Just bought a Audi S8, planning on upgrading its ECU so it has around 700hp

Just bought a Audi S8, planning on upgrading its ECU so it has around 700hp.

How did I do?

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What did you pay for it?

Rs7 better

congrats on the status car, enjoy the gold diggers



Post bread on hood or gtfo. Also you absolutely do not belong here so gtfo anyways.

this is a board full of mcdonalds workers

they'll act like you bought a bad car, say it's shit then proceed to jerk off to the thought of having one

You dun got fucked.


t. Poorfags

I'd post that snarky gif of JLaw going "okay..." if I had it.

Not about owning the car, but making 700hp on that platform with a tune.


That's fucking nuts 200+hp with just a tune

Yep, it took some random company with a dubious claim to find that 200hp that engineers from the largest auto company left on the table

I am still calling bullshit.

100 octane gas and what psi? I'd love to see how long that car lasts maxed out, and what pussy-whipped dyno they tested it on

>Rs7 better
If you never plan to carry adults in the rear, that is.

But I can if I just run 110 Octane racing gas.

Lol good luck not grenading your engine

This douchebag is my spirit animal

Not OP, but if he has a Plus model, 700 is not unfeasible at all, both MTM and ABT, which aren't exactly two-blokes-in-a-shed outfits, offer software packages that'll put him north of that mark.

You can? Unlikely, at least not for very long. Anyone who believes in these magic tunes has never actually had one.

And that's on regular, so a non-Plus S8 on 100 octane might make it as well.

Anyway. OP, you've done well, especially if you didn't spec a black interior. Post pics, you cunt.

you never actually had a tuned turbo car have you?

>not buying an Audi new
>not buying an Audi in warranty period
It's like you like paying for repairs

you're not getting that 200hp without a better flowing exhaust combined with racing gas and a complete decatting, it says loud and clear. read the fucking chart

Of course not, because I understand how cars work. I have fixed many when they come in after being "tuned" and run so rich that they throw codes or die if they encounter any condition other than 70 degrees F at 0 altitude. Very few people on earth can take a fuel map on a car made in 2016 and make an improvement on it vs. what the OEMs came up with. Those that can aren't selling shitty canned tunes on the internet, and they aren't promising ridiculous numbers.

>you're not getting that 200hp
Should have just stopped there

yes, and those very few are these well established TUNING houses such as gemballa, RUF, ABT, 9ff, weistec, but what the fuck do they know, right mate?

>advocating not clicking on the link and reading the fine print


You got a link to their 100hp+ tunes?



>no response