Why are people so triggered by a GTR?

Why are people so triggered by a GTR?

because fanboys

Because it's SO CLOSE to affordable, but 99% of the people on this board will never even drive one. So they shit on it while justifying their shit boxes with 100 hp. They say "it has no soul" because some faggots on a car review blog said so. They say it's "pigfat" as if that matters, it's still faster than almost every car out there.
Basically people hate what they can't have, and they nitpick shit that is irrelevant even though no car is perfect.

It's fuckugly.

Yeah, sure, it's the cost, not the driving characteristics. All car owners ever want is better lap times. That's it.

>hop on over to bikes where literally everything short of a motoGP replica or italian sportbike is affordable
>you can get a 600cc sportbike for the same price as a 1000cc sportbike by hopping brands
>even hurleys are cheap (used)
>"fuck literbikes they're not fun, top speed is for faggots, racing in your class a best"

Because they're triggered by facts

It is the cost you dumb faggot. Of the gtr was attainable every faggot here would love it.

comparing bikes to cars LOL. Tard. Even the best bikes are slower on a track than average sports cars.
>muhhhhh highway pulls!!!!

bikes are fun as fuck to drive

once you go fast on a bike going fast in a car doesn't do it for you anymore. There's no other way to describe it. Have you ever ridden a bike?

Yes, I've owned 7. I've posted them here many times. It's still a retarded comparison. A bike is fun, but you can't compare it to a car. It's like comparing a bob sled to a motorcycle.

true. people who care about lap times don't drive well enough for lap times to even matter. What bikes?

And people still buy them because going fast for what you have is more fun than having a fatass ground tourer that you can get good laps out of without even trying (not for what you have, but compared to what other people have)

Lap times compared to dissimilar vehicles = worthless.

Why cant you just except the fact you will never drive a 900hp gtr on Tokyo highway with hot asian grill beside you?

Because I'd rather drive a 200hp saturn ion down a rally course with a hot white girl by my side and keep the GTR as a garage queen and status symbol

this, it looks like a stretched 350


because the speed limit is 80 km/h in Japan, the streets are full and I could do that with a scooter just as well


that rpm and power jump between 1971 and 1972

11 and 7 are trash but 5 was trying (successfully) to mimic the r34 so it's aiight

>gtr was destined to look like ass since all the way back in 01
well thats neat to know i guess

I like its look better than the current one

R32 was the initial D dream

GTR is your generic sport car owned by every middle class trash on lease. It's fat, it's bland looking, shit interior, awful dated gearbox. One word comes to mind: redundant.

R32 is the youthful wish.
GTR is the middle age crisis consumerism.

i personally dislike exotics
>r34 was a powerful car for its time but also an acceptable 4-seater with good trunkspace, basicly like a modern bmw 4 series
>r35 looks like a fucking tank
>r35 lost all semblance of an excentric family car
>everything about it screams "look at me, i'm a wannabe supercar"
in the off chance i ever got hands on an r35 i'd sell it immediately for an r34 v-spec and an fd spirit-r

>inb4 ur opinion a shit
yes, but it's my opinion

This. This is exactly why the r35 is bad.

I associate it with speed, not fun

basically this

I don't get why is makes Veeky Forums so butthurt either
>GTR is your generic sport car owned by every middle class trash on lease
Ha, good one. I think the car your thinking of is the corvette

meant for

>I think the car your thinking of is the corvette

The GTR is basically the Japanese Corvette.

new one doesn't have the same impression on me as the r32 and r34

Remember when the 1st Fast and Furious came out and every closet-weeb was running around with their Monster energy drinks and flat brim wigger hats going "OMFG SUPRA"

Now those same jobless faggots run around going "OMFG GTR". Does it mean the car is bad? Hell no. It means some of the fanbase are weebs.

I'll admit- the GTR is an impressive machine. Well all-around. I own a GT500SS- a good number of GT500 owners "upgrade" to the GTR and say the GT500 was faster but the GTR is much more enjoyable to drive. I can see that.

The whole Z06/ZL1/GT500/Hellcat/GTR argument is retarded. It's a simple matter of preference because a minute percentage of people on this planet are experienced/skilled enough to drive the cars well enough to conpare them perfectly.

If you like it, you like it.

Only opinions that are wrong are:
Lifted trucks (extremely gay)
Stance (flamboyantly gay)

>Fast & Faggot


>Fast and Furious 1 release date: June 2001
>Monster energy release date: April 2002
get your shit straight user

>Lifted trucks that never go offroading or are lifted just to try to look good


True. True off-road vehicles are cool. Those faggots in stack-diesels that roll around spitting chewing tobacco can die a slow death.

So nobody after June 2001 watched F&F1?

Perhaps the F&F series was a catalyst for the douchiest cultural change the US has ever seen.

It's a good car, but it's fanbase is annoying

>the infinities shitting up the GTR's

Filthy mudbloods

>le southpark meme xD

FUCK off Alphonse