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Which emote should i buy from Eververse?

Fucking no assassination patrols


Where do you get higher LL artifacts??? Stuck at 350


2/3 for Omnigul farm need a stormlock

Level up eris, she has dropped artifacts up to 377

Which Strike should I waste my keys on? Any vendor weapons I should spend my Marks on? Why is FWC the best?

So which of the vendor weapons are the best for PvE and PvP?

Eris package or pray that legendary engram will turn to one.

Is that supposed to represent when they killed TLW in the Crucible?

Vanguard Scout, Vanguard HMG (arc burn), Crucible HC, Crucible Shotgun, Dead Orbit Shotgun

>get legendary helmet engram
>hope it turns into warlock space helmet

That's a Golden Gun.

I'm still running this: 5ish minutes per run, you need 10.

Jojo reference

Why are his fingers going through the gun

"In the age of the Iron Lords, when Lord Saladin and his brothers and sisters encountered this region, they were faced with an unknowable danger – the techno-plague, SIVA. Their brave attempt to combat and contain SIVA cost the Iron Lords dearly.

Hundreds of years later, SIVA has been unleashed, its power unearthed by the Fallen."
I never realized how old some of these Iron Lords / Guardians are.

>tfw all of my legendaries have been really shit duplicates and I have almost no ROI gear

T-thanks bungo

Why the fuck is that hunter's fingers going through the gun.


Her helmet was stupid.

Kill urself

yeah its kinda weird that saladin just talks about being immortal so casually.

But I guess thats the case for all guardians, you can die just not of old age.

Why are HIS fingers going through his gun?

>Most of the crucible drops are old weapons

Anyone on xbone wanna forge?

Ghost gun


Gt is topcatb4

Hey guys, I heard the Rise of Iron book gear is pre-rolled.

What are the rolls for the boots this week at 340 LL? I can't check them right now since I'm not home and haven't opened the packages yet.

Even then a Guardian can only really be killed if it's somehow separated from its Ghost though considering all the dead ones you end up turning on it seems to be a fairly easy task

Archon's Forge is really fucking fun when you have a group of people and keep it going. I went there yesterday and ran into 4 randoms doing some runs. We did at least 7 in a row and they somehow were able to keep it going even more. I ended up leaving cuz I was full but I regret it. It was a blast and I haven't replicated it yet. I even got two unique weapons and at least 5 legendary engrams. I've been there so many times in and out of orbit but no luck. If you complete Archon's Forge, it should automatically give you an offering. This shit is ridiculous.

Any place with a high concentration of darkness does it aswell, just not to us because plot armor.

>tfw you go so fast you bug out the mission

Also the sniper is god-tier with Spray and Play, Rifled Barrel, and Speed Reload. DPS monster.

>tfw my shitty friend cost me a 340 offering

>ghost gun
>ghost bullets in destiny
holy shit. its all coming together now

it's a pain in the arsehole, the RNG on the drops for it is miniscule

you get one like every thousand enemies

whats more, I think it has to be in the plaguelands or in a RoI story mission, otherwise they wont drop

funny stuff bungo, loving every laugh here

We failed only one attempt; it was a Perfected Shank one. 360 LL recommended. I was only 340 and I assume the others were similar. We did make it to the boss but good fucking god, those Shanks were no joke. Fucked us up good and quick.
That's the biggest, and most ridiculous issue. It's going to kill it eventually, no one will bother to try. I don't even know what the hell Bungo was thinking.

alright strike playlist, give me the shadow thief and no one gets hurt.

You wanna know something else thats funny.

The custom sniper rifle from the forge is most likely the best secondary for the raid.

Meaning its literally mandatory to have a good one before friday if you want to complete the raid. Oh also your entire team has to have one

funny shit

remember how Oryx and Golgoroth were literally not completeable if you didnt have 1kys infused up?

prepare for that 2.0

Anyone have siva offerings on xbone?

Is there any point to splicer keys besides coming back into the forge if you die?

So RoI is a bust right guys?

You could just have Black Spindle infused up.

>300000 people on queue yesterday
>still can't find 1 guy in Archon's Forge

you use them to do exotic bounty quests, collecting clusters and pretty much it

Who /playswithmouseandkeyboard/ here?

Just got a max range Last Ditch. Just 1 impact higher than the PC+1 with Agg.Bal.

Time to farm for the Matador

so do you guys think Wrath of the Machine will be as long and tedious as King's Fall, or much easier to do in an hour like VoG or CE?

But then you cant use gjally for the mandatory dps phase

you just know gjally is going to be the only damn thing that will have enough dps

its just obvious

Already confirmed to be like VoG

So, Gally, Khvostov and Thorn.

Whats the fourth ROI exotic quest?

It says there are 4 exotic weapon quests. I have done the Khvostov and Gjallahorn. What am I missing?

what system are you on?

they said it was going to be quite a bit easier than KF

Me whenever native rolls around.
>said back in june that it was "montsh away, not years"
>haven't heard a word about it since
I guess its not like we need weekly updates on "hey, heres kbm", but it would be cool to get a less vague time frame.

>"300000" players in queue yesterday
>Trying to load into clash, the daily
>it literally cannot find anyone

Either they didn't turn SBMM off like they said they did, or the game is literally dead and they're lying about its playerbase

it should not take me ten minutes to find a daily match of 6v6

>mfw turning up with the iron lords

that is a god send.

God dammit, the thorn is back? How do I start this meme gun quest..

xbone here. How do you make your fireteam public so you can match more people in forge/CoO?

woah, SIVA-mind
It's probably the SIVA pulse rifle.

Just get a xim4. It is incredible how good it is.

How do you start the thorn one?

New Exo dude in Iron temple might give it to you when you complete one of his bounties

Anyone for strikes? I don't want to do burns with retarded pubs.



SIVA raid weapon.

55/78 Int
49/72 Disc
Fusion Rifle Ammo
Increased Agility after solar dbl kill


gloves have hand cannon reload perk

I'll join up with ya

Thanks. And just to make sure, what about the gloves? Are they all 55/56 Int/dis?

My hunter got 55/56, Titan 56/51, and warlock 57/54. I didn't check them properly before opening.

oh jesus oh fuck

I'll join up if ya got space

>literally who tripfagging

Alright can someone help me out here?

The day before RoI released I started the FWC exotic quest. Now, though, the heroic strikes completed portion of the quest isn't advancing when I do SIVA Crisis Heroic Strikes. What gives? I've got the emblem on, the shader on, and the new class item on.

Nurgleprimach* fuck

Where the FUCK is the hoard chest for Tanks I swear to God. Do hoard chests not show up in Taken War strikes or what. Is Tanks even in the Siva strike playlist? Give me my fucking cloak

Just send me a FR.

Alright /dg/ what's the secret to getting higher light levels past 350? I'm seeing niggaz at 365+ already

Holder looks awful manly there.

they killed them. exotic class items were replaced with legendary versions of them. maybe they'll patch it but as of now you cant finish them. they also removed the special spawn effect for each one for whatever fucking reason.

im actually pissed i spent hours gathering them.

You too I guess. For some reason I thought you were already on my friends list.


The perks are I think but the stats aren't

Just get a new package from the book and

did the game crash while doing the daily heroic for anyone else?

>spending over $100 for something that will be free

Heroic Strikes, Legendary/exotic engrams, and rep packages.

Dismantle the stuff you don't want

Forgetting to put the last part of the post

Good job me

>inplying the free variant will be anywhere near the xim4

are you fucking kidding me


skeleton keys seem to reliably reward stuff 2-5 light points over your current.

Yeah, Skeleton Keys are great for it, but they only tend to drop on vanguard streaks.

bungie is so fucking retarded

What light level do I have to be to do hard mode Devil's Lair? I'm at 342 right now and all I see it the 320 normal mode option

tell me about it. might sound lame but i had my titan set up with new monarchy gear and the shader and i loved seeing that red spawn in and now im pissed as fuck its gone cause i was just getting started on the FWC one.