Which one as a first car?

Which one as a first car?
Im albanian sorry for the language.
I can pay for maintenence and insurance since its cheap here everyone has a german car.
The car will be used mostly on short drives to university and back home but also on long family drives on vacation.

A4 if you can swing the maintenance

E46. Those are all shit.

Don't get a Jetta

t. Jetta Expert

First car?
Pay 500$ drive the thing like there is no tommorow and thats it.

That is what everyone first car should be.
Once youll have done all your shit then move to what you offered us.

this guy is right get a twingo or a 530(not diesel).

Don't buy the Audi A4 S-line 2.0 Turbo, Quattro.

I owned that exact vehicle. That was the vehicle that made me not only appreciate German engineering, but also swear them off completely.

Amazing performance. Especially if you do APR upgrades, and suspension tuninget.

But Jesus christ, maintenance killed me. I was a technician at the time, and even doing the labor myself was costly.

>Clutch and flywheel was $2,000.
>cam-follower exploded, and needed a new camshaft and high pressure fuel pump.
>piece of cam-follower killed the turbo
>ballast for HID went out

German cars are amazing... but also very expensive to maintain and repair.

The 530d. Its kind of old now but still a great car.
The rest are shit.

I'd also consider a W211 Mercedes if I were you. I have a 2005 E320 CDI

im not here for the memes

whats wrong with diesel?
why are u suggesting twingo and a bmw how are those 2 related

It's not a meme. Better and correct layout compared to the a4 and the e60 is junk and jettas are shit too.


the twingo is cheap so its a good choice
the 530 is a good car its inline 6 is smooth as fuck and you get a decent amount of power.

Diesel are shit because they smell, make shitload of vibration and are the equivalent of a 4 cylinder mustang. A BMW should have a smooth naturally aspirated inline 6.


Toyota corolla or honda civic

haha :^)

They're pieces of shit that people romanticize so they don't feel like the idiots they are for buying them

>t. civic owner

>Im albanian
>here everyone has a german car
please stop stealing our cars
t. germanon

I'm sorry
want a hug in return?


For your first car, get a cheapo one. Play with it.


>want a hug in return?
yes, please
at least you are keeping our economy rolling

my advice would be to get an e36 or e46 with the biggest engine you can find/afford
a first car should be cheap and old enough that you won't cry over a few dents in the bodywork
but powerful enough to have some fun and force you to learn how to drive it before killing yourself
also get a manual, automatics are for old people and muricans

i wanted a manual but its mostly a family car and my parents are paying for it so its their right to choose that

>albanian thread
>bawwww german cars are too expensive to maintain yadda yadda
>lives in the us
shut up already

get the audi or bmw senpai

Halogen lights on the BMW, eewwww.

>all 4 are automatics