What's the one thing you see in a used car listing that immidiately makes you have zero interest in buying it?

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No odometer reading

Literally any aftermarket part is all you need to know to learn the previous owner is a moron.

>huge ricer far can

>car is listed as a manual
>interior shots show it's an auto

people who cover their license plate with their disgusting finger. Those who are guilty of that includes cumskins, nigs, and spics. fucking groce

i actually email/text sellers that theyve listed as a manual. and they either dont reply or go "ok thanks ill fix it" and never fix it.

>doesn't start, $10 part needed

When wheels are referred to as rims.


that will usually kill my interest

>t. dealercuck

its ok senpai. i dont judge you for enjoying tyrones sloppy seconds

A BMW badge

These are tires.

Went and looked at an M3 once that was listed as a manual, got there and sure enough it's a fucking SMG.

I wish sites like Autotrader would crackdown on the faggots who do this, unless it has three pedals and a gear stick it has no fucking business being listed as a manual.

It's worse in YouTube comment sections when people are like "it's an automatic" and then a brigade of kids arrive who are like "no dude it's a dual clutch xddd".

This is a rim.

No shit. The fuck does that have to do with my post?

> The car was not cleaned and washed for the pictures in the offer

This is a wheel.

Thats a wheel you nigger.
Thats a wheel with tire

>looking at Subarus
>COBB anything
>dropped it like it's hot

It was a build up.

That's a wheel, you ignorant nigger.

That's a tire mounted on a wheel.

Sorry, didn't realize you were a baiting faggot before I began replying to you.

Pic related are rims.

no valid inspection

this is in a country where inspections are required, so no inspection means something's broken and too expensive to fix.

Those are wheel covers. Sometimes called beauty rings.

The technical term for the metal part that a tire attaches to is "rim." And is listed as such in parts catalogs.

No it isn't. Only niggers, and nigger loving children call wheels rims.

>check engine light is on, but it just needs a $100 fix!

Home schooled?

The complete thing, tire and rim is a wheel.

>Obvious spelling errors ie "NEW BREAKS"
>covering the license plate
>listing 1xx,000 miles as 1xx miles to fuck the filter up
>habla espanol
>salvage title but "perfect"
>fucking million tags to flag the listing for any search ie "mazdafordmustangcamaroporchsesupraniggerstonguemyanus"
>not interested in selling, just testing the waters

People who do one or more of these things should be systematically gassed.

No. You are wrong, and nothing you can say is going to change that. The wheel is the metal ring the car rides on. A tire is a rubber ring that protects the wheel and softens the ride.

no you fucking idiot. that's a wheel with a tire wrapped on it

>A tire is a rubber ring that protects the wheel and softens the ride.
Those are the secondary objectives of a tyre, or a side-effect of sorts. Tyres are there to provide grip for the rim. The steel or aluminium rim doesn't recieve good friction on it's own.

Funfact: the colour of tyres used to be white until synthetic rubber became popular.

>has a little rust

>Says someone who buys new is getting sloppy seconds
>Is actually getting sloppy seconds by buying used

Usually anything from dealers
>search particular model
>181725171 irrelevant cars from dealers

I also pretty much drop anything advertized under $100 because I could probably spend hours looking through vehicles being sold for """$1"""

Anything other than a clean title.

You must be fun at parties

When the price could buy me a new car.

>has a gasoline engine

he is correct

No, both of you being stupid doesn't make you right. A wagon wheel without a tire is still a wheel. Unless you're really going to try and tell me it's a wagon rim.

Salvage Title

>in Spanish
>in caps
>salvage title
>doesn't state the car mileage

Automatic transmission

ffs millennials

That doesn't refute a single thing I've said. Good try tho. Actually it was an awful attempt and you should feel bad.

Spelling errors.

>habla espanol

>all it needs is [$20 part]. I just don't have the time to fix it!

Pictures at dumb angles. If youre not showing everything, you're hiding something.

who needs logic right
typical closed minded liberal

>woman owned
>no service history

You know what's worse?

The car is listed as automatic when it is actually a manual. It is literally invisible online to someone who wants to buy it unless they happen to look at the pictures.

I imagine some idiot buying that shit thinking its an auto then getting confused by the funny stick with the numbers on it

I once saw a used orange riced out Dodge Dart for sale. It had a salvage title because the previous owner was "an old lady who wasn't good with manual and ran it into a telephone pole" ...because old ladies totally buy orange manual Darts...

boomer typing, with "..."s


Anything listed as a dollar, a cash down payment or with no price pisses me off. I've actually called these slime bag dealers and offered them a $1 for their car, then when they hang up I call again with a different number and ask them about every car on their lot to waste their time and hopefully make them lose money.

Fucking JEW-lerships.

>LIMITED 2352/12566321

Do you think you're some kind of le super clever troll? Because spouting meme buzzwords isn't trolling, it's retarded.

Voted for Trump, faggot.

... is called an ellipsis

Anyone who writes a long ass blog post about some shit that doesn't matter to the car. Will always mean they think their memories are worth money. you aren't a celebrity. Worse when they play it like this story will have some detail that is going to matter or something that happened that you may want to know about and then it's just nothing.

>had a knock when I got it that I intended to fix
>the knock as worsened since then and I don't have time to fix it so that's why I'm selling it
>other than that it runs great!

>It's a total fucking piece of shit that starts once in a red moon in certain conditions and will probably get you killed on the way home but other than that it works great!!!!!!!!!!!

This. Don't buy cars "modded" by those under 30.
Owned by a "minority"

I only buy from original owner, private party or dealer. If you aren't poor, buy from a mfg dealer. You'll save yourself the hassle.

Non bolt on aftermarket parts and engine swaps.
Aftermarket steering wheels and racing seats are an automatic no

>he'll buy a slushbox
shame on you.

>Runs great, am only selling because [shit that doesn't matter]
>covering up license plate number with thumb
>"No problems"

Why does covering a license plate = dropped?

It's like you want your car to be stolen

When the description tells me what the car isn't

>2003 BMW 325i NOT 323 320 318 AUDI MERCEDES A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 SAAB VAUXHALL VOLVO X5 X3 X2 X1 V70 V40 540 530 525 520 530

>all that curb rash
How can you even be this bad of a driver?

anti seize on the handbrake shoes


>Automatic transmission

It not being a Volvo 850

>previous owner was a woman
>may or may not have replaced timing belt
>overdue for a replacement but I can't afford it
>I live in fear

Dealer cars as for sale by owner. This includes tow yards and photos of cars with lines of other cars in the background.

>>overdue for a replacement but I can't afford it
Take out a loan if you have to dude. Way cheaper to replace a timing belt or even inspect it than it is to replace an engine.

no your wrong buddy

how do you know the seller is filipino

and whats your beef with filipinos, i mean if you were talking about swagapinos I understand but it seems like you straight hate all filipinos.

t. half filipino american


The words:

>Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Plymouth, Audi, BMW, Merc, Nissan, Ferd, GMC, Chebby, Saab, Fiat, Ferrari, Lamemborgini, Ghia, Seat, VW.
>'I know what I got", 'Hate to see it go' sentences because EVERYONE LIES.

Is English not your language senpai?

It's Veeky Forums

All non-whites are the devil and they don't take care of their cars and always put 32-inch wheels on everything and do their oil changes once every regime change

Actually, closemindedness is synonymous with (YOU) as a conservative.

It's a $20 part, dipstick.

I actually prefer female owners. They are less likely to fix shit themselves, and take their car to a mechanic instead.

I found a perfect specimen the other day but lo, and behold, the stupid faggot owner decided to spray paint the calipers red like it's a fucking 911 or something.

The mod itself isn't a big deal but if he was retarded enough to think that looked good, god knows what else he's done to it.

literally unobtainium

>diesel cancer
>diesel pos
>diesel autotragic
>diesel rustbucket
>just fucking diesel
>one gasoline and it's this fucking turd in pic related 300,000km for 3000yuropoop
>more diesel

The guys at Cobb are cool though, I used to know Ryan Cobb, brother/racer of the owner. Used to ride in their R35

This. Especially if the inspection runs out in a month or so. Usually means somethings so fucked that it wont pass and fixing it costs more than the cars worth.

>not interested in selling, just testing the waters
Why on earth would they put it up then? Ive never seen this.

leave reddit

They're all cunts who price jack their shit

Meaning the work was guaranteed to be done shittily.

>1 dollar listing
I don't even look at them because me and every single person on earth besides the people who do this shit know the car is going to be over priced as shit

you have proven my point

>blurry, portrait-mode pics

>list of mods

>[email protected]@K!

what's wrong with buying from a black guy or mexican? at worst they just mickey mouse their shit but nothing too big

>Has a lot of mods too many for me to remember

>title status: clean
>"rebuilt title"

this, the fucking shitstains who post anything for "$1" just so the poorfags like myself who sort by prices low to high get absolutely cucked by their shit

the anti seize goes on the backing plate to stop squeaking sounds, you dipshit. It belongs there, unlike you in this world.