RIP factory basic radios

RIP factory basic radios

damn you backup cameras

ever considered purchasing a Kia?

why tf would anyone?

>muh cheap new car

>damn you backup cameras

Oh fuck off that shit is incredible. Why turn my head? Is this the 50's? Jeez.

I feel afraid to admit that I plan on putting one in my Hilux...

I just wanna see when I'm hooking up to my trailers!

git gud

He's saying RIP to simple minimalistic head units. With new regulations demanding every new car from 2016 onwards MUST have a back up cam, basicly meaning all cars will have either a shitty touch screen, or a shitty screen with incomprehensible controls.

It's stupid fucking regulations like this that make cars so fucking expensive.

If government would get right the fuck out of the way, you would easily be able to afford a new car that got 70 mpg and could easily cost well under $10,000.

Don't forget that in 1985, a Chevy Sprint got a real world 50 mpg, and had an MSRP of $5,151! That's $11,572 today. With manufacturing efficiencies, that price would have come down substantially.

But no. We have to have our Big Brother come and "save us from ourselves". Well you know what, Big Brother? Fuck right off.

You're the guy that said chevy would be able to make a 100k hp big block if we lifted emissions laws, weren't you?

>On March 31, 2014, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it would require all automobiles sold in the United States built beginning in May 2018 to include backup cameras.

HAHAHAHA wtf is wrong with Americans

I'd just get one of those kits with the screen built into the rearview

>a shitty screen with incomprehensible controls.
I think it was the Ford Transit has it as some weird sub screen in the rearview mirror.

>$30 more expensive in hardware

>$3000 mark up on cars due to perception that these cost more money

>real world 50 mpg
"real world"

Nobody buys base models anyways.

So much for learning spatial awareness and becoming a better driver through accomplishment. They might as well drive us too if this is where its going to go. Technology will allow for the first completely useless human beings to exist within our lifetime. Its sad really.

Why should you feel afraid? Backup cameras are a good reason to have a touchscreen unit.

Technology develops much faster than human skill anyways. Silicon processes more at higher speeds than what flesh could ever do.

Obviously this is the end goal. Non-driverless cars will be illegal before 2050 or hit with such massive taxes and insurance cost that only enthusiasts will be able to afford them.

The only thing in your post that is plausible are insurance costs, because insurance companies wouldn't want to readily cover error prone humans.

Canada has a new law coming up, all 2018's have to come standard with backup cams

Driverless, cashless, sexless. the future looks bleak for an existentialist.

So you think the same people that think making stupid camera gimmicks a mandatory """safety""" feature won't ban the production of new non-driverless cars when the studies show them they kill x times more people than the self-driving ones?

Please explain how this is a bad thing

You're not really entitled to cash or sex. That's your own fault.
Probably. Or more likely, they'll stop producing it because there will be more demand for the driverless cars, considering how it's seen as a tedious chore and not a hobby like so many think.

>pictured the worst head unit in history

Take your Bose POS and burn it.

it violates the NAP you statist cuck

>tfw my 2009 shitbox (produced untill 2012) only has ABS and no other electronic asisstants
>tfw power steering was optional
>windows are manual
>side mirrors are manual
>valve clearance is manual
>AC was optional
>no fancy screens
>no turbo
It is just a car, not more not less, why can´t I buy something like that anymore?

Never seen one of those... link?

Because Veeky Forums seemingly hates rear view cameras

Cashless. Won't be by fault or choice. See where Sweden damn near is and what India is doing. Those are only test markets for the two bigger ones.

It costs more and is likely to break after a few years.

Because consumers don't buy shitboxes like yours.

What if we mounted the backup camera on the inside of the windshield, and put a long, thin screen right by it, so it would display what's behind you in real time, and we could call it a "rearview mirror?"

any investors on board?

>buy infotainment Jap sedan
>XM radio and such but no satnav
>able to connect phone through Bluetooth but can't play music from phone because of the trim

I like how if you were to bring this up with normies, they'd just blow you off and call you a Luddite. Saddens me that nobody enjoys driving cars anymore, and would rather have an Ipad with wheels that drives itself.

It's because you are a luddite. And A-B driving isn't usually exciting, it's often just a chore.

base Subaru WRXs uses the boost gauge as a back up cam, not the radio

There is whole counter culture forming opposite the normies. I think driverless will be harder to legislate than cashless.

>costs more
Is an extra ~$200 a big deal if it lowers the odds of you backing into someone in the parking lot?
I've never heard of backup cameras breaking, although I guess it's definitely possible

Maybe in Burgerland where every road is straight with 90 degree turns every once in a while. Where I live, driving is fun.

You enjoying driving = everyone enjoys driving

Is there nothing better to do than drive for you? Using computer to funpost on Veeky Forums? Eat? Sleep? Read book?

Those aren't better?

Buy a Bluetooth FM transmitter and do an AUX connection, costs like 20 bucks.

Why are you posting on the board for driving enthusiasts if you don't enjoy driving?

Why are you using a No True Scotsman fallacy?


>Is an extra ~$200 a big deal if it lowers the odds of you backing into someone in the parking lot?
Yes, because my mirrors work just fine. If some hobo wanted 200 bucks to watch where he's going, I'd tell him to fuck right off. You want to make it illegal to not pay the hobo.

You're the reason cars today are heavy, expensive, and cramped, with poor mileage and poor visibility. You need pillars thick enough (and windows small enough) to hold up the roof when an inattentive soccer mom misses the corner and rolls her suburban. You need a naked-gun-and-a-half level of balloons and side curtains, at the cost of interior storage, to save dipshits when they run a light and get t-boned. You need ugly hoods with fragile, deformable plastic bits to save pedestrians when they blithely step out into traffic. You can't have buttons because the entire center console was replaced by a camera, because idiots like you can't back up without crushing a Sandy Hook's worth of toddlers. Then you need radar to auto-brake, since you're too busy poking out the Konami code on that damn touch screen in a vain effort to get your Bluetooth to re-sync that you rear-ended a semi.

If you drive when you can't even safely exit a parking space, you belong in jail, not on Veeky Forums lecturing me on why your incompetence means my car needs a fucked interior.

>poor mileage
Or are you going to cite those faked mileage stats from 80s magazine advertisements?
Also, that is a whole lot of implying. Are you projecting?

>And A-B driving isn't usually exciting

Not in modern infotainment safe space cars that had all the fun and excitement sucked out of them that's for sure

So what would be a good commuter car then? A sports car with rock hard suspension that is loud as fuck and minimal features to entertain, or at least distract you from how miserable it is to ride?


Can you be a little more coherent?


There has never been a more appropriate time to post this image

>poor mileage
You don't think it takes a fuckton of steel to make a roof that can support the weight of a 5500 lb. Suburban? You don't think you pay for that every time you fill up? Or every time you try to look what's left of your window after the comically oversized A- and B-pillars?

>that's a whole lot of implying
It is! I implied you were a danger and should be in jail. No, wait, I just flat-out said exactly that.

>Are you projecting?
"Everyone needs a $200 (lol) back-up camera" (because I need one) is projection. "You are a dangerously incompetent driver" is simple fact.

He right though

>5500 lb. Suburban
Good job cherry picking. And yes, a 2016 Suburban gets better mileage than a Suburban made ten, twenty years before it. Now if we consider new Corollas, Civics, Cruzes, Fit etc and compare them to economy cars from ten and twenty years ago, not only do you see they're also more economical, they also do so while being better equipped, and still quite affordable, sticker and at the pump.

Sorry you're such a shit driver that a backup camera automatically made you a danger to everyone around you because you don't know how to look up. By the way, I was arguing on his side.
Your arguments about pillars and whatnot are inane because I ride a motorcycle, and I know people like you pussy out of motorcycles because they're "unsafe". But to discuss about pillars, do you know how to adjust a fucking mirror? Oh wait, you barely can, it's manual. Back before my mother's Suburban was stolen, that rearview camera was a dream, I had a much wider field of vision over the rear view mirror, with a much closer view of what was behind me. I could back up into trailers without a spotter because I had a view right from the hitch. My cousin's Versa has a guide to measure distance. You don't get this from a rear view mirror. The only dangerously incompetent driver is the one who truly overestimates his abilities.
He's not. He's making shit up.

You can get a 2015 poverty spec Cruze for 12k that'll do 50mpg if you drive like a grandma. If you wan't a cheap new car buy a base model and don't load it up with a bullshit list of overpriced options.

I bet you "need bluetooth", well, way to go you're part of the problem.

oh shit i remember that thread.

Or look at the Golf, it needs pretty much the same amount of fuel as the first Golf.

Doubt it. Especially when you consider the wear.

There is probably some code you can punch into the radio or a switch inside it that you can flick to enable it.

Oscilloscope companies do this all the time as well. The hardware and software is all there, they just disable it with a line of code to get you to pay more money.

So... You think everyone needs to be a perfect driver in order to be on the roads, and you hate safety?

That's despite the new Golf being a lot larger and heavier.

The Golf I Diesel (1.5 and 1.6L) needs 6,5L/100km, the Golf VII needs 5l/100km.

Here are some real tests on the fuel consumption of the diesel Golf, the most efficient ones are golf 3 and 4

Mostly due to bullshit added to the car and secondary weight gains.

Not necessarily. Some cars put the backup camera screen in the mirror. My mom's Chevy Traverse has a smaller display off to one side of the mirror. It's totally invisible unless you're using it. You could also put it on a gauge cluster display.

>a screen in the Mirror
But why?
You already have a mirror to look.

You've never used a backup camera, have you?

I did, my dad´s car has one and I drove it a few times.


What happens if its snowy out or a muddy road?

Is there a real mirror the too in case of that?

That heavivily depends on the car, I can see more rearwards in my 107 than in my dads 508.

Just adjust your side mirror appropriately and you don't need that.

Or you simply look rearwards.

Seems like an expensive thing waiting to break. I'll stick to the blind spot mirror LEDs.

Or you can use both. And you can glance at that screen much faster than towards your mirrors.

I've lost track of the number of times people with side cameras or side sensors go to change lanes into me.

The other day some bitch in a truck with backup sensors and a backup camera backed up into me.

People are just going to start ignoring all these extra safety features.

Indeed, also cars nowerdays get almost as heavy as tanks.

>MUST have a back up cam

Keep your fucking kids off the street.

backup cameras are great for blind spot shits in parking lots. pedestrians do not give one fuck and stand there and tie their shoes. what's wrong with bluetooth? lets you keep the phone in your pocket and one touch and you're talking. cuts down on people losing a hand holding the phone.

See... you NEED all this useless bullshit then complain that cars are too heavy.....

They make sense for big transport vehicles like a Mercedes Sprinter, but why the hell do you need to have one on a hatchback or roadster?

Because 6 million children are backed into every year, goyim!

camera, cables, and screen cannot possibly weigh more than 10 pounds, bluetooth modules are smaller than USB flash drives. There's a way to do this properly.

I don´t need anything special on my car, since I got mine used I got power steering (don´t need that) and ABS (might come in handy) and a small radio.
That is already more than I need and my car is 3/4 metric tons.
I still consider this as to heavy, I´m thinking about removing the spare tire and rear seats, maybe the power steering to.
I would literaly see less with a rear camera than without one.

>i'm too retarded to operate a radio that isn't from the stone age
why am i not surprised

Lets add power seats while were at it.
Lets heat and cool those seats while were at it.
Lets add 90 speakers while were at it.
Lets add a 20sq meter sunroof while were at it.

Now you're at 4000lbs for a sedan.

What do you need a fancy tuch screen cinema-radio for?
You can´t do more than lisening to music while driving.

>I would literaly see less with a rear camera than without one
True plus you can't see what's going on from the sides.

you're dodging the radio and backup cam which is what the thread is about. none of these belongs in a sports car and I will give you that most manufacturers go overboard with it all, but there's a way to do it properly.

Both required and optional stuff adds up to a lot of weigh

>complicated subframes/bodies with crumple zones
>airbags everywhere
>emissions equipment
>heavily padded seats
>sound proofing
>interior trim

Its nothing you'd ever think to weigh that much, but add it all up and you'll see

>you belong in jail

Nope. They belong on the bus. With all the other anti-car people who can't be bothered to do something well, so just doing a shitty job of it will be OK.


I would like to see the car that has 90 speakers.

I don´t know how many this one has, but I think it has enough.

Hypothetical sitution:

>go to do G2 drivers retest in 2018
>failed the test in December 2017 because I used my backup camera
>fail test in 2018 because I didn't use my backup camera

Cameras won't help stupid people. I got hit walking through a parking lot the other day by some retard in a Prius. I'm 6'2, not exactly easy to miss when I'm standing behind your car.

I can see the appeal of safety features but the problem isn't that cars aren't safe enough already, it's that most drivers aren't paying attention to anything and technology is going to make them even lazier. Why turn your head when you have lane assist and cameras?

>get in my restored AE86 with NewRoad
>make breath test to check if I´m sober
>make blood test to check if I´m not high
>finaly can start car
>need to refuel with E100 for 7,99€/l
>drive down the mountain passes blasting Eurobeat
>getting realy into this
>exceed the speed limit of 60 km/h
>get a ticket, 2 more and I lose my manual driving licence
>slow down and drive home
>refuel again
>hear people telling stories about the 2010s when driving manual was the norm
>when Trump almost got president
>when whites still existed
>they must be Nazis, since they have opinions different from madam president