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waiting for a real content update edition

>Helpful information

>Server status

>CP after evolution calculator

>IV calculator

>Pokemon Go stats


>Create your map scanner

>Create PTC accounts and accept TOS for your map scanner

>Access your map scanner from your phone
Forward the port on your modem

>How do I spoof/bot/scan?

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First for spending dust is only worth it on level 20-30 mons.

Nth for missing rare spawns because you went for a shit at the wrong time.

adult diapers exist so you have no excuse

>tfw got 2 high IV and CP hydro pump vapes, and third one with aqua tail, and three fire blast flareons

I-i just want jolteon with thunder hanke-san

pokesearch not working for anyone else?

Didn't a bunch of people got banned because of pokemesh?

omastar can't get rock throw any more unless you have a legacy one (I got one but he got ancient power for his secondary), and his rock charge moves are ancient power and rock slide which are both weak

its working on and off for me

Maybe that's why it needs a throwaway account.

I have hatched 143 eggs since I started playing this game and I have never gotten any of the starters or Pikachu, all my 5kms are Meowth and Nidoran female, all my 10kms are Jynx, Hitmonchan, and Magmar

I hate this game

Level 16 here, i dont bother fighting gyms yet so i have a questions: i understand that you get money for gyms but its for put your pokemons on them and wait how much time? or if you take a gym you receive the money inmediately?
Sorry for the grammar im not good with the english

people got banned because they actually used they main account?
wew lad

If you look in the shop, you see a shield icon with a 0 in it.

That's the Defender Bonus.
The number is equal to the number of Pokemon in a gym RIGHT NOW.

You get +10 coins per Pokemon in a gym. So it's just (Defender Bonus * 10 Pokecoins).

You can only collect once every 21 hours.

1. You put mon in the gym
2. you wait 21 hours, doesn't matter if it gets kicked out or not
3. beggining from the moment when the timer goes down, you can cash out. It doesn't matter if you put your mon minute ago, or 21 hours ago.

So the trick is to have as many mons assigned to gyms as possible when its time to cash out

What's your first language btw?

at level 16 you should be able to raise prestige for at least one gym user, you can cash in every 21 hours, try deploying at least 1 pokemon per day so you can get your 10 coins per day

why do non english speakers always apologize for their english ?

anyway theres a 21 hour beteen collections, you get coins based on the number of gyms you have a ppkemon in at the time you cash in, then its 21 hours before you can cash in again

>why do non english speakers always apologize for their english ?

I never do

Post shit you like despite knowing they have no use or are far from top tier.

im to lazy to repost from previous thread


de ja vu

Thanks guys, damn i believed that my pokes need to stay all the 21 hours to get the money, im gonna try to put one now, i speak spanish by the way.

chupame el gordito

>tfw no cross chop
>tfw it took me forever to get 125 candy
I'm just settling down for this I can barely give him power anyway.

are you gay, user?

Dunno, I got a PTC account banned but the current Google one (which is also a bot) is still there
This, you should never use your main for anything but walkfagging

I just like big guys

did you ever wonder about number of machamps penises?

should I use scanners from chrome?

favorite mon i know its shit in this game (and in the others too)

how many dicks did Goro had?

does Muk have one

is muk a he or she?

read it backwards

I take it as yes btw


raticate actually is good at certain occasions to gain prestige -especially with dat moveset

i hate this hidious creature though

It is also 15/14/15 IV :(

its good enough, but i want to see him

Someone post DPS chart from previous bread

did that guy really get beat by a nig, I saw it on the news yesterday
inst that guy embarrassed?

alright, i caught my 2 obligatory snorlax of the day

gee thou art soo cool

is anyone else having a problem logging in?

Haven't played in a while, can I still mess around with bluestacks? I mean just spoofing 1 location and manually walking till I stop, I kinda enjoy it, dunno why

>ever feeling shame
top leff

DPS ranking, it doesn't matter since vaporeon has that stupid huge amount of HP.


there's no .apk file here. what am i missing?

explain this raticate is good meme to me

what is this

stab hyper beam

also, due to low CP, it can earn a lot of prestige

Nidoking or nidoqueen? which one is the superior?

How much stardust you guys make per day?

Well i took my first gym for 10 coins, anyway what happen with the timer? is stilll going down although im already lost the gym.

the timer is 21 hours since you cashed in your rewards, after 21 hours you can cash again

how do I take those stupid egg-hybrid trees that are on every gym? they are becoming more annoying than vaporeon.
Flareon shit HP doesn't help, meaning that you have to put yourself in a risky place with poison moves, oh and not only that this nigga can rekt any grass mon you put.


I see thanks, man this game is really bad explaining shit to new players


I want to smell a girltrainer's sweaty feet after walking.

>/pgg/ suddenly likes girls
what happened?

>level 27
>350 CP rattata running away after like 5 balls
Okay this is becoming a huge pain in the ass.

Is Jynx supposed to be rare I see them all the time

>level 27
>throw 3 great balls at a 440 cp pidgey
>runs away
>throw 1 great ball at a 1850 snorlax
>Catch successful


No one? this place got really slow huh

pretty much nobody talks about cheating here now. It's slow and casual.

>level 10 gym
>4 exeggutor in a row
this is getting out of control.

scanning is kinda cheating and don't even get me started on the whole "i spoof to spin stop i did nuffin"

you are right, let's play marco polo but without the polo part and see if you can find me

I mean, I scan too because it somehow makes walking 5000% more fun but it's kinda cheap, walking doesn't feel rewarding and this is pretty much the only way I can compete with people camping on lured pokestops.

Do scanners consume tons of data? I'm fine playing pogo and texting.
Also why can't I tab out of pogo without the game restarting?

you can do it in the 0.35 version of the game

>When you accidentally evolve your 57% IV rhydon instead of the 89% one
>comes out with best moveset

post yfw you transfered your started

in b4 404

it was so alive a few minutes ago, what happened?

literally 18 different people
hence why its "waiting for a real content update edition"
we've seriously run out of things to talk about, most of the discussion comes from rotating new players asking questions everyone else knows the answers to

This is a normie game
True channers are not here

tbqh I don't even know what they can even add that's not pvp or trading, hanke pretty much told us "yeah next year" so we have nothing to speculate.
Waiting for buddy system update was better.

I'm a normie too? having friends and shit is like my all time dream.

when are they gonna do a wipe
like a brand new server everyone starts at lvl 1 no pokemen

Worth spending coins on bag upgrades?

Or just on incubators forever

If they really want to promote people actively playing, they need to enable background distance tracking and push notifications
most people can't afford to be having the app running nonstop
the gym system needs revamping
rewards should be based on time you've held a gym
gyms need real rewards, like incubators/lucky eggs, or at the very least 100 coins for holding a single gym for the full 21 hours. There needs to be a reason to contest gyms and defend them properly
most things the game needs are fixes

its not that good, solitary life with a small amount of interaction is better

they did that when it became open beta
maybe they'll do another for full release, but you'll have to wait a couple of years to find out

I dont even know how I properly farmed before having 1000 item space

>finally evolve a Kabutops
>he has water pulse

I should be thankful he didn't get fury cutter at least. But it's too bad that such a rare mon is shit in gyms.

I feel comfy with 450 items, tho I feel like most having so many pokeballs is a waste despite the fact that when you reach 25 you need like 5 balls to catch a fucking pidgey

>If they really want to promote people actively playing, they need to enable background distance tracking and push notifications

You can enable those features with a small fee :^)

It's that time of the day post how much money you spent on this shit.
>$30 and considering dropping $20
Also mystic not allowed due to their free 100 coins per day.

they are sharing with with the apple/iOS watch.


anyone getting new spawns in their area?
I've seen two slowpokes and a kabuto nearby (not near enough to catch) that I don't normally see around me

instinct, spent the 50 whatever CAD for coins. upgraded item and poke storage, got incubators eggs and incense.

i could either earn fucking 20 coins a day max or just buy thousands of coins that will last me months

Maybe about $50 CAD
I spend more on drinking so it's all good in my book

>poke storage
also how much pokespace you have?

On what should I spent money?
I want to feel like a whale, except for the part of buying lures, fuck that.

why do people only dodge charge moves? Fucking exeggutor is slow as fuck, same for dragonite.

what are the current rumours about updates?

what evolutions are you missing?
I need seel, charmander, abra and gastly.

>1528 vaporeon 164 HP
>1500 flareon 80 HP