2 seaters

2 seaters

Has anyone who owns a 2 seater car really wished they had 4 doors?

Im looking at going from 4 doors/5 seat down to a 2 seater because im young and dont really "need" it but I want a bit of fun, I very occasionally use my boat like a ferry

Car will be a Ute so lack of storage space is no issue

>pic semi but really not related

I went from a Corolla that seated 4 comfortable with luggage room for all, to an AW11 that seats 2 and barely has luggage room for 2.
It's annoying sometimes, I can only use two small suitcases in the trunk, but once you understand how much room you have its not bad.
I love the fact that I'm never the one ferrying people around.

Any car can become a 2 seater if you lay down the back row or remove the back seats.

Whate exactly is a Ute, a pickup? I have a 2 door 3 seat Tundra and it's great but occasionally I need to transport more than 2 people and have to borrow a car.
So yeah there is the one drawback but 99% of the time it's not a problem.

Last car was a 2dr 4 seater but may as well been a 2 seater as only small children could ride back there. Current car is 2 seater. It's my daily. While it would be nice to have a bit more space for day to day shenanigans, 2 seater v8 makes it worth it.

I never used the extra two seats on my last car for more than random shit I was too lazy to take our of my car.

It's just extra weight.

If I could, I'd have one seat. But the minimum in most cars is two.

I DD'd a regular cab pickup for almost 9 years and didn't miss having a back seat. It does suck having to fit everything you want locked and safe in the passenger seat/behind the seat though.

Essentially the same
A ute is based off a sedan though, so you just cut off the rear seats and have a tray the whole way back
>pic related

They are commonly powered by stupid fun V8's and manuals which is what im looking for

Own a 2 seater and very rarely do i wish i had more seats. great to have when you dont want to become your friends taxi

mmm that does sound fun

Modern el camino.

I drive a 2 door pickup, and I love it. It'll sit 3 inside fine, and like 8 in the bed. Never wished for more doors

New trucks, at least mine (2008 RAM), have a pretty significant space behind the seats.

I just got something that has suicide doors so it looks like a two door but can act like a four door

>Has anyone who owns a 2 seater car really wished they had 4 doors?
Yes. I mean I own a 4 seater with 2 doors (a coupe) although it's practically a 2 seater since the rear seats are literally so shit tier that they're uncomfortable to sit on due to how the body curves.

But yeah it annoys me as fuck desu. I thought I wouldn't have a problem with it but I do. I can't use my car as an uber taxi, I can't easily load things onto the rear seats, can't even get people into my car really.

I have a 2 seater and it's pretty annoying. Well, I guess the 944 is technically a 4 seater, but the back seats aren't designed for humans.

Bikes are much more fun for minimalists and the power to weight ratio shits on cars.

Keep ferry to haul, buy bike for the rush.

Let's be honest: You neckbeard:-virgins don't even need two seats.

It's great not being a taxi, and gives a nice racecar feel. Went from a corolla to a 350z, no ragrets. I've never needed to drive more than one person at a time. Do it OP.

>2 seater
>4 doors
Is this about space or number of doors?
I own a five seat coupe. I'm also young but I also have friends..

Nope, I have a 2 door Integra and it has more then enough room for all my needs. I was even fine with DDing an SW20 MR2 besides one time that I had a passenger and to many groceries and had to cram a couple bags in the front trunk.

Op is going from a sedan I assume to a ute which is 2 seats, and tonnes of cargo space