/4ccg/ Veeky Forums Cup General: Saffron Stonehenge Edition

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>Stuff you need to read:
pastebin.com/UvruiPky (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

>Where can I watch the cup
Literally Shitbox front page, or the wiki front page

Highlights of the cup's matchdays are done
implyingrigged.info/wiki/Videos#2016_Veeky Forums_Summer_Cup

>Archived games:

>Current Cup:
implyingrigged.info/wiki/2016_Veeky Forums_Autumn_Babby_Cup
Some tentative dates: September 30th for >Fetus draw; Babby deadline October 21st.

>Autumn logo vote coming soon






ha ha time for ded thread

Fakkin Boolsheet in four hours

The South Rises Again

pls stop i'll get banned again


>CA does well if the team he works on isn't /co/



space flight is a hoax


Is the /int/ Bowl now the main cup?


well no pones


Hello, I just got verified for /toy/. I hope I can make the team great again!

Oh great, /pol/ is taking over the cup once more

Did you though?

Why do you choose to play with my emotions like this?

good name for a fake

>Lear letting DF manage again
so it has come to this

>(embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)
>tentative dates

>yfw /co/ fails to advance

what do you expect from retarded Sufjan posters?

Everyone who likes Sufjan is a total twat.

Hello, I just got verified for Veeky Forums. I hope I can make the team great!


CA is bretty gud, won't fail.

Hello, I just got verified for /ic/. I hope I can make the team!

1. /po/
2. /co/
3. /t/
4. /y/

Hello, I just got verified for Veeky Forums. I hope I can make the team good for once!

Hello, I just got verified for /cgl/. I hope I can make the export deadline!

The Tuesday Night Rigging VOD doesn't load :(

I heard /toy/ needs a manager?

you broke the pattern fucking moron

Hello, I just got verified for /diy/. I hope I can construct a great team!

welcome to hitbox, enjoy your stay.

I can't let /an/ wooden spoon so I'm taking control of the team from Heavenly_Pond starting today.

A coup d'etat just occured in /pol/. I'm the new manager!

TWAIN is fucking sacked. I'm back boys.

Hello, I just got /block/ verified to replace /co/. I hope to never see that team play ever again

Are you leddy?

/block/ lost to the CSA though

Steven Universe, Korra and Life is Strange are going to get reps on the /u/ roster this cup.

Maybe I can actually root for /u/ now...

Yotsuba, Cowboy Bebop and InfernoCop have retired.
Steven Universe, Adventure Time and Naruto will replace them.

Will Metall/u/rgy get representation?

>not Corey in the House
Almost believable. Almost.

fuck off gman

that's no animated show silly

But I'm not banned
You don't even know who I am

Fuck off Boris

Fuck you Chelios.

>mfw chelios means bald guy

/a/ was interested in Cory, but eventually agreed on giving up on him. He will claim his rightful spot as /vp/ team captain starting from Winter.

What are you eating?

a bag of dicks

The only crap show here is Korra, put everyone else on

>mfw this is a distinct possibility for TTC3 if Mantis and Myuer both lose their fucking minds

stop yourself /co/mblr


what have you done

This will only happen over Manticore's dead body.
And she has been dead for the past few weeks, ripip

nomo pls go.

Life is Strange was a lot of fun and Steven Universe is one of the best cartoons on TV

Dragonfag is fine to have in the cup

Everyone complaining about BLM should shut the fuck up

I really like ponies, especially ponies without hooves


where's normal speed teekyuu, nomo?

9/10 almost got me

happy now?



if I delete that post will you die?

fuck you fucking memers that's it I've had it with your memes I'm going bye


Hopefully never, it's shit.

It already has

you won't be missed

every goddamn time

if you still believe manticore isn't a woman, you're blind to the truth

IF I was a woman, I'd never tell anyone in the 4cc. You guys are creepy.

You're cute, user.

am I cute?

Hello, I just got accepted as streamer for the Fetus. I hope I can rig it well.

blind to (Your) truth maybe.

If I was a woman, I'd just always anonymously reference it in /4ccg/ like this

post pic and I will tell :3

IF I was a woman, I'd want all of you to fill me with your cum. You guys are cute.

traps aren't women user

fucking cocktease

>page 9

You've been watching too much idolshit lately. We need to put you on an idol diet.

Is it time brothers?


>idol diet
You'll never see any gainz that way.

Keeping you cute is top priority.

Is the 1.03 magnet on the wiki working?

So, shit's all fucked but we will still have Boolsheet tonight. Either I'll end up streaming with little to no commentary (and probably delayed goalhorns because I'm working a work from home job at the moment), or one of the alternates we're looking for will come through.

Sorry in advance.

Archie pls, the VOD still won't load