should be working on shapes too when you can. Your basic cube sphere cylinder business.

For your life drawing and daily quick studies I totally recommend traditional for that exact reason. You gotta break the habit of ctrl zing at least until you know how to produce the exact lines you're after, which means you gotta throw a few thousand lines into throwaway sketches and dont be worried that everything will be terrible.

If you get stuck or bored, just grab a figure or toy and hold it at random angles and draw it with your free hand in quick sketches. Same thing goes for boxes and items that are small, like wallets and food etc.

It's a beautiful bridge.

Did Sonic the restaurant come before Sonic the Hedgehog?

I've found that you're best off doing basic shapes as a warm-up before doing more complex stuff.

Cheers buddy.

Watched that movie the other day, one of my eternal favourites

It's still up!

...no it ain't...

So I'm compiling these bits of info about Sonic Mania & just updated it. I thought it may be useful here so here you go, /sthg/.

yeah a good way to do it, is like
>basic shapes warm up
>half hour of life drawing
>take the odd request from the wall here as a warm up to get you thinking about poses and angles and concepts and whatnot.
>then draw your own thing

at the minute I'm just literally watching cutscenes from sonic games and drawing screenshots and interesting poses just to get my head round the back of hedgehogs spikes and things like that. Trying to think more 3D.

I mean like so many positive waves maybe we can't lose!

Oddball is a hero of mine.

Yes. Since the 1950s.

He wouldn't want to eat at the one near me. Slowest drive-thru i've ever seen, takes at least 15 minutes every time.

I like their shakes. 'Specially Oreo blast.



Hades Hin the Heaven?

Thank you user! I've been meaning to save it.

Mine's been quite fast lately, it used to be really slow.

Honestly, even though I'm a Project2017fag, if I would have had to bet on which game could end up disappointing I would have bet on Project 2017 by far. I still think it's more likely for 2017 to disappoint more than Mania, or at least be controversial and divisive, so I don't think finding out more about it will fix things. I still really want to know more though

Also, they were asked when we would hear more about Project 2017 and of course, they just shrugged it off. I completely understand that things will come out in due time, and hell, after the party and the announcements they did and the little things they do every so often I don't have a problem being patient, but I feel jerked around when they do things like that, it really ticks me off. Not just about Project 2017, but everything.
>you want to know about this? lol, nope!
>oh, you want to know about that too? you must wait!
>oh, you want to know about THAT? You will really have to wait for that one! Ha ha.

You can't be a ___fag unless the game in question has either A. shown extensive gameplay footage or B. been released to the public. One CG trailer doesn't give us enough to form a subcategory just yet.


What do you think he's implying?

Then you think wrong

They are gonna come out with a bigger blunder

I suppose you have to constantly keep stating news is coming later with people always asking.

What do you want them to do, just ignore the questions? That's just gonna upset people, too. At least they're letting us know for sure they can't give out that info for now, instead of just leaving people hanging.

What does the flames indicate?

Do you like your food on fire?