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I love Lissandra!
She is best waifu, best girl and best freljord!

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Allright fuck this game. I wana draw. GIVE A SHIT ARTIST AN IDEA TO WASTE THE NEXT HOUR ABOUT

based OP

Nickname "Moeka" from Steins Gate now available.

>these thirsty ass anons thinking they're the one

xth for Rumble

xth for late night Jared streams again

SFW but much passion

6th for being cuter than your waifu but still loving her anyways.

"Links" should be singular, Lissfag.

Post shit you see other players do with your main that makes your eyes burn.
>Leona support with Grasp

some people find joy in seeing others find their true loves as well

no need to be so jealous and hateful, this is a safe space :)

literally who?


Would you love your waifu even if she was a cow?

gootta say. Props to riot this times. this is hte 1st champ in a long that feels fresh and unique. no the standard, Chunk out damage, heal or CC freak

looking for the leaked info

so basically Ivern is going to be completely fucking useless because he has no waveclear, no damage and can't even counter jungle?

>rush bork then be the reason people hate my champion

Cutest pairing holding hands and Quinn being flustered.


>and can't even counter jungle?
I found the retard


Graves is the best

>Go to enemy camp
>Make grove
>smite it

I haven't played the exnophobic weeb in a long time. I should probably give him a try again.

Kled and Rumble screaming angerly over humans and being bigots together.

Soraka bending over to ward and showing off delicious unicorn cameltoe

>Not loving her because she's a cow.


>shyv and friends can take camps in 2-3s
>Ivern has to wait a whole 40s before he can kill it

hurrrr he's so good at stealing camps XD

>go to enemy camp
>get spotted
>take 20 seconds to make grove
>enemy jungler or laner kills you instantly because you have no escape abilities

Stop having such shit taste user
search the archives for shyvana rip* or shyvana burn etc.

Dude's been satisfying as hell for me to play lately, I've kinda regressed into super casual playing but he's still my favourite

i love my waifu because she's a fish, silly!

You know that you don't even need to stay in the grove for it to grow,right?

>Shacos that afk farm the jungle for the first 15 minutes

I ended up dropping him for Kled when the gramps was released and I just haven't played anyone else top sense. I still fuck up his ult every other time I cast it.

Just find some guro fan fic writer and pay them and stop shitting up the thread gurofag. Seriously stop.

why is it called vg vs vg instead of lolg vs lolg

>build tank

>vi's that dont gank till 6
>vis that dont gank something at lvl 3

If she was a unicorn, yes

I love when lolg is stupid

www twitch tv / leagueoflegends/v/90468486?t= 35m15s

>when the memebuild pays off and you get an S anyway
bless you league of legends

Draven is better

It's just one of those things that comes with experience, also you should have it off of smartcast

Ivern looks like a freaking cartoon character. I have no idea what Riot has been smoking. I love it.

Why call it 4chinz vs 4chanz when you can just call it autistic daycare custom fun times xDDDD

ultimate bravery > /v/ v /v/ -> Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums and vvv -> Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums is the progression

that shit is long im not typing that out to host lobbies fuck urself

who's doing the goring

there process is
>place groves
>wait for em to bloom

with smite is
>place grooves

Yeah you are probably right about the smartcast part.
What is your build usually?


its just something i can't risk him finding out im sorry

I just described the character and where she's from.

Are you retarded

maybe it's best he did find out
have you ever told him your feelings for him?
how do you know he doesn't love you back?

well you have no chance and should abandon hope immediately if you aren't even willing to take the smallest of baby steps that has less athan 1% chance of backfiring

I've seen it but i don't remember her
>implying anyone cares about anime #2483

I usually fuck up the build order but it's really something that is easy to identify with hindsight, so you get better over time

He really only builds the same few items

Liandries, Sorcs, Protobelt sometimes, Runic if jungle, GA sometimes, abyssal sometimes, zhonyas sometimes

I'm really fucking conflicted on Rylais lately, I can't make up my mind whether it's god tier or trash

Rate how you feel about each of Season 6's new champs in terms of gameplay, design, etc.

Fairly deep lore for League's standards. Ridiculously fun to play. He's iconic and unique, already established as a fan-favorite for years to come.
>Aurelion Sol
Finally a new Mt Targon champ, and an interesting one at that. His kit feels weird at first but is a blast to play once you play several games with him.
Lore is really boring but it's acceptable I guess. Her kit is really standard for a control mage as well but it's still fun nonetheless. A really average champ overall.
Shit lore. Extremely annoying voice. All his skills are just lazily copy-and-pasted from other skills. His kit manages to be overloaded yet underpowered at the same time. Not especially fun either.
Has a really lovable personality and fantastic animations. Probably the most likable character Riot has ever released. Kit is extremely creative, but it's also very niche and somewhat underwhelming. I expect several buffs in the future.

Overall a pretty decent year I'd say.

When there is a grove, does Ivern need to click the camp himself to make the monsters disappear, granting him the gold and the experience or can any allied champion do it?

How? It's one of the best items in the game and it saves a lot of champions who would be worthless without it.

You're a fucking mess
I'll see what I can do. Nothing is guaranteed.

Best girl.
Best hips.
Best wife.

>kled 4/10
shit list.

I've felt the same on Rylais. I often find myself saying, "Well, if they got a dash it doesn't matter, and if they don't harpoon does enough work to keep them from running."

I only named Kled because he is probably into gore, nonsexually.

Don't bully the blind guy.

ive never said a thing
he was with another girl for awhile a few months ago though so...i knew i had no chance

How hard would it be to get to gold if I start playing now only on the weekends? Haven't played in a year.

First time I would be playing ranked but I've got a good feeling about the victorious skin this year.

I'm going to hold my judgement of Ivern but I agree with the rest.

>Shyvana's that don't farm their second jungle

>Fairly deep lore for League's standards. Ridiculously fun to play. He's iconic and unique, already established as a fan-favorite for years to come.
Fuck you his alternate skin was the original concept that they trashed it for muh autism killer lore
First you need to create a grove that costs both health and mana then click on the grove once it blooms or just smite it to bypass the timer

Best explosions.

Yeah, but Rumble doesn't need it. His ult slow, his e's slow.

It's also very expensive and doesn't help you kill squishies faster

E is up so often the rylais on q is pretty pointless

>ban kha'zix
>jungler spergs out on me
>genuinely did not see he pick intented kha'zix, if fact I'm almost sure he didn't
>says "get ready for me to get invaded" and locks vayne jungle
Vayne mains

Ivern seems interesting

I'll have to see what actual high tier jungler players think of him though, I have no clue if he's actually decent or not just from seeing his stuff

Yes but does Ivern himself need to click the grove to make the monsters disappear after the grove is ready?

How fucking dare you even think someone has better explosions then Ziggs.

I don't get it. Tell me one reason to pick this guy on my team over any other jungler. Is there a reason? He's the first true "support jungler" but I just can't see it being that great.


top bantz

Rylai's is fucking god tier on him. He loves every stat it gives and the passive. You'd be a fool to skip it

>this is what Jhin mains actually believe

Jhin is a cancerous piece of trash. Edgy tryhard shit that should've never been released.

>100% pure phsyco
>mental stepbacks
>we don't actually have anything to hype this garbage so we will bait the community into thinking it's going to be some deep shit with teasers that don't actually mean anything

for awhile a few months ago?
have they broken up now? now is ur chance user
you just have to take the leap of faith my man and tell him ur feelings for him
you'll feel liberated that you got it all out despite whether or not he reciprocates your feelings
much better than being a sad sack of shit who is too pussy to do anything
I believe in you my man

Are you a boy?

which league girl has the biggest and softest feet

Not bad at all in general.

>Aurelion Sol
Fucking love that motherfucker. He got an attitude I dig.

Annoying. I'd make a facial on her face, but honestly, she has an annoying kit, and what to expect from Mr. SJW Z. Klein.

Very depressing to deal against. Annoying as hell too. The only hilarious thing is how he screams as he whiffs an ult.

Honestly, pretty good. I love the uniqueness on his kit and he seems rather chill but fucking creepy. I honestly wouldn't like to deal with him because he can steal buffs at level 1 with a simple Smite. It's absurd.

Anyone else who plays jinx usually makes my eyes burn because people don't know how to play her

>Fuck you his alternate skin was the original concept that they trashed it for muh autism killer lore
Better than some edgy robot assassin with no personality. Do people really not like the ties Jhin has with Zed and Shen?

>Team is doing alright
>Everyone is pushed up
>Can't really make any plays
>Spend game in enemy jungle preventing the enemy jungler from playing League of Legends

This is why I play.

It's too expensive to contribute to your early-mid spike

rumble loves the stats on protobelt too but that doesn't mean you build it every game. The passive isn't as effective as you'd think.


People generally don't like zed

Yes you need to individually smite/click every grove

Oh ok then

>dude overused killing is art meme lmao
>and they all went crazy after being exposed to mister edgy and his edgyness

what's to like?

Zed and Shen's lore isn't stellar too

>I fell for it

>They all went crazy

You know nothing.

rylais is a huge noob trap- huni pobelter imaqtpie IWD sneaky hauntzer all on stream at different points

Leona wasn't even breathless. Over user she stood, her shoulders heaving only slightly from the small exertion that it had required to overpower him. The barest sheen of sweat showed on her brow, but that little glimmer was nothing compared to radiance that emanated from behind her, and from her shield as it slammed across user's cheek. The resulting crack resonated through the rift, shooting pain through his already exhausted body. The taste of iron flooded through where his teeth once were.

"Dirty heretic..." mumbled the Radiant Dawn, contempt eclipsing her ordinarily beautiful features. She had no respect for the pitiful creature before her, only seeing a living corpse. "You will at least make it worth my time."

She kicks user's side to the tune of a splintering rib, a new puncture wound causing him to writhe on the ground while blood pools and stains his shirt and warms his skin as Leona kicks again, her ironclad boot cold and unfeeling and stomping on user's chest.

"Rise, cretin!" she spits, stabbing her sword into the earth alongside user's ear, and her shield across, outside his opposite hip. Several inches they drive down, meaty impacts only distracting user's shock-addled mind for a moment before the Solari flicks her hair over her shoulder and takes a moment to calm herself. Peace spreads over her features as she grabs user by his collar and heaves him up. She's taller than him, and his clothes wrench painfully over his wounds while his feet leave the earth, and then he's pinned against her shield, back of his shirt caught on the protruding spikes and feet still unable to reach the ground. The metal is warm, surprisingly so, nearly comforting until Leona curls one mailed glove into a fist and the other holds his chin.

"Unrepentant!" she yells, punching his gut with the Sun's force, bruising everything between his skin and his spine. "Bastard!" she continues, a right hook bloodying his mouthIf that's good I'll keep going.

Draven is 4th best

>mundos that dont get spirit visage

>went from regular guy to autist

im pretty sure yeah
i just hate forcing myself on people or making them feel uncomfortable
he's never given me the slightest hint he likes me either