240 years of independence and that's the best they can do

>240 years of independence and that's the best they can do

No this is

Creative post, I heard that same line from Clarkson's mouth on the most recent episode of GT.

blown the fuck out

>tfw marching on the drill pad at basic in the sun seeing a fuck ton of Challengers in the streets
They'll always represent freedom to me and I really want one even though I like mustangs more

How will euroshits ever recover?

could always post the Dodge Viper

I don't need to I love american cars, problem are the yurop busriders

The Ford GT is functionally the same as the McLaren 675LT. Nothing that hasn't been done before.

Americans should be more proud of this god machine which is distinct from anything Europe has made. Keeps up with 200k supercars, howls like an angry god, simple but well engineered, doesn't sacrifice driver involvement for a better spec sheet, looks cool as fuck.

>looks cool as fuck
Mullet pls go. Agree with your other points though

For some reason it looks like a drooling retard in that picture. Maybe it's the yellow paint job.

ford btfo of everyone again

Two can play this, friend

Boomer trash cars

>not loving all cars from all years

This is cancer, friend

personally I love cadillacs but I agree with your post becouse cadillac doesn't offer a v8 and i want american barge (ct6) with a large v8

Nice antisemitic racist brand hick

>giving a shit about spooks

>that one time chrysler made a tantrum in nascar because they couldn't compete with the ford cammer

absolutely BTFO

irrelevant twaddle

kill yourself, nigger.

>over 400 years of existence and this is the best they can do

>brand owned by pooinloo company
>best they can do isnt even theirs