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Discuss anything Mega Man related. Art, OCs, Music, Fan Games, the comics, cartoons, etc. Discussion about Mega Man-esque games, Mighty No. 9, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Red Ash and Inafune is also welcome.

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A TON of Mega Man remix albums (and some Gunvolt CDs)

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Let's please stay alive

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Did we really died?
God dammit.


Seems to be the case. Glad we're back up though.

GV2 need to be released soon
So we have something to talk about.

I'll say. Once GV2 comes out, activity here is going to explode.
Probably from my suffering of having to kill Desna

I'm so glad that I've suddenly become oversaturated with games to play to bide my time until October 4th.

You will be alright, user.
I speak from experience.

And I hope so, so we can get some nice lore talk.

I was playing DFO when I saw that the thread had died.

Bully the shorty!

What the hell. I leave for four hours and we died.

Four is that death number, at least.

Only 4 more days.


Eh? Four more days?

It's at least a week away, user.



>Those fucking glasses

Those shades are really off. But I'm sure any expert cosplayer can make better ones.


The costume's really not that bad though. The only part that needs modifying is the shades and the buster.

The embarrassing part is that it's an officially licensed costume.


Today's only the 21st. The digital version comes out on the 29th and the Striker Pack comes out October 4th.

I will feed these two precious birds and let them grow fat and happy.

Legit, actual question
Why does Lumine have that gem dick in his chest plate?


That Copen bird is already fat. He probably steals food from the others.

Because he IS a dick, user.

So is Vile but he got no dick in his armor.


I thought Vile was the edgelord?

>Chooses the most boring pose of all.
>not even his level clear animation.

It's Shit.


Yo can be a dick and the edgelord at the same time.

Most edgelords are.


Blues has the whole "I was built without a purpose so I'm free to do what I want unlike other robots" thing going on, but Sheep Man is somehow able to freely change jobs just because he's bored. What gives?

Hey Man, I don't go around questioning robotic sheep about their desires.

I just finished re-reading the Archie adaptation of Mega Man 3 and they made a big deal of the "we have to follow our function" concept. The "robots fulfilling their function" theme was all over the comics in general.
...would we have gotten Sheep Man's backstory if the comics got that far? It's too conspicuous to ignore.

Most likely.



If only Ian would realise the comics aren't coming back. Then maybe he'd be willing to share what he had planned.

At this point, Ian's the only one who doesn't know it's cancelled.

It'd be cool if we were able to ask him about what he had planned. The Mega Man Network's interview gave some insight but not much.

He dropped by /co/ at some point when the comics were still running and answered questions. Apparently Capcom made him tone down Fire Man's cowboy talk.

It's not cancelled, stop saying it's cancelled!


I'm so excited

They look so fluffly in there. I want to squezee them all.

Would I buy Gunvolt stress-relief toys? Probably.

He has a twitter account. Why not try asking him there?

I don't think it'd be that easy. The Mega Man Network had to conduct their interview through Archie Comics and got some of their questions blocked as a result.
Companies are pretty touchy with that sort of stuff, especially since the official word is that the comics are on "indefinite hiatus" and not "cancelled".

Stress relief as in...?

Would it be ok to ask about individual characters?

Those squishy ones you squeeze but I guess that could be taken differently like as crystal dick electric massagers or something.

Onaholes and the female version of onaholes

Oh my...

If I may interrupt this delightful conversation, I have a thing y'all may be interested in.

I am in possession of all 4 Dreamwave issues. If you are interested, I can storytime them for ya.

You'll just be getting phone pics because I ain't destroying my comics. Screw that.

The dreamwave comic? No thanks.

Oh good god no

Yes, they had 3 variant covers for this crap.

Do you really have anything better to talk about? Might shed some insight on what that new MOA show will bring.

Go for it.
It might help us all brace ourselves for the new cartoon.

Yes, please.

I'm scared.


Boy, they sure are serious about these post delays.

It's honestly not that terrible. Just...disappointing.

Dr. Light is fucking loaded in this universe.
Roll's cute if nothing else.

>Flying cars
How far in the future is that, holy fuck

Nobody wants you to go to school, buddy.

Aaaand this is the last we see of Roll for a while.

Where's my comic page!
Fuck you Veeky Forums.

The Dreamwave comic is a very, VERY loose adaptation. You'll see in the coming pages.

Super Fighting Robot!

Why are rock's hands so god damn big?

I hope the new cartoon doesn't keep Roll out of school for a dumb reason like that.

Yup, he can just straight up fly you guys.

Dreamwave keeps her out of the damn comic.

The paperback that compiles all four issues features one sprite of Mega Man's walk cycle from Mega Man 7 on every left-hand page. So you get a flipbook animation of said walk cycle in the paperback.
It's a completely meaningless, extraneous touch, but it's there nonetheless.

It was going to turn into a yaoi later. Rachel or whatever was a trap.

Megaman's also a smug motherfucker

I appreciated that as a kid. Shame I can't show y'all that very well.

What are people racist against robots in this universe or something?

We get an OC right out the gate.

>Rock liking to battle.
This is so wrong.

Oh right. Megaman likes to punch things.

Eh, they kinda mention it later. Sorta.


Then Roll was sold off as a housemaid to some old rich guy.

Our hero is Immediately beset by bullies.

Well the interview basically cemented that all the students are gonna KNOW he's a robot. they just won't know he's mega man.

I guess it's nice that they told us what country we are in.

Monkeyman would like to join your party.

I would like to point out that, despite being retarded, those bullies know how to hot-wire the cafeteria's sludge machine.

Also Coca-Cola to the rescue.

They also have Legends style flying ships.

I'm not even going to bother explaining how the physics behind this are bullshit.

That actually comes up in issue 3.

Yeah, I know. Which is why I said it.

Our heroine everybody.

Ah, I gotcha.

Well, she's got some influence apparently.

This one's a little extra blurry, my bad.

Dr.Light can't even be assed to pick up his own son after his first day.

He's busy with the sexbot representatives. Give him a break.
Man's gotta get rich somehow.

I guess he's trying to save the traffic system.