Compare the Nissan GT-R and the Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Compare the Nissan GT-R and the Chevrolet Corvette Z06.


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Z06 looks better, sounds better, and comes with a manual. Give me a Corvette, I don't care about lap times.

>found gms marketing team

corvette > memet-r anyday
the gtr is the ugliest car i've ever test driven lmao
chebby makes engines so good even obscure italian companies use them

Tbh I'll take the corvette. I've driven a Z06 in manual and there was just something raw in driving it that I loved, whereas the gtr is an over-computerized "car" that might as well be a ps4 (I know that's a meme, but it's absolutely true).

Top Trims are cars that no one on Veeky Forums will ever own. So, it really doesn't matter to any of us which out performs the other. The GTR's warranty is void if you use it's launch control. The Z06 needs it'a warranty if you reach 500 miles on it. And both can be surpassed in performance with a shitbox with a quarter of the money tossed into it. Need I go on?

Looks are subjective. And the auto Vette is faster than the manual. Meh.

> make engines so good that they are the hottest engines on the street, so hot that they catch on fire

There is nothing "raw" about a C7Z manual. It just makes you sound like you never driven a fast car with a manual until the C7Z. Drive a 600+rwhp Foxbody MT, a 600+rwhp Firehawk MT, or a 600+rwhp RX7 MT and you'lol know what driving a car with raw power and know what a raw driving experience is like. The C7Z might as well be called "driving assist" for manuals.

GM marketing team working overtime ITT

Cornering the poorfag otist market yet again

For a stock car in the current year? It's about as raw as you get (obvious exception is viper, perhaps others)

>both can be surpassed by a modded shitbox

You are delusional

A 100k worth of mods will not make your Civic better than either and you're retarded if you think otherwise

> about as raw as you can get
> with all these exceptions
> Viper, Roush Stage 3, Saleen 302, Challenger Hellcat, BMW M3, Caterham 7, Focus RS, Golf GTi CS, WRX STi, and who else knows what
> because the new Vette manual trans has driver assists
> but about as raw as you can get, right guys?

I didn't say every shitbox, I said a shitbox. Foxbody, C4, FC, Supra Mk3, S13, and so forth.

>focus rs,golf gti,wtx sti, and who knows what else

for when you want a fucking boat on wheels

They won't be faster no matter what you do them

I guess we're just going to ignore a bunch of experienced drivers that actually drive a bunch of different cars for a living in favor of a random nobody on Veeky Forums.

The GTR's warranty is not void if you use LC.

I'm not saying the GTR is the best car anymore, it's still pretty good but Veeky Forums memes are retarded. In a world of electric power steering it's not bad at all.

As a new GTR owner of about 1 month, holy fuck it is a great car. I've driven a few corvettes before but not the new Z06 yet but I'm glad they both exist.
If you want a decently comfortable car that you can daily drive but still have incredible power at any given moment I wouldn't take anything else in the same price range.
Also the attention is kind of nice, I didn't spend that much money to not get noticed, the Z06 blends in a lot more because most people view it as "another corvette" but plenty of people lose their shit when they see a GTR.

I'll agree that the Hellfat isn't an idea car to buy to mod, but the manuals in the Hellcats are basic as fuck and have no assist. So, you'll get that raw manual feel out of it.

The C7Z runs a quarter mile in 10.9 sec. Are you really telling me no one has gotten any of those cars to run quicker times? In fact, you really think you can't mod the shit out of any of those cars at half the price of the C7Z and not run faster lap times? Sounds like you've never modded a car or been around modded cars in your life.

> People lose their shit when they see a gtr

Normies just look at it and think "oh look some shitty chinese Porsche ripoff how funny"

No one likes your jap crap, weeb nerd

>launch control voids gtr warranty
>using a feature that comes with the car voids the warranty

How and why would this make sense?


I point you to

It's retarded, but it's a thing.

You're a retard. R Mode Start/launch control in all recent GT-Rs is covered under warranty. You're digging up stupid shit from years and years ago.

True, that newer models have it set where LC cannot be done while the VDC is turned off, but older models couldn't use the LC without turning the LC off. They remedied this with newer models having a cool down period if you launch the car four times in a row.

But, all warranties still say that any damages occurring while the VDC is turned off is not covered by the warrantee. Even on the newer models.

* couldn't use the LC without turning the VDC off

In response to the lawsuit Nissan flashed the launch control for all GT-Rs to a new version that wouldn't grenade the transmission. Anything with VDC off otherwise isn't going to damage the car. That clause is just to cover their ass.

Neat. Did they also make them dinner? Because I at least like getting fed before I get fucked.

You don't tell me what to do

Give me an E30 and 50k and I'll make both the GTR and C7 Z06 cry.

I dunno why you're so concerned. It sucks to be the people that had to go through it but in the end Nissan stopped being retards and covered the people that grenaded their transmissions and updated launch control so it wouldn't do it again.

i love chebby

Performance aside, the GTR is objectively cooler if you live in America. GM fanboys can't argue that

A Corvette would be cooler in Japan though.

Less common = more exotic


does it really look like i care what a ruski or an underage negro with nothing to do think about my favorite sub-70k car
because i honestly don't
i'm buying a used z06 next year and there's nothing any of you can do about it

1:25.70 1:27.10

two nukes weren't enough


>Literally hurt feelings


GM fangirls on suicide watch

I'm not concerned. I'm just messing with peeps. I really don't care for the GTR or the Corvette.


Two planes weren't enough either.



There it is again.
Amerifats on suicide watch.

Honestly at this point I don't know why we keep having these threads. The 991 Turbo S is better than the R35 GT-R. The Corvette isn't really the same thing considering that it's an RWD car.

Because who do you think is starting them?

triggered gm fangirls???

You mean the 918 Spyder? Because the Nismo is #6 on the Nur. The 918 is #3. The GT2 RS is #11 and then it trickles down from there for Porsche.


The 911 Turbo S is definitely faster than the base R35 now. The Nismo is probably close and needs the N Attack Pack to put it over the top, which is really closer to a tuner car than anything else. I'm not even sure the suspension adjustment switch in the car will do anything once you get the N Attack Pack:

t. Niel
Stay btfo

But still kekd

or will it?

Obviously by that point the car you're modding is no longer fit on the streets but on the track...