The Real Understeer Simulator™

>The Real Understeer Simulatorâ„¢

If theres a reason why you are understeering its because you dont know how to drive to your cars restrictions desu

the understeer in gt4 was pretty stupid though

squeeky wheels simulator

More like "The Real Snap Oversteer Simulatorâ„¢"

Still miles better than its successors. The only better game on PS2 I can come up with is Enthusia. I only wish I could emulate either on my modestly-priced laptop.

Slieighty drift mod, only newfags don't know

I'm not the only one who thought the cars felt like they were driven by 110lb stick men driving a 1940s truck with a manual steering rack

I get understeer is an element of simulation, but when a purpose built race car is plodding through a turn despite straight line braking and proper application of the accelerator you know something is off with their physics

Forza 2 was better

Imo the physics in GT3 were better than 4.


You could get on the throttle so early in GT4 no matter how much power your car had and it still wouldn't kick out

They got it right in GT6 though imo, the physics feel great

mate you gotta play gt 5 or 6. the driving model in 4 and under is woefully unrealistic, tending to understeer most of the time

turn off TCS/ skid recovery force

I did, the physics are still fucked

play/emulate PSP version, they fixed physics
it's basically GT4 with R35 and Veyron but without single player story

That's project cars.

But it is not snap over steer. It is "can't drive"

I remember the first time driving without those on.

Did a 400ft one wheel peel in an N/A 300z coming out of a corner and I have never gone back

>Controller/Keyboard users.

Too broke for a wheel and pedals desu

That's your problem, not the game.

Works perfect on G25/27/29.

Implying anyone wants to drive understeer the car and rich kids play thing.

rich kids play ppsspp?

god no, the physics were so simplistic in gt3. throw super soft tires on everything and win races.

judging on purely the degree of realism and phyics,
GT or Forza?

I've played way more forza but always leaned towards GT when it comes to portraying a more accurate feel to driving

Still the better track selection of all the games, those city rallies were the shit.

the real autism simulator

You're over a decade too late in making this joke.

Turn off traction control.

No, that would be the first Juiced game which assumed anything RWD would kill you with snap oversteer in a corner, no matter the speed.

Are there any good car simulators?

Forza is always good.

My suomi car


assetto corsa

idk i have a logitech g27 and i thought it would be better. ferrarirs understeer at 70 kph round corners???? i drive irl and i can judge speed round corners and i swear i could take them faster in my peugeot

also if youre at like 20 kph and you turn the wheel abruptly the car understeers, thats not how it works irl. especially annoying round hairpins, you literally have to take hairpins at like 15 kph wtf, i can take them at 40 kph irl with the right line

Made me lol

The GT physics model has improved with each iteration of the game man. There was a style of driving for each game. You had to adapt. I don't really remember what it was like in any particular GT other than the original, which, after playing lots of GT5 and GT6, was incredibly difficult to drive with.

git gud, learn to shift weight
when you are driving IRL it's easier to judge the G-forces, that's why you have the ilusion of less understeer, because your driving is more precise IRL than in simulator

get in assetto corsa right now, go 30 kph and attempt a U turn around any track. see how much travel that requires. like x2 the travel IRL

you didn't read, did you?

i read, and i still want you to do this test. i know you feel body roll irl and you dont in assetto corsa

i believe that default FOV in AC is about 56, try to set it to 74 and feeling of speed will increase
it's much easier to go judge speed that way

i already set it to 70 or something but cars still understeer too much. try a u turn and you'll see

Are there any feedbacks from IRL pro racecar drivers on which vidya is as real as it gets?

GT3 / Super GT300 driver here.

None of the "simulators" available to the general public are particularly accurate, the industry-level simulation rigs used in higher-level competition such as F1 does pretty well.

You really shouldn't be looking for realism in console- or computer-games. Just play a game that you can have fun in. I personally like Gran Turismo due of the vastness of the car list, not because it's a near-perfect representation of real driving.

80% of the joy of racing comes from the feeling of being thrown sideways through corners, feeling the tarmac through the wheel and the seat, and being centimeters away from another car travelling 200kph alongside you.

I believe the introduction of VR into the average household is going to be the next big step for racing games.

In short, none of them. Just have fun.

F1 simulators literally all use rFactor 2
what you're saying is just typical bullshit of someone who "wants to believe" that there some secret, high-quality simulator that's not available for consumers for whatever reasons
do you also believe in quantum supercomputers in NSA? you seem like that kind of person

How's it feel like racing against an LMP-engined Prius?

then there's clueless dickheads like this
he was probably talking about the g-force simulators you knob jockey, fuck off pls and save yourself some face

LOWER THE FOV! Over 50 is WAY to high (single and triple monitor).

There probably are some similarities between the F1 simulation software and some of those "pc racing sim" games. But what you can't easily simulate is G-force, and maintaining a racing line and smooth inputs while the car's trying to throw you out of the window. If you enjoy rFactor 2, you should play that. That's all I'm getting at.

The APR Prius put down some solid runs this year, 1st place at Sugo and 2nd place at Motegi. Nakayama and Saga took 2nd place on the driver rankings. I'm personally really glad the Prius keeps coming back every season because when it first arrived in 2012 it put hybrid cars on the big-league racing map along with the TS-030.

Sorry I meant to quote:

I've played a shitton of gt4 and never had a problem with understeer. Maybe you should stop tuning your cars.

The Prius is too good. It's so good I hate it.
I'm still butthurt of its homologation being allowed just a few hours before the new regulations.
It could smoke an 86 all day. They go warp-speed off the corners, even putting the GT3-specs to shame.
I don't think it's the tires. The ARTA M6 also wear Bridgestones but they aren't even in the top 5 overall.

Yeah there has been a few controversies over the years regarding homologation. Look at Honda's HSV GT500 machine from a few years back. Not a single production car. And it dominated.

I don't believe the Bridgestone teams had any significant advantage. The electric motor's torque coming out of corners is one of the perks of these new hybrid cars. I'd say the racing leagues will tend to favor hybrid drives in the years to come, due to the publicity it generates for the road-going tree-hugging hybrids.

Like I said, I'm glad it's so competitive. It's a car you do not expect to be racing with GT3 machine such as the Nissan, Audi and Mercedes but it's up there and it's doing well. I personally want to see it bumped up to the GT500 class so it's out of my way hahahaha

slow down cracker

piger3 is best for this
r factor made me better at driving other sims
but the tracks and cars are sort of glitch

still better weight shifting than most "sims"