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1st for buck best husbando

2nd for more lewds when?

Roof spawn when
I'm tired of getting sniped as soon as the round starts

>Can clearly see container
>Marking enemies all around it
>Doesn't count as located.

What the fuck is this shit.


To the guy that asked why montagne is cheap in the other thread.

No idea I love em. Wish my headset didn't break as an xbone player. He's good on bomb since he can block off most rooms door ways. Probably my best highlight as him so far. I don't know if its my placement or I'd it I'd a thing, if you melee him enough times you can squeeze through him. Anyone confirm?


Can some drawfriend pls draw Thermite using his mixtape in place of his special charges?

I have to ask, who do you main and why?

What is it in that character that you just FEEL compared to others

Don't main anyone but if I had a preference in terms of guns, then utility I'd have to go with
Gun wise- capitao for attack, kapkan
Utility- montagne for attack then probably valk or rook. I dunno, I kind of like how all the guns feel except the mp5. And the FAMAS. I'd still pick mp5 over p90 in note open areas, buy the buffed p90 is a headshot machine.

For me it\s more like Flavour of the month, when im into a charather it will probably play them all day

Thatcher for the AR33 and the guarantee that i'll be somewhat useful in almost every round. I just enjoy the AR33, actually shoot better with it than the FAMAS, although that's probably down to familiarity with the weapon more than anything else. When i'm not try-harding it's Canadian Axe Murderer all the way.

I usually wait to see who other people pick, then go down my list of preferences.
Jager/Bandit if I want to roam, 416-C is really nice and M870 for fun or on CQB maps like Favela/Oregon etc.
Rook/Doc for anchoring with MP5.
Smoke if I don't know who to pick.
Mute if it's a shotgun friendly objective and we need jammers, I don't like the MP5K.
Valkyrie if no one else picks her but I don't like her SMG and don't know any of the good cam spots, will always let someone else pick her first.
Pulse very occasionally but i'm not very good with him.

Oh, almost forgot, Blitz when I want to fucking kill myself, I suck dick with him and get killed every round. But hey, gotta practice to get better right?

thatcher thermite because no one wants to take them

Please Submit your opinions
Please Submit your opinions

Thatcher and Bandit.
I'm a characterfag.

Defense I love to play fast high Damage Operators,i.e. Bandit,Jäger,Pulse

Attack on the other Hand I pick Montange

>weeklies are still not working
I just want my dosh Ubi, fucking give it to me.

Buck and Caveira out of DLC ones, Thatcher and Rook/Jager out of vanilla ones. Buck because I actually like his shotty, Caveira because being a BR femdom goddess is fun, Thatcher because I play in a stack and we constantly need someone to pair with Thermite on these pesky garage spawns, Rook because he is safe as fuck and P90 is fun and Jager because I hope to learn how to shoot his gun properly some day.

Okay. Someone tell me how to pronouce montagne.
Is it montage.
Mon tag nee
Or mon tah


Mon tain

I constantly pronouce him as mon-tahzh because close enough.

Twitch because muh meta and using shock drone is incredible fun when you get shit enemies.
IQ is my real thing though, 552 is my favourite rifle in the game and countering Pulse is best thing in the game.

Smoke and Jäger both have fun weapons and Jäger is 2fast4u

See I use this. Which is why I spelt it montage. Apparently it's pronounced Montana :^) thanks to that video

Which operator needs a nerf? And which one needs a buff?


delete this


Blitz shield needs to be fixed.
Capital should probably lose grenandes because the whole block off a path with two glass shits then grenanding is far too strong, guaranteed kill. (Trust me I do this)
Probably increase the range of iqs equipment for devices and laser users (only gun I use a. Laser on is p90)
I think most operators are fun where Is aside from those.

Jesus Christ I need sleep that paragraph was a mess. I meant most operators are fine aside from the fixes I said.
Keep in mind I said operators not guns

Twitch - There's something about being the best scout in the game that tickles my fancy. All of her guns are fun and taking out all the cams before the round even starts feels like a huge shift in your favor.

Montagne - Now that he has the slight buff he's at least usable again. As a Mountain Man veteran it's safe to assume he's best where he is now, but please give him a full auto G19 Ubi

Mute - Since I play as Twitch a lot I understand how integral drones can be, and Mute completely counters that. He has a lot of versatility, he can play room defense or roam, and he can cycle his jammers between breach defense and drone defense if the tide turns.

Frost - With the auto shotgun nerf and the C9 buff, Frost is in a good spot. She's less of a cheap point and click character and more of a well rounded one. Her traps can slow down a push tremendously, can coordinate with Caveira to turn the round in your favor, and is just very fun to use.

meemchanka, shields, iq

reduce ammount of capitao's arrows from 4 to 2 (1 per type), make smoke/fire last for a bit less

Is it yours?

>IQ will never hold your hand
Why even live

>Wrong Side of Heaven
Fucking Valkyrie would listen to FFDP

I had a dream today where I played Siege as Blitz and I could ADS like in beta
And I still sucked like hell and couldn't hit shit

Post those wishlists operators

On attack I really want a 3 Speed shield again. Even if they just made Blitz 3 Speed I would be happy. Now that Ubi has shown that traps on attack are possible and aren't blatantly OP or just pointless, I want a shotgun-hunter operator. Some sort of snare trap like a Frost trap but not as severe.

On defense I want a really solid room defense character. Like a special deployable shield that can't be destroyed by grenades and has more side cover, and maybe a peeking slot. Even with the new patches and balances the game is too focused on roaming. Bringing a strong room defense character into the mix might encourage diversity.

And personally I really want a Skyscraper map. maybe an airport terminal/train station too.

Whoever draws these puts a shitton of FFDP references in it. Saw a frost drawing yesterday with "5FDP" on the side of her shotty
>tfw this much degenerate

Glaz definitely needs some kind of buff, especially to his gun. At least bring it in line with the other DMRs for fucks sake. Literally all the other DMRs are better than his after they got buffed this patch.

Also his entire gimmick with the flip sight is that he gets to switch between an acog and a 1x optic on the fly, theoretically making him an optimal shooter in both long range engagements in CQB, but this is off-set by the fact that his gun is absolutely fucking GARBAGE. His other gimmick is the ability to shoot through 2 walls but that requires pinging so you get only 1 shot before the enemy changes position, and you better fucking hope it's a headshot otherwise congratulations you plinked rook for a whopping 12 damage because of Glaz's horrendous damage fall-off. If Glaz had fixed damage falloff droning and sniping could become a viable tactic if you could shave like 50-70 HP off of a 1 armour op, defenders would have to fear drones and be extremely paranoid of unreinforced walls if Glaz was on the other team.

As for nerfs, i'd say maybe reduce the range on twitch's drone again so it can't take out all the cameras. Defenders only get 45 seconds to:
>Reinforce twice
>Grab armour
>Set up killholes and blow open passageways
>Set up EDDs/Mats/ADS/Jammers/Batteries/Valk Cams + Barbed Wire/Shield
>Roamers also need to rotate to their preferred starting position
All while watching out for and shooting drones, and now we also have to have 2-3 guys run around hunting down twitch's drone while she destroys all our cams? Cameras are one of the most powerful tools defenders have at their disposal, and now they can have them taken away before the action phase even begins. What's worse, Twitch doesn't even NEED to be picked, the defenders need to hunt for the twitch drone simply because of the threat that it MIGHT BE AROUND DESTROYING ALL OUR SHIT YO. It just spreads defenders way, waaaay too thin in an already very limited amount of time.

Oh wow, never noticed that in the other images though I probably just didn't see the one you're referencing.

All I know is the singer is a cuck and they used to be a decent band but they're insufferable trash now.

Yeah it was something on yesterday's r6g, I noticed it while looking at the gun, cause otherwise the gun was well detailed. Honestly I just think they're more similar to Limp Bizkit than anyone else nowadays
>people listen to them (mostly) to feel validated as a "tough guy"
>at least they perform at USO shows

I agree with you about Glaz, I use him a fuck-ton and I'm actually really good with him but I can't tell you how many times I should've killed someone with his supposedly powerful gun. I've died many times as well during engagements because for some reason the damage drop-off on his gun is literally the most of anything in the fucking game. Chest shot and up should be an automatic DBNO with obviously a headshot being a death.

As for the other part, I think nerfing the drone's range by a meter or two might work but that's all I'd want to see out of anything you mentioned. I actually like the fact defenders have to prioritize something instead of just running up to the nearest window to spawn-peek/kill. I like the way the game handles now honestly, it feels a bit more like the old days again.

>Room defence operator
This is kind of a trivial idea, but maybe there should be an operator that could set up an auto-turret that shoots people.

I'm not sure it would work in R6 though.

I just listened them on yourube and got a flashback to 2004 when I liked Nickelback.

I just backfilled a game where I swear to god one cunt on my team was aiming with a G27 racing wheel. It was the most retarded shit I've seen in my life.

Lmao post that shit

>Didn't have shadowplay running. Sorry my dude.

Thoughts, /r6g/?

Nah that sounds stupid

this meme is fucking stupid lol


I have no problem with Twitch's drone being in the prep phase, but I feel like being able to destroy gadgets and damage defenders is already strong enough, it doesn't need the ability to remove cameras aswell. Maybe if it could take out a couple cameras on a map, but not 80-100% of them. The potential threat of the attacking team picking Twitch (and they probably will because she's fantastic right now) singlehandedly makes Mute, Valkyrie and Doc far more desirable, purely for the fact that they can *not* counter, but merely alleviate the effects of Twitch's drone on the defending team.

TL;DR I don't want Twitch's drone to be weak, but leave me my fucking cameras man, pressing 5 and seeing "No cameras available" feels real shitty


Is it just me or do people play bomb like TDM and refuse to plant unless they're done to 1 enemy.

Why not just plant then cover the defuser? Had a game in House. Bomb is in the garage. Not a single enemy is in the garage. Everyone out front watching the garage. One of our guys in the garage itself but the guy with the defuser is chilling out front

Reddit needs to stop

Yeah, I guess you're right

I'm still confused why they gave his gun a huge damage drop off that throws his gimmick into the trash. And good luck making long distance murder holes before giving away your position.

As much as the heavy barrel would have been nice, he shouldn't need it in first place.

I recently got an (pretty dumb) idea for a super recruit character. Basically he can choose out of every single gadget in the game and has access to one gun in every gun category. Instead of carrying two gadgets he can customize his armor category and has one extra point in any armor stat and can possibly get either armor or speed to four points. Please no bully, I know that this is pretty fucking dumb.

Sledge, Kapkan.


>4 armor
>0.5 speed
>get oneshot through 4 walls by a 9mm pistol
Thats Siegecom!

Montagne, Castle.

FINALLY I found the SAUCE, thx for nothing user.



I mean, some type of special event would be nice, perhaps when they will realease the final DLC but any type of event related to memes would be terrible.

I can't stop staring at the six fingers there.
I hope they're fingers



Bullying the bully.

I think it's the tip of the bomb
>I hope it is

It's a drone

If I taped some AA batteries to my D cell do you think I could trick IQ into touching it?

is this OC meme? If so GG user this is fucking great

>IQ with green eyes
muh nigga

Post the little things that irk you
>Kapkan is wearing a Sniper Hoodie
>Glaz isn't

>mfw i found out fbi recruit can have nade with shield

it's time for memes

Only the leopard skin unlocked. Where do I find the snake skin?

You new brah?


Glaz triggers me.
I play him, a body shot from down the hall or literally through a wall doesn't kill or down an enemy.
If I get shot by an enemy from one end of the hall way in border while I'm at the other and I immediately get downed if I'm a 3 armor or killed if im light. Seriously.

no, but i rarely use shields

you just don't get the reference

I mean, FBI recruit shields were a meta for a pretty long time before they got nerfed into 1 speed 3 armor.

Explain pls

Why'd they remove the personalized shield art Blitz used to have?

Do you think if they made Shield Skins a thing, that would be one you could purchase, or have an option to toggle for free?

Ubisoft has a raging boner for soviet GRU

It would be nice to have each operator have a fuck ton of banter lines for the kills they get.

>Blitz to Smoke
>"I'm smoking you."

should i add the uncensored version to the drawfriends gallery?

It's up to you. Is there a way to just post the link with the censored version?

Fag enabler. Banter and memes is the line where you get ponies and aspies into your game.

>"Montagne is so fucking cheap! They should make it so that after a certain amount of bullets a shield breaks"
>"Are you serious? Shields are god awful and Montagne is n-"
>click on his name
>level 12

Fuck that, every time you add that shit the memers come in right behind it and we have enough of those as it is

How to get good at this game?

>hit 25 so decide it's finally time to do competitive
>first four placement matches get nothing but rank 60-100 mouthbreathers that make casual players seem like gods
>no one uses a microphone but me
>first match and round valk throws a c4 charge right next to the wall I'm reinforcing and detonates it
>says wtf in chat as if it's my fault I didn't run away from a charge I couldn't even see
>proceeds to camera the bomb containers rather than spots leading up to the bombs
>next round they plant the defuser with 3 of our team on the other side of the map so they all rush in and kill them and defuse, montagne whines about me not knowing the map when I'm a second too late to stop them
>next round he proceeds to kill himself by waddling his fat ass through electric wire at 30 hp as last man alive trying to peek a bandit
>I'm hard carrying alone and if I die from hitreg issues we lose
>consistently warn people of spawn peekers and if they see an open window or bullets flying they shouldn't tempt fate
>2 people die immediately every round to said spawn peekers
>someone always leaves on my team when we lose a round or two in best of 5
So this is the competitive experience. If the enemy team wasn't equally as retarded as these people and letting me 1v5 consistently I might actually find some other people to play with.

git gud

help me

Mon tan yah

I'm proud of you user, keep your head upit only gets worse from here


-Learn the maps
-Talk with your team
-Crosshair placement is pretty important
-Don't take your drones and cameras for granted (and don't spot unless you and your team have a plan)
-And be patient