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September 21st: PLATINUM MASTER 02 Bokutachi no Resistance
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October 10th: Hibiki Ganaha's Birthday
October 12th: [email protected] ACTIVITIES 02
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October 19th: PLATINUM MASTER 03 Amaterasu
October 22nd: Million Live Backstage volume 2
October 22nd: Million Live Anthology volume 3
October 26th: Million Live 3rd LIVE BD @Nagoya
October 27th: The [email protected] Mana manga volume 6
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Latest news posts: + This is a bad girl. Please study the image carefully, so you know what to look for and how to avoid them in the future.

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Minami is my lewd wife and I love her.

Elena is not a bad girl, please stop lying.

>This is a bad girl. Please study the image carefully, so you know what to look for and how to avoid them in the future.

Dank meme.

Minami is also a bad girl.

Filthy BR rebel.




Did we insult your waifu?

We have guidance sessions every night. It'll be fine.

No, just pointing out what memes are dank.

Is there ANY idol who is not a bad girl?


All the lolis.

The facts say no. No good girl would accept being as exposed as idols are.

So, how are you holding up?



Except Momoko, Iku and Chie.

>Momoko, Iku
Fuck you.

Enjoying my brief happiness in T2.

At this point, it's all downhill.

Saving up for Fumi's limited SSR rerun!

Good girls don't have sex with anons.

I got it on a daily 60 jewel roll and I didn't even want it.

I wish I could trade it in for a SSR Kaede.

Subaru and Makoto.

Subaru and Makoto are bad boys.
Makoto is a very bad boy.

I can understand that feeling. I got SSR Mio from a daily roll.

Rin is my wife.

>Good girls
>Married before puberty
might as well as be career sluts

That's cheating.
You can't use boys in your example.


Chie is a good girl.

I heard someone say memes.

Chie is the worst of them all.


So true.

She's my spirit idol.

>that typesetting
I feel hurt but Tsukasa's face heals me

>right aligned text

Masturbate with NTR Foomy.

Great. Time to burn through jewels like it's no tomorrow.

Go away Monsoon, you're supposed to be dead.

Sounds like last night, when I chose the wrong fucking team for a song, got upset, and only fucked up with two Nice notes in the middle where I otherwise could've FC'd it. And I'm one of those sexually-frustrated scrubs that can't FC a Master no matter what I do.

I can use boys in many ways.

>NTR Foomy.



Fumi's at her best when she's vanilla.



>Still no BR SM


What's the point of even trying to keep up now?

Why not just wait for the 4x to unload your tokens

Makoto is a woman.

You, guys. And me. In hot gay action.

Subaru is a car brand.

I got about 2/3rd of the way through Venus Syndrome without fucking up and then the inevitable happened. I was surprised I got that far for that song, but I always found cool songs easier for some reason.

Thanks for warning me, I almost thought it was a girl.

30 clears = Free jewels

How do we treat bad boys?
With kisses?

A not particularly good car brand

Well I at least want to complete pro 30 times to get those jewels

Subaru your toes.

You wouldn't a car

getting Kyoko as fast as possible

What happened to them?


>Koi no Hamburg Instrumental as the 10k Event Commu BGM

Well, we know what's the next Cute CM now.

Well, she IS superior to Dooky after all

I sucked and licked them to tickle her.

Are you shiting me?! You have hit the Miyo in me. Best goddamn car brand out there, with best in resale value!


I'll flat 6 you, you fuck.

>I suck


I would do that, but my jewel count...
I hate having to waste them on an event.

I want to turn Subaru into a pretty girl like Kotoha.

The first one, please.

Why is there a rickroll in the background?



memes are world level

She already is a very pretty girl.

What's disgusting about it?

He's insecure about liking pretty girls. He'd love to, but it seems so 20th century.

You're taking away what makes her good.

No, she isn't

I want to see what Kotoha was like as a tomboy.

My pretty girl

Are you saying being tomboy is the only thing good about Subaru?

Or that she can't pull it both ways, depending on how she wants to be that particular day?

I want to FUCK a tomboy Kotoha.

I never get why people want to change an idol's fundamentals, the part of their individuality that gives them their own character. Doing that would make them a completely different idol, and if you wanted that, then, why not just like a different idol that's closer to your ideal image instead?

Are you saying it isn't a good thing?

Why did Miku tattoo her big fat cat tat?

Because I want to see Subaru growing out of her tomboy ways.

remove hitomi

It's a cat with some sparkles around it.

I'm saying that's just a part of what she is, not her only good characteristic.

Because corruption and mind break are more fun.

Most people change in some ways when they become adults, that doesn't mean they stop being themselves.

That's disgusting user.
Yeah but why do you want to remove it?



me on that steel barrel, chillin