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GameMaker: yoyogames.com/gamemaker
Godot: godotengine.org/
Haxe: haxeflixel.com/
LÖVE: love2d.org/
UE4: unrealengine.com/what-is-unreal-engine-4
Unity: unity3d.com/

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Removed collabs because I assume most people who want to collab would've found a partner by now.

In any case, here they are if you still want it

>Lewd Jam Collabs

lolidev did literally nothing wrong

>Xenko still not in the OP


Can I make a 2d game with Unity? I know it's popular for 3d but how does it go for 2d?

Working on some concepts for the minion command mode.

How many people here are even making lewd games? there are only like 4/200

It takes some setup to get it pixel perfect if you're doing pixelshit but otherwise it's fine.

Man something bugs me so hard about how you did left skellington's arms.

There's a fine line between cute and just dumb and perhaps you crossed. Or I'm just a salty cunt.

xth for loot crates

GOOD loot crates.

I love you and your game more and more everyday


Well, can't help how you feel man, but if it's any consolation he's supposed to look kinda ridiculous

Today I got to look at clothes and hairstyles on the internet.

user, is this what it's like being a girl?

pretty much. Also, looks good!

Got the complete Gamemaker bundle from HumbleBundle for $15. I've always wanted to try making something related to games, is Gamemaker fine for that? Why is it looked down upon?
If it helps, I know a little bit of C and C++.

Gamemaker is fine for 2D games. It's looked down upon by nodevs who don't know anything about making games.

Have any of you guys tried to make a building game like Sim City?

Game maker for a long while had a pretty bad reputation for how poor it was, particularly in early versions, but it has developed enough to a point where it's perfectly fine to use.

>is Gamemaker fine for that?
It is. It actually is perfect for 2D. A little lacking for 3D though.
>Why is it looked down upon?
Since is easier to use there is a lort of shovelware made with it. But that's not the engine's fault, is the user's.
>If it helps, I know a little bit of C
Will help you to get good really fast at GM's language.

Hope to see your progress here soon.

>Learning web dev because without a higher degree my programming skills from gamedev are useless.

I just want a decent job guys.

>Why is it looked down upon?
It was a toy for most of its life.

At least half of the people here use Gamemaker

In Bardbarian, How big is the main character? I want my MC to be quite bulky.

I'd say well more than half.
Probably like 70% GM, 25% Unity/Unreal, 5% Enginedev/Frameworks. I gotta be pretty close.

Risk of Rain: Game Maker
Deadbolt: Game Maker
Cash_Out: Game Maker
Cavern Kings: Game Maker
Spaceman Sparkles: Game Maker
Uncanny Valley: Game Maker
Pixel Star: Game Maker
VA-11 HALL-A: GameMaker

Skyrogue: Unity
Catmouth Island: Unity
Megabyte Punch: Unity
Xenoraptor: Unity
Stormworm+: Unity

Vagante: C++
Lethal League: C++

Painter's Guild: Flash
Restricted RPS: Flash

Aviary Attorney: Construct 2
Dreaming Sarah: Construct 2

Vampire of the Sands: Java

Aerannis: LÖVE

So Gamemaker is easier?

>my game isn't there
fuck you cunt

Is your game on Steam? If so, what is it / what tool did you use?

nobody is too ginger for the Old Gods.

inb4 Dream King.

He gets flung up too early, he's not even on it.


Depressed frogposter seems lost.


i thought you died after no ddx presence

We all are

Easier than building a 2d engine.

this jam is too long, i think 3 day jams are ideal, but i am not going to waste 12 days by working on a throwaway project

I think we should alternate between 3 days long and 2 weeks long jams.

i did that intentionally

thanks pal

nah we're still plugging away, not using demodays as deadlines, will release the next demo when we're good and ready.


>ill release the next demo when we're good and ready.
>we aren't able to make any deadlines
this is very bad in game industry

>not using demodays as deadlines
You're killing me

Sure, when you're paid for the work you do.

When you aren't, it doesn't really matter unless you're making false promises.

I know you did but it doesn't make sense. He would just get flipped off if that happened.

Then don't spend 12 days on it.
How come there are so many people in this thread that can't conceptualize the idea of smaller amounts fitting into larger amounts.
If it were reversed I could see you needing to request a change, but you can literally wait until 3 days before the deadline and then start.

is that user here that was looking for a pixel artist last thread?

Anyone got a tip for placeholder assets that don't majorly look like ass? I'm using Unreal Engine and I'm making a cool-ass necromancer sim but I don't think anyone will be impressed by the adventures of the wooden mannequin in the land of squares.

>but you can literally wait until 3 days before the deadline and then start.
why are there people who don't understand that you don't have to sit at the end of the empty bus? if you know the theme you can finish the game a month before the jam even starts

Every one of our jams has people starting a long time in advance so I don't know what you're trying to get at.

we have self imposed deadlines, just not using the demodays.

Don't worry when the time is right you'll know.

most of his body is on the edge of the platform with just his legs hanging off. His legs flinging around above him is pushing his momentum further into the shrine.

thats my reasoning anyway.

hello aggy daggy looking to get your game scheme?

demo day #4 was best demo day

>Because This game is happening. It is a dream project of yours that you loved developing and it will be completed in any circumstance

So is this a game about sacrificing people to the dark powers?
Because i'd totally play that

Just make them

I'm sure you can spare 5 minutes to make a single placeholder asset you'd be surprised how much you can do in such short timespan. Just model it as fast as possible so it at least roughly resembles what it supposed to be, then unwrap it (as long it's simple it should be easy, learn how to unwrap basic shapes if you can't already) paint it with 3 colors: shadows, midtones and highlights and you're done. I guarantee you that end result will be a lot better that using a cube and it took only 5 minutes

>5 minutes to make a single placeholder
>i have never made a good looking humanoid model in my life

Anyone just know their game is going to be amazing, among the best in their genre, but probably sell nothing because they know nothing about business / marketing and it doesn't have meme viral potential?

as long as I make another ~6 months living i don't mind.

>among the best in their genre
you are either dumb or trole
your game won't be better than average unless you are an art major

Anything you can make in 5 minutes is better than single colored cube. Just Shia Labeouf this shit

Why? I hired an artist. I'm not trying to 1MA this shit.

>I hired an artist. I'
ahahaahahahahaha oh god you dumb fuck

If your game is as good as you think it is, it will naturally stand out even in the masses of shitty games. You just need make good juicy trailers and posts your game where all the cool kids post.

give me some simple small cope idea like angry turds or candy crush or some shit
anything i can think off is too boring
but fuck what is the point anything i make period, even if diamonds, will get burried under the pile of shit games on steam or another pile of shit on the google store


Are you a millennial or something? I recognize my strengths and weaknesses and fill the gaps with other talented people.

i bet you are also a wagecuck
plus everyone knows you are lying, you can't afford to hire an arist and even if you could you aren't even making a game in the first place

okay, so i redraw a new cloth.
the hair and faces/body is not fixed yet.

how does this look?
much better?
or worse?
my senses became numb after drawing for too long today.

Artists please give me some advice, thanks.

p/s: the sprite are meant to be 50x50 on original size

The face is still difficult to see but there seems to be progress elsewhere

>ZeroQuest dev MIA
>Arab Dancer dev MIA
Am I the only one that is worried about them?

>Am I the only one t
more dead devs = less competition which is good

I'm an idiot.
here's a enlarged size.

as i said, i haven't fix the hair and face/body yet.
It takes too much time for me to draw such simple sprite.
I'm feeling like a retard baby riding a bicycle

>less competition is good
>not wanting the competition to make you push yourself and try harder
>wanting complacency


>I'm feeling like a retard baby riding a bicycle

There's still progress here, the outfit's shading looks nicer, and the walk cycle looks better as well.

>the walk cycle looks better
I actually din't changed anything on walk cycle.
the base sprite (naked body) is still the same.

So, i suppose it's shading doing magic works there.

exactly. So give yourself a little credit there, user. We all started out as retarded piss babies in our respective fields. Then you keep pushing yourself and improving.

I've been going through the links in the OP and stumbled upon the MakeHuman/ManuelBastoni software for making 3d models of people, is there any downside to using them? Aside from not learning how to do it on my own, I mean. It seems too good to be true that I can just use that to help put together a sellable game, even if it is open source software.

>tfw no one cares that you're missing

it fine to feel like a baby but could you at least stop whining like a baby?

Looks way better now. You improve really fast.


reminder that the demand for video games is unlimited and competitoin is a meme

yes for example during the demo day every demo got around 10 - 40 downloads with 50 demons, if you were the only demo who posted you would get 2000 downloads

Worked out spawning the boss when you kill off the wave of enemies. I still need to find a movement system for the boss that im happy with.

but you are right here

>ddx never got group fanart

>political meme garbage
you brought this on yourselves

Working on save/load data next.

why's he movin' like that

never ever user. never ever...

parkinsons. also temp idle anim got it on assetstore.

good, my demo never is included in any fart arts so i am glad that this time nobody got anything

/v/ thread died. Updated Unity and now my custom sprite shader alpha goes to shit. somebody knows is something was changed at that level? unity "regular" sprites work, but not my own. for your info, my transparency is just a 0,0,0,0 color.

>/v/ thread

sasuga unity

that's not how it works user

I don't play every demo in demo day. Just whatever demo people ask me to play or what I'm interested in.

If you are literally the only demo but I'm not interested I'm not going to play it. If there are 400 demos and I'm interested in yours or you said to check it out I'd play it.

Mock-up of how the space battles will look. Actions/skills/unit control menus will all be contextual.

Adding turrets and effects tomorrow.