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>but they're totally unrelated
yeah i guess since the drz completely outperforms the wr, its not fair to compare them.



Should I even consider a rebored engine?



How the fuck do forks crack like that?







To me it means it has been overheated and flogged out so bad it needed oversizing.

No beuno

Landing like a scrub.








Is there a premium sub-600 bike around (discontinued or in current production, don't matter)?

I'm talking the Superleggera or HP4 of small bikes, not the Made in Taiwain :^) NewMarket(tm) single-cylinder faux-sportbike bullshit that keeps getting shoved onto showroom floors.







is that a stunt cuck under the bike?

looks like it


Are there any modern V4's without huge engines?

Post pieces of shit

Just look at those strips, im really glad this happened.




It’s Always Your Fault, No Matter What
Here’s the thing about riding a bike: you’re taking your life into your own hands. There’s no steel safety cage, no airbags, no crumple zone, its just you and your wits against the world. If you ask me, that’s what makes riding so great, but it also means you need to make a fundamental shift in your thinking. It doesn’t matter what it says on the police report or the insurance papers or that the teenage chick was texting her boyfriend when she hit you; all that matters is she hit you. And you could have prevented it, you needed to, it’s your life, not hers.

So go out there and actively take your own life into your own hands. No excuses. Someone hit you from behind at a stop light? Why weren’t you flashing your brake lights? Why didn’t you slow down early to bring them to a controlled stop? Why were you stopped in the lane and not on the margin?

Car turn left in front of you? Why didn’t you see it coming? Why couldn’t you brake harder? Why weren’t you more visible?

You have the tools to ride safely, it’s up to you to use them. No one else is going to do it for you.

bet he just walked that off


More like hispter cuckboi sissy trap fagget beta nu-male piece of shit cuckold bike.

ok m8

That's pigfat and low power

Post the full version where there are drumsticks all over the road

vfr1200. the 800 vtec is for cucks and 800 5th ge a goat.


Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth?

pigfat but it 100hp on the rear is pretty good imo.

Tfw double cuck

>He thinks that typing is speaking

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Talking bout the drz400 again?

>he is clinically reatrded

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post boipucci other trap user

kek. what a fag. he didnt even save the pics with the good filename

that's a huge engine I want under 750

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Me on the left

one day you will own a bike

where's her gear

It's really not considering 600 CC have up to 140 HP


KEK, he thinks his dick works.

why don't you spend all day at home away from the danger?

No I want a performance bike with a V4 and VFR is not a performance bike

>he dosent own a biek

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Hey just get a nice cheap plentiful yzr500

do you know how dangerous a crack house is? i am safe at the library while posting here about fukting mums

qt. wood smash on touge.

if youre askin about this shit, you clearly dont know about bikes and probably cant afford an aprilia.

>nobike: the post

>virgin: the post

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That's quite the speculation. Seems like everybody is having the same amount of trouble as me trying to name a small engined V4


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>he thinks motorcycle pants would have prevented a broken leg

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its like you really are retarded.

All of aprilia's Small Engine bikes are twins or singles

How would you know? Unless you go there.



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I feel like a VERY high percentage of crashes and deaths on bikes can be avoidable, and that a vast number of people bring it on themselves due to the way they ride (things like that Bakerx video and the R1). It's annoying because I've got to hear people talk about how 'dangerous' bikes are and come up with anecdotal stories of "my brother in law died on a bike" when in my head I'm thinking its a high chance they could of avoided it.

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>more than one person disagrees

Such is the intelligence of the meek.

was he the guy who hit the semi head on?

>I am deluded: the post

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