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A mobile/tablet 3D beat-em-up RPG where you collect and train Marvel heroes and villains. Includes multiple game modes and monthly updates.

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Yes, the game is free to play and offers microtransactions.

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>Alliance name: # of inactive days before being kicked: Weekly alliance xp required to stay
Mobile Muggas: 5: 5000xp
Veeky Forums co: 5: 5000xp
Symbiotic: 5: 5000xp

Apply and leave in game name in thread
>REMINDER to please do Alliance Battle everyday! Just do the best you can and it will add up.

>2.4.0 Patch Notes

>2.5.0 Interim Report 1

>2.5.0 Interim Report 2

>new trailer

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Nice OP, but
>no 2.5.0 patch notes
>no MFF logo in the image
I hope you'll do it better next time. We believe in you, user




Clearly that's gonna be T3, user.

I didn't have the link. I thought it would be in the thread like the shang chi trailer

What is Ace?

I'm more upset about the fact that is a Shang-Chi edition and not a YJ back to meme edition.

Or hell, an Undead G-man edition.

Attempting to get a RR & Dodge 6* obelisk has been fairly unsuccessful.

Did they change the name of the All kill bonus?

you don't switch and none of your characters die

What is the cooldown for procs on iso sets?

No, you can switch and your characters can die. You get the Ace/All-kill bonus if all three enemies get taken out by only one hero.

It was always listed as Ace Bonus Points but the text at the top would say All Kill!!! before the update. Now they match, which makes sense.

You can switch or have characters die, the only thing that matters is the same character deals the killing blow to all three enemies.

well, considering the long ass cooldown on switchs it may as well be no switching

Is this a new thing? I do that almost all the time.

>>T2 Wasp/T2 Ant-Man/T2 Giant Man
>>T2 Iron Man/T2 War Machine/T2 Sharon Rogers
>>Wasp kill effortless IM and WM
>>Sharon uses her 5* twice in a row
>>Both attacks hit Wasp inside her shield killing her
>>Sharon one-hit KO Ant-Man with the third 5* in a row
>>Sharon one-hit KO Giant Man with her 6*
>>Good goys will defend this

I can't believe it.
I even beat the same team in the morning.

Nah, that user just doesn't understand how Ace Bonus works.

It's been around for a while

>not immediately going for Ant-Man rank 5*

your fault pepeposter

I do it, but he just ignore it.
Not like dodge, more like Ebony Maw when he cancel your Ally attack.

Its like every week they add more powers to Donut Steel

that's our glorious timeline AI for you
don't forget to thank NM after every timeline fight for improving you Marvel Future Fight Experience

Is that accurate? Last I remember, All Kill only gave you 5 bonus points.

I think Double WB Rifts were possibly a test for WB Co-Op. Hear me out...
What if the Rift WBs were buffed because they were coded for WB Co-Op, which would (assuming) have multiple players attacking the WB at once. It could explain why only HIM, BO and top-tier characters could complete the Double WBs. I'm sure it'd be much more manageable with 3 or so people attacking at once.

>Shang chi edition instead of Shang-Chi
>including trailers in the latest notes when all videos can be found under the 'official videos' link
>still including Interim Reports
>still including 2.4.0 Patch Notes
>no 2.5.0 Patch Notes
But you didn't include anys so good job on that front.

Fuck man, T2 Giant Man is POWERFUL. Him and Sharon make the perfect troll couple.

Yes, win streak is up to +10, Ace is +5. Check the image again, I think you misread it.

Looks pretty good desu

that episode was fuckin weird man, what's with the spirits and paranormal shit

They're doing Ghost Rider so they're going full paranormal

Works for me

Dr. Strange is coming out soon so they just said fuck it

we better get a robbie uniform for ghost rider

>inb4 new character/new uni debate


Didn't actually expect this guy to get me another WB win. Seems like his dodge is fucking insane - do buffs allow you to go over the usual cap of 50% or something?

>99.9% for HP gears for Carnage


Just be thankful it's not the last gear on last day of the bio sub.

The normal dodge cap is 75%, reduced by half against same-level enemies (so 37.5% against WBs at T2). Guaranteed Dodge is separate and ignores level differences.

At least you didn't get a Thanos doing nothing but spam his 6* on you.

Oh, I thought it was 50%. That explains it, then, that'd put him at 67.5%. Basically triple his usual survivability. Guaranteed dodge is nuts.

What stats is ideal for Shang-Chi's 4th gear?

Def pen is the new hotness

I'd much rather have Robbie added as a new character with the AoS look as the default and launched with his comic look as a uni.

Do striker bonus "+x% Physical/Energy damage" stack additively with similar bonuses from cards / ISO sets, or multiplicatively?

>so 37.5% against WBs at T2

You're tecnically in the same level as the WB, so i don't know why it shouldn't be the same.

>Get Silk bios from AB after getting story mode characters for a week

Same level reduction is still 50%. Dodge and crit rate are both effectively halved from what the displayed value is.

It's bullshit.

WBs are like level 70 or some shit

>Tier 2 Yellowjacket solos both Black Dwarf and Corvus


Is it really? I used today's free obelisk to re-roll my current project and got this

Immune to Guard Break
Def Pen +18%
When HP below 50%, invincible for 3 sec (cooldown 10 sec)

Is that good?

Not bad

I got fucking MODOK today

That's pretty sweet

Good for Meme Rogers maybe?

>just beat the floor i'd been stuck on for a day with 1 second left
>1 second
holy fuck that was tense, I still don't find this bs fun

No because her T2 grants Super Armour which has inherent Guard Break Immunity


Well I'll throw it on someone, I'm tired of just making all these obelisks. Never equipped an obelisk before

Its JUST that even HIM cant damage Wasp in the shield. But Sharon always hit her.
It just that doesn't make sense.

Does Warwoof's all attack buff affect summons?

All T2 level 60 characters are considered level 72 in the code, so a T2 is technically the same level as the WB.

Managed to make it to and past floor 5, which is definitely my cap for now.
But now Idk what to do with the 60 bio selector.
I could use it take Rhulk or BC to from 100-ish bios to over 160 and 5* them.
I could unlock Bruce or Misty and then mega rank them
Or I could mostly just use it for gears.

What do?

no buff can affect the summons

that's the reason when you use Loki in World Boss you give him energy strikers instead of extra damage ones

since we (floor 5 is also my top for the moment) are going to consistently get 60 bios every 3 days you can simply plan ahead with those bios

I would unlock Shang and Misty with the daily free chest

>I would unlock Shang and Misty with the daily free chest
True, good point.

I'm still not sure what to do with it though lmao

>>Always using Sharon/Punisher/Carol/Singularity for Loki


Carol, Singularity are fine, though

where is your Iron Man, though

Does Shadowlands actually reset every 3 days? I assumed it was weekly.

I feel like my roster needs more energy damage. As far as what I have right now, I got Wasp, Loki, Songbird, Sharog, and JF Thor. I've got a couple of each type of mega mastery tickets, so help me pick two of these:

Yellowjacket, Ghost Rider, Singularity, Angela, Sister Grimm, or Star Lord.

I know those first two are farmable, but let me know you think, please. Any input is appreciated.

right, I forgot that the weekly reset is at that same date

oh well, that gives me a chance to build up characters more properly

To be honest I don't really like IM much.
I just 60/6/1 him.

>where is your Iron Man, though
in the trash?

Well, I figured I do like the look of Misty so I used the 60-bio selector on her, 10 to unlock, mega rank up, now I've got 50 for gear, and 60 bios a week or every 3-4 days to work on her gears

I thought it was every few 3 or 4 days when it was added, but I hadn't realised it was also at reset does that mean we'll get extra entries to SL like AB and TL? still, 60 bios and 20 extra chaos norns a week isn't bad

the only reason we get an extra entry for alliance battle is because it has multiple resets every week

with shadowland having a reset every week that means we don't et any more entries

Yellowjacket definitely, especially with his 6* skill.

Then it comes down to what you need imo, Ghost Rider is farmable and from I hear his uni makes him really good(though he still lacks survivability). Grimm is a top Blast but is kind of hard to farm. Star Lord, I'm a fan of but he could be better in game though his leadership can be really useful.
Not to say Angela or Singularity are bad, just not as good imo.

>Small update


>A small server patch has been at 09/21 07:03 (UTC+0) released that will fix the following issues:

>1. Fixed an issue with Shadowlands where characters can be duplicated under certain circumstances

hope she's good



Wheres the photo mode at!?!?

Platinum is a weird place.

>Loki lead, ronan, T2 red skull
It's like this guy saw a screenshot of the team and had no idea why it was supposed to work.


I was about to post "dedest thread" fuck you.

Anybody got fix for Leapdroid often freezing?

When I put my game to farm co-op or special missions, sometimes it freezes on its own and I have to restart the game in order to get back
Also, on co-op I get lots of disconnects, for some reason my connection hovers between red and yellow bars, even though my internet connection is top notch.

This doesnt happen in iPad so I use it for farming longer session, but on PC I do all the missions and wb's.

>haven't been able to play all day at home
JUST end my suffering

Thankfully I did all my daily shit while I was at uni today. Everything except my 30min unlimited special run. I did do the 2 runs to unlock unlimited though. Does that mean I can do 2 unlimited runs next time I log in?

>tfw scared the rewards rotate and the 60 bio selector in SL will only be there once per month
it'll be a recurring reward r-right?

yes probably

imagine getting the 200 bam reward in the 5th floor

Made it to the 11th floor of shadowland that 75bio selector finally 6* moonknight : )

>you will never smell her crotch after a long day of villain fighting

I also invite you guys to post the lewdest blueboard MFF related pic you got

Openings in the Veeky Forums co alliance.
Level 26 alliance, join to receive good ingame bonus'
Apply in game.

I really hope its a permenant thing.

I have Black Cat at 180/320 right now and its such a difference to look at that situation if there's a weekly 60x selector on the table. Its the difference between
>awesome, I can have her at 6* in a couple weeks
>I can have her at 6* in maybe a couple months of daily chests

Also will make gearing up characters and generally expanding the roster so much more more convenient.

>made some poor choices in SL stages
>end up on stage 6 needing either combat characters or villains
>have neither
>go into the speed relay with sharon
why is this okay?


cw2 spoiler

>inhuman trash see the possibility of miles killing cap in the fight
>everyone experiences the vision and stop fighting
>"sorry kid you are arrested"




>somehow make it to stage 10 in shadow land
>down to only a very few characters
>ultron relay
>villains and universal types have an advantage
>have singularity and jane thor
>maybe I can get that 75 selector after all
>do 1 damage
>tfw it means universal villains only but it worded so shitty to crush your hope
it hurts family

>that feel when you sink +5 millions to get that ISO-8 set you need
>shit you don't need gets rolled like 3-5 times
>sometimes it might take even +10 millions or maybe you'll never get the set you want

Why isnt there like a cycle for the sets so you wouldn't have to waste gorillions of gold and you could actually get them consistently?
This is real pain

What's the best iso set for _______HIM_______ out of these 2: PoaH or Overdrive?


Overdrive ofc
much more offensive set, angry hulk has that useless all defense, Thomas doesnt need any since he's invincible most of the time anyways. Gotta min-max that damage yo


n-next update??

N-next update?

I hate that mary sue...