How the fuck do I improve my sleep lads?

How the fuck do I improve my sleep lads?

I go to bed about 12 to 1 am. I'm up at 6:40 after snoozing my alarm for 30 minutes.

Im constantly tired but when I go to sleep I just toss and turn. I've tired Zzzquil but it doesn't do anything.

It's fucking with my productivity in the office.

see a doctor or medical professional.
you could have sleep apnea or a blood test would show you have low levels of something.
i had same thing happen and a blood test shed light on what was wrong.

Melatonin. Experiment with dosage on days off. Sounds like you need to nap, too. Stay away from benadryl, booze, Rx sleep aids, you'll just make more problems. Give yourself a but too before you go to bed.

Nut not but but whatever floats your boat... Fuckin autocorrect is tops.

Try valerian root or weed.

Yeah melatonin or weed will help a lot. Try bed at 10pm for a few weeks.

I got sleep apnea i think and it sucks the biggest of dicks. Losing weight tho so thats good

First of all, i'm not an americuck, i don't take pills for everything thats wrong with my life.
I'm on the same scheudle as you. Hitting the snooze button is the worst thing you can do. If you start your day half awake, your day is fucked. Lets say your alarm rings at 6:00. Try to be in your bath at around 6:05. Put your alarm somewhere, where you'd have to get up to turn it off.

This is extremely hard to do and requires insane amounts of self discipline but it pays off.

In addition to that, i started to do a little 10 to 15 min workout to power myself out about an hour before i go to bed. It makes you sleep better and i also feel like i'm more awake during the day due to this.

Good luck, user!

try r9k

When I was training for a half marathon I could survive of 6 hours sleep a day without the need for coffee, but I'd usually have 1 or 2 cups.

I can easily sleep for 10 hours + when not exercising or exercising a bad diet.

Really makes you think whether you can be too busy to exercise.

>stop consuming electorinc devices before bed
>exercise more


bitch is right

Strictly force a schedule on your body every day of the week. After 2 weeks it'll get used to it and even demand it.
Relax before going to bed. No LCDs (or other blue light) before going to bed. No demanding activities. Maybe even meditate a bit.
In bed try to blank your thoughts. Alternatively occupy your mind with something inconsequential, like a made-up story. Get your mind off of anything related to real life and you'll doze off in no time.
"Program" yourself to wake up and get up early. "Mind over matter" *does* actually work to a degree. When you constantly think to yourself "i'll sleep in anyway" or "it doesn't matter whether i'll get up" you'll never get out of bed on time because your mind knows it can be lazy. Before you go to sleep psyche yourself up for waking up on time and getting out of bed immediately. Like it's super important. Your mind will adjust and you'll have an easier time getting up.
Figure out your sleep cycles. You sleep in phases of deeper and lighter sleep. If your deep sleep gets interrupted you'll be groggy for the rest of the day. If your alarm rings during a light sleep phase you'll wake up easily and be ready to go immediately. Most people operate on 90 minute cycles. At least for me this is true as well, so I try to sleep in multiples of 90 minutes.
Make sure your bedroom is dark while you sleep. Since sleep is regulated by melatonin and that's regulated by light you should ideally sleep in complete darkness for the best rest. Then wake up in sunlight (it'll kickstart your metabolism). You can block your window and put up a daylight lamp on a timer if you need an artificial morning because your schedule doesn't line up.
Make sure waking up is a pleasant experience. Get rid of your ugly sounding alarm. Why would you wake up to something you hate every day? Take your phone, put your favourite songs (with soft intros) on and use them as an alarm to wake up with a smile and start into a great day humming your favourite tune.


Over the years I've implemented all of those in my life. I used to have huge problems falling asleep and getting up as well before I took the time to read up on chronobiology. It's really basic stuff that fixes your sleep, everyone should do it. These days I usually wake up a minute before the alarm. Worst thing I have to change to the next song after a few weeks because my body got too used to the old.

Fap at 8pm
Go to sleep

melatonin only makes waking up harder if you only have a set time to sleep. it's a huge help in adjusting your circadian rhythm but that's all.

if op has sleep apnea it won't help him one bit with more restful sleep.


is your bed soft enough?

one thing i've learned in life is that even after a good nights sleep, you're still gonna feel like shit when you wake, but it will pass as you move forward.

Wake up at 6:00 AM, every day. Put your alarm on the other side of the room/house, so that you have to get your ass up and moving to make it shut up, then don't go back to bed after doing so. After a week of waking up at the same time every day without snoozing, your dumb ass will (subconsciously) get with the program. It'll be very uncomfortable, and you won't like it.

If you actually do this and see no improvement, you need to see a doctor.

The real answer:

> Cardio 60 minutes per week
> Proper diet, low sugar, especially no sugar 3hrs before bed
> No screens 3hrs before bed (no bright light either)
> Only use your bed for sleeping or fucking, nothing else
> trouble sleeping? Get out of bed and either read or write, then return to bed once sleepy
> blackout curtains, no light whatsoever in bedroom

Good luck

Go to bed at 10pm, exactly at 10pm, every night.

Read a book for 30 minutes, then lights out.

Wake up at 6:30am every day.

Within a month, you'll be falling asleep almost instantly, and waking at 6:30 without alarms, feeling refreshed.

You wont do it though, because you're a lazy piece of shit who wants a magic solution that doesnt exist.

You should be getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night, and if you can only do 6, getting an hour nap in during the day, as is, you're not getting enough

Don't go to bed past midnight, most people who go to bed at 2 am or 3 am don't have a good reason for it. You don't need medication or to fap, you just need discipline. Latest you should be in bed is 11 pm and you'll be able to wake up 6 or even 5 with no problems at all.

> Go to bed at 10pm every single night.

The problem with this is that it means giving up a social life if you are under 30.

Install f.lux on your computer and phone (iOS has a built-in clone but it is shit)
turn off all radios (put your phone into airplane mode)
turn off all lights
switch your bulbs to low color temperature, 3000K or lower, ideally you want incandescent as they have the lowest blue light emission
drink a glass of water right before going to bed

I'm on Veeky Forums. I thought it was a safe assumption that no one here has a social life.

Still, having 1 late night a week shouldn't hurt your routine too much.