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Good theme, but I am still a bit sad to see the Waniko thread go. Hopefully there will be another one in the future.

>t. Binkbonk

post clothing swap

also have some master baiting Hinata
I need someone to put nana mizuki grunts and moans to this

Well, it was a good thread.
Possibly a bit of a stretch for a general that's about a game but is really more about its source material in practice to make a thread with user-generated OC, but it was nice nonetheless.

Also the Waniko pic dump was most welcome.
Here's hope the speculated Uzumaki Dinner scenario actually happens in some fashion.

To the R20 players, where do you picture.your characters being at the end of the campaign, assuming thy survive

when the game inevitably gets to erp will the players have to roll for sexual prowess?

With the typical luck at rolliing, if that was done the moment any bare skin contact is made they would all immediately shit themselves.

Once again requesting translations for these:


>implying they haven't already done rolls for anal circumfrence and anal capacity

Wasn't even me tho, man.

More pics Soon™

You mean power wise, right? Or like, at what point in their lives or emotional development? If this campaign takes place of the course of like less than a year, then... I am hoping Waniko gets gator contract by the end of the campaign, and finds out that she's been brainwashed by ame.

I meant just in general, I think Arata's player said Arata would be in a gulag, Renya in a seraglio and Waniko and Fugetsu moved to the swamp to farm gators and regularly tongue dive into each other's swamps

So, I am finally, finally done with the fapfics. Took me a while longer than I thought, but what can you do.

NH fapfic starting off with a 'girls' night out' discussion and Hinata getting some advice. Then getting some dick. fanfiction.net/s/12158691/1/Friendly-Advice Contains my very best efforts at vanilla, lovey-dovey face-fucking.

And as per requests from the general, a smaller spinoff story of Tenten and Sakura getting drunk and what inevitably follows. fanfiction.net/s/12158696/1/Birds-of-a-Feather

Opinions, advice and comments etc possibly other requests for some later time would be very welcome.

Nah, no revives, period. Unless there's A LOT of nat 20s rolling around.

Might post more Waniko when I wake up. I think I've saved every one that Bink has posted. As for the dinner scenario, maybe. I've got an idea in mind for when it might work, but it'd likely be more than just the Uzumakis and Job Squad at the dinner.

I know where most of them will be, more or less. Unless they fuck everything up. Looking at you, Fugetsu.

We'll see what we can do with the gators. No promises, though.

>"You know what a particular flower from Mount Waniko will do to your entire-"
You cheeky little cunt, I almost spat out my drink.

Standing at the top of heaven.

Sai and Ino have created a monster. How is any man supposed to be straight enough to resist the urge to smash that?

>not a druid
>not a cleric
>not even a wizard
>standing at the top of heaven

Here we have an user that mistaken believes the "ninjas" in Naruto are ninjas, and not actually wizards

Call me back when Teleportation is actually a mid-tier move. Not Shunshin, teleportation.

Man, if Arata can't get any, maybe he'll become a wizard.

But yeah, I reckon the sequel campaign will be pretty cool, idea-wise. Hopefully, anyway.


Speaking of wizards, what naruto characters do you think were ACTUALLY virgins over the age of 30

Maito Gai


Orochimaru was THE ace of his generation, edgy and fairly pretty, and the big favorite for Hokage. I doubt he didn't have girls all over his wide cock

Konan canonically got pounded by Yahiko as a teenager

>Implying Orochimaru gives bitches the time of day
Man has science to do


They probably offered to do 'anything' to sleep with him.
The price was high indeed.

> "Dear God, Orochimaru, what have you done?!"
> "To be fair, sensei, they DID sign a waiver. They knew what they were getting into."
> "Did they?"
> "Well, no, not exactly. That was a lie."

Something just caught my attention.
Yahiko was 15 when he died. That means he and Konan were doing it while they were way underaged.
Did Kishi just forget that when he made NH wait until they were 19 to kiss?

Konan was a 'fine woman' at age 14-15 anyway.

A mangaka being forgetful? Nah, I just don't see that.

I think it's a case of Kishimoto not being able to be consistent with the timeline

Age of consent is like 14 in Japan, anyway. Or was. Dunno if it still is.

Guys that's like the fifth time someone's posted this meme. That's the federal age of consent. In all the localities the age of consent is a lot higher.

will fap to it, multiple times
have some eurobeat and some lewd NH as a thank you

Drawfag, is there any chance for illustrations from this stuff?

>page 9

>gyaru Hinata
muh dick

You mean stuff with actual "canon" characters? Sure, maybe. But there are a lot of people out there drawing the canon characters doing lewd things, or cute things, or hell, pretty much anything you can think of.

But alas, I'm the only person drawing job squad so they're counting on me. But one day when my schedule clears up I'd love to draw more canon characters, especially NH stuff. Especially if it's an idea that no one's drawn before, like neji as a slave on the hyuuga plantations.

Also I just realized that this picture would've been nicer in sepia tones because sepia was popular during the time, so here you guys go.


I see three paths
One is mostly ruled out because the dice are rigged, the other is a certainty because the dice are rigged, and the third is if both the other paths somehow don't come to pass.

>faggot user is back

Arata has no intention of stopping what he's doing, Дo вcтpeчи в ГУЛAГ тoвapищa
>As for the dinner scenario, maybe. I've got an idea in mind for when it might work, but it'd likely be more than just the Uzumakis and Job Squad at the dinner.
Oh god Is Usui going to be there?

who's that?

Noice, time for more bullying

>page 8

Arata's clan lord who hates Naruto and wants to bring about the end of the Uzumaki family.

Is he Jashin in a wig? Well I've never seen them in the same room

What's happening here?

>waiting in line for malasion airlines


She's sucking the poison out of Naruto's leg.

Why is Pinkshit depicted as a dwarf there?


That's kinda hot, but far too often she's given breast implants in fanart.
She's supposed to be flat as an ironing board.
Also futa isn't typically my thing, though I can tolerate futa-on-girl stuff.

I know, it's unfaithful, but what can ya do?

Everyone in pic related except Kurenai and Asuma

Forgot pic.

>I doubt he didn't have girls all over his wide cock
I doubt he payed attention to them

Kishi originally wanted to make a wizard/mage manga but he didn't make up the concept of ninjas having teleportation tier speed; and using hand seals to create elemental magic, clones, and summon animals. It was in several old novels and based off actual legends of what people believed irl ninjas could do.

Woah there

Please stop...

Also the walking on water and walls/ceilings thing was something people commonly believed ninja could do too.

I would love for someone in the game to accuse him of being jashin and then giving that as their reason.

keep goin'

Does he just hate Nardo or does he also want Hinata and Bort and Hima dead too?

why contain it?

This may be less explicit but for some reason feels dirtier

seems cycle of homolust won't be broken so easily!

God damnit, Kishi. Why does he have to queerbait so hard? Even when his time he over he leaves the series with more of this homo pottery bullshit. Do you guys think this will be continued in the Boruto manga or will the new authors say enough is enough with the homo shit and just ignore it?


What happened? I see deleted files.

Minor porn dump of futa Sakura.

Were they any good?

i think he did this for fujobux this time

Is chinkanon around? What does this say? Can we get a translation?



This place just descended into degeneracy.

>putting a fannypack on a cat
cats don't deserve fannypacks.


Not particularly.

thank you for this link


we've been descending for a while now. I blame the R20 game.


No problem, man. More people should know about him. at over a decade old, this video is a true classic. rappy mcrapperson is a legend.

I followed some links and was shocked when I saw he was the guy that did the I'm a Gangster song
that was like a Limewire staple back in the early 2000s

kek, limewire. I also remember the emo kid song was popular.


The I'm a gangster song was another one of his "big hits". If you look at his recent videos it almost seems like he's a /pol/lack now. Or maybe this is just really avant-garde video art or something.

He does have another song about fannypacks and gangsters in his recent album though. It's called "scarpack" and it's about becoming a knockoff fannypack dealer. Probably a nod to both of these songs of his which were popular.


>page 8

Naruto is weak, his bloodline is weak and they won't survive the winter



Would smash. I blame turkanon for giving me a Muslim fetish

kebab is luv
kebab is lyfe


>Muslim fetish
I've hears about people having a thing for being choked, but getting beheaded must be pretty damn high on the extreme fetish tier list.

i think he meant for turkic stuff user

Allah bless you, user.