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That's a cute webm, what is it?

If I want to contribute to emulation which programming language should I learn?



Swift 3.


What's the best place for PS1 ISOs? I heard Emuparadise has shitty versions of ISOs.

I'm particularly looking for FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX.

>I heard Emuparadise has shitty versions of ISOs

There you go.

I said I didn't want shitty versions, though. What is wrong with you?

>Emuparadise Good for No-Intro sets (Require registration). Hosts a lot of bad disc rips with no indication.
>Hosts a lot of bad disc rips with no indication.

How about you check the wiki you piece of shit

I think it's Bravely Default

Might as well play all the shitty FFs with shitty rips.

What are the best FFs? My sister told me VII-IX were good.

(I've only played I-VI)

For real though, you probably want C++

You alreadycplayed them

Oh. Well shit, what games should I play now?

Ace combat


I like rpgs, but are you serious? I found FFI - FFVI extremely underwhelming. how does this series have so many fans

Well Final Fantasy Tactics is really good actually

I'm sure you'll enjoy FFXV

PSP or ps1 ?

Fuck off pretentious loser


and I'm not a loser, you're mean

Grandia and Lunar SSS were pretty chill if you're looking for a gen 5 JRPG.

If you made it through FFI-VI, you'll probably get some enjoyment out of VII and IX.


What's wrong with VIII? That was my older sister's favorite because squall is handsome

I'm sorry

>What's wrong with VIII? That was my older sister's favorite because squall is handsome

I dunno

>What's wrong with VIII?
It diverges a bit from the other 8 in a lot of respects, but there's nothing horribly wrong with it. People who like IV tend to like VIII.

So few devs these days have the slightest idea of what they are trying to emulate.


8 has a garbage plot, even by Final Fantasy standards.

>but there's nothing horribly wrong with it
There are actually a lot of things horribly wrong with it and this is coming from someone who liked it.

The funny thing is, even up to the end of the first disc, you could stop playing it then and there and declare "I liked that!" with some credibility left intact.

But the longer you play that over-produced trainwreck the worse it gets, until by the "Remember when we were all from the same orphanage lol?" scene you just don't fucking give a shit anymore, even goddamn Xenogears starts to look good.

Remember when my ex-boyfriend showed up after a psychotic break and we let him join our eco terrorist group?

People play 8 for the character drama. There's a lot of shit wrong with it, but people wouldn't be discussing it and selling remakes on Steam 15 years later if it was THAT bad.

>Remember when my ex-boyfriend showed up after a psychotic break and we let him join our eco terrorist group?
Is that FF8 or FF7?

Yes they would, because it's Final Fantasy. And, like those poor poor fucks that now comprise the whole of the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase, some people are so caught up in basing their identity around a series that they simply refuse to accept when it's dead.

So, yeah, they'll keep carving up that dead horse into smaller and smaller chunks to sell again and again and again, because the horde of morons willing to buy anything with the Final Fantasy/Squeenix logo on it will be absolutely staggering in number for some time yet, and digital distribution is fucking pennies on the physical media dollar.

It's VII.

I was being charitable and letting the retard have his moment.

Wait doesn't the same shit happens in FF8 where Squall joins a terrorist organization?

You should consider some people get stuff out of games that you don't understand. Like, I can't fathom why Sonic exists after the CD version. There's literally no reason in my mind, but clearly there's a ton of people with literal autism who love the new stuff, and that's great for them.

Not after a psychotic break. And, depending on how deeply you wanna interpret VIII's copious yet poorly-written plot, he didn't "join" the Timber Owls, he was ordered to render aid to a revolutionary group by a mercenary organization.

Chain of command would've gone Party>Squall>Rinoa>SEED>Cid/NORG.

There is no reason for Sonic to exist after Sonic 3&K. You are essentially correct.

Doesn't matter, start with what you feel comfortable with and move on if it turns out to be limiting.

Knowing some assembly would help though, not necessarily to write the emulator but rather to understand what you're emulating. I'd recommend ARM assembly or basically anything that's convenient and not x86 because x86 assembly makes puppies cry.

One of the towns in Bravely Default. Many of the areas in that game and especially the towns are comprised of a bunch of big, layered images that are usually much more zoomed in once you start moving. Meaning they would altogether be higher density while zoomed out than the 3DS can even display, and it looks great in Citra.

I see, thanks

So, I just got a new computer that should finally be capable of emulating PS2 games, is there any simple guide for video config so I can get the best quality possible out of PCSX?

depends on your CPU, GPU and what you mean by quality.

i5 6600k, RX480 and highest resolution I guess?

PSP but make damn sure you're using the slowdown fix patch. They slowed down half the ability effects in that version for no fucking reason, which looks terrible, sounds terrible and wastes your time. It has a better English translation, good new content, really gorgeous new FMVs, and is mostly at the original Japanese version's level of difficulty instead of the easymode we got on PSX. Not to mention is natively 16:9 as well.

Should have gotten a i7 6700k

Sonic CD was dogshit full of un-Sonic level design and came before S3K, what the fuck are you smoking?

Raise the internal resolution to something above your monitor resolution so you get a downsampled image and then enable the widescreen patches to remove the black bar in fullscreen without stretching the image.
Be aware that uprendering like this will cause inevitable visual glitches that are not present at native resolution. Set blending unit accuracy to high too so that you don't get fucked post processing

Bravely Default has 100% comfy towns all the way through. It's also in a really close to completable state in the chinese JIT builds, with a slow opening cutscene and fullspeed anything else.

Unfortunately there's still an issue in Citra where the game will error and softlock when checking to see if there's any Streetpass data (something a totally offline 3DS with wireless disabled can pass unbothered, so I'm pretty optimistic Citra can pass eventually without needing a connection or anything).

Anything more I can do about these vertical lines? I already enabled align sprites.

Use the Opengl renderer and run it in fullscreen.

Raise the internal resolution to multiples of native one instead of using the custom resolution option.


I've been wanting to replay Conker. I also remember that it ran terribly.

have there been any improvements? at all?

Is DraStic really worth the 6 bucks?

It is but you can just pirate it.

Depends on if you have upgraded your CPU or not.


what am I supposed to see here?

Nothing particularly interesting, I'm just bumping.

Top is a dump coming from a real console, bottom is the GL renderer. I'm trying to figure out why there's a 1px line at the right and bottom of the framebuffer in the GL version.

> accidentally juxtapose non-sequential game release dates
> trigger hardcore sonic fans
Not even a little surprised.

I enjoy 8 for the universe. The characters and story hardly make any sense but I really enjoy many of the locations. I'm kinda used to ridiculous stories in japanese RPGs so that doesn't bother me too much.

I like over-the-top bullshit like that: youtube.com/watch?v=DBjpL1PcY5M

The main problem is that the battle system is repetitive broken trash. But then you can get no-combat pretty early on which makes the rest of the game more enjoyable.

What's the point of emulation when you can't even emulate the latest games?

Because latest games aren't even games

I cut myself on this post

Don't you have to jump through hoops just to get the apk working?

You can emulate older games


Nice shader

He's right tho.

You're telling me Disgaea 5 isn't a game

How many QTEs, regenerating health bars, or never-ending tutorials would you like with your bullshit question?

It's not a bullshit question

oops, meant for

Reminder that this is SP's side of things:
Reminder that byuu's side of things is that he's living poor in The Demon Capital of Murika and needs all the money he can get to survive.

sorry, but why should anyone care what that guy thinks about someone selling their software?
AFAIK Daniel had nothing to do with with authoring higan.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like he should really stfu.

What the fuck is a hyperkin

I said it before and I will say it again, only a moron would give up their copyright.

I'm a complete noob when it comes to emulation, only ever having used game boy advance emulators in school. I tried installing and using dolphin but I had no idea where to start and now I tried installing psx2 and got a game. I thought after instalation I simply had to run the program and select where the file was, but that doesn't seem to be it. I checked the wiki and it assumes people have some basic knowledge, yet I have none. Could someone please help me?


Alright, I tried


For Profit emubox

Moral and Moron start the same way.

You are a retard

Have you tried watching a youtube video or something

Maybe check the FAQ on the wiki

I did and I couldn't find anything. There is also a lot of terminology I don't understand. I'm not good at anything related to technology and I am very bad at using computers.

Well ok I'm gonna try to help you

Have you downloaded the BIOS

You can find it here emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/PCSX2

Also what game are you trying to run

Honestly I probably wouldn't care enough to refuse. I write patches because I want to fix stuff that I use, I don't really care about having my name attached to it so I would probably have accepted if I had contributed code to bsnes.

Still I would consider it a dick move to ask for that based on some noble motive only to sell the thing later on. It's the bait and switch that's a bit scummy.

You have a similar requirement when you contribute code to SQLite, but here the purpose is very clearly that they want to be able to use on closed source applications and sell closed-source modules and support for money. I'm perfectly fine with that.

user I don't know what those words mean but no I haven't, I'll do that


Well you must select the BIOS when PCSX2 asks you to

Use the USA one, version doesn't matter, I think, I use the 2.30 one

Also could you post your specs

Surprised this hasn't been brought up on /r/emulation

Keep defending and blowing L Ron Byuubard's nuttsack a bit more, young thetan. Soon you will ascend to the next level, but only after copaying for another one of byuu's cartridge boxes!

>L Ron Byuubard

This is why /emugen/.txt was bound to fail. A great deal of the hilarious stuff posted on emugen is satirization of individuals in the scene, and /emugen/.txt tried to avoid putting up those style of posts.

I just dl'd the one that was linked up to the page you posted. This is a laptop and idk what the specs are exactly, but I have intel core i7/ AMD radeon (r5 M330 IIRC) /8gigs of ram.

Do I do anything to the BIOS now or just leave it alone and select it when the emulator tells me to? I'm gonna do that

Wait wait, I forgot to tell you something.

Download the latest dev build, there is a link on the wiki page.

When you run it for the first time it should tell you to select the BIOS

Extract the Bios to a folder and then select that folder when it tells you to

Make a new one that is not politically correct.