The Aventador is 2,030mm/79.9" wide

>the Aventador is 2,030mm/79.9" wide

Who thought this was a good idea?

well it's fast

Americans make their trucks and SUVs 80 inches wide and they constantly claim it's the best thing ever.

>ITT: OP designs performance cars for a living

Wider is better

t. peasant who lives in a city with narrow streets

why do poorfags complain about shit that doesn't affect them?

What are some small supercars?


I said supercar not hypercar

Supercars are generally short and flat, only wide. As for especially small ones, the first De Tomaso Pantera models weren't even 72 inches wide.

t. retard

Do you realise how fucking wide 80 inches is? It's stupidly wide for a car.

That's the point of lambos
They're supposed to be ridiculously over the top machines

countach and diabo are just as wide

my dick is 80 inches wide and it works just fine

are you mentally disabled?

it has stupid wide rear tires & a fuckload of power, no shit it needs to be wide

A Crown Victoria is 78.2" wide. 1.7" difference. You can handle it.

Well, how the fuck would they fit the V12 then? Make it a freight-train design?

>add more cylinders to a V-engine
>makes the car wider

lol wat?

>2 row cab truck with bed

>2 seat performance car

>same width

there's a fucking diference

What does the number of seating rows have to do with the width?

Does this satisfy your query?

Uh, they're different models. There's a Ranger on the left. The single cab Super Duty is exactly as wide as the crew cab Super Duty.


>there's a fucking diference

No there isn't. Jsut because it's a car or truck doesn't make the width any wider or narrower. 80 inches is still 80 inches.

Ford Mustang
1,916mm wide
Corvette C7
1,877mm wide
Nissan GTR
1,895mm wide
I have looked at quite a few cars and 1000mm is nothing to cry about
Huayra is 6mm wider

>Who thought this was a good idea?
The person who designed it to go at 200MPH?

If you want a car that's easy to get around in the city, buy a Fiesta.
If you want high speeds but also to be able to get around in a city, buy a superbike.
Want to go fast, look good, look rich, turn heads, and make lots of noise? Buy a Lambo.

>b-but these other pigfat barges are also really wide

Europoors and their compact cars are so cute.

Hummer H1 is a 2+2. It's 86" wide

Isn't that just a 4 seater? Whereas a 2+2 has 2 storage/children seats? (ala 911) also how wide is a dually f650

I didn't realize those needed clearance lights.

It is technically a 3/4 ton truck.

>pigfat barges
My pigfat barge is 76".

>Who thought this was a good idea?
Explain to me why it's a bad idea.

And don't say
>hurr durr muh cities
because it is a supercar, it isn't meant for cities and cities aren't meant for it.

>Populating a place with streets designed for horse drawn carriages and continuing to live in the dark ages.

Who thought this was a good idea?

all supercars are tiny. have you ever stood next to a Veyron?

muh historical remnents

Veyrons are pretty damn huge. They're like a R8 with a bodykit.

right, it is meant to sit inside and never get used.

>Who thought this was a good idea?
Passion decided


They're smaller in person. The R8 is about what I expected.

>It's double parking in the wikipedia image


Who thought making the Aventador slower than the Huracan was a good idea?

They're not made with sense in mind.

That's why people like them.

Because one is designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic and one is designed to carry a bunch of shit. I'll let you figure out which one would benefit more from some extra width.

I thought they were just autism lights
Didnt realize it was 80+ inches

any lotus, though I don't know if they're quite in the supercar range, just exotic sports cars

>AWD supercar

>Do you realise how fucking wide 80 inches is
Yes. As wide as an F-150. I don't see the problem. It's still low and sleek.

t. amerifat

Definitely not supercars, they're just light chassis with little toyota engines

What is this. Some kind of sick joke?

We'll they don't try to make it heavy. It's obviously heavy, but they don't want to add unnecessary weight.

Whereas in a truck you don't give a shit about weight, you only care about hauling ability.

>asshurt yurocucks are at it again

>As wide as an F-150. I don't see the problem. It's still low and sleek.
That actually makes it worse. Imagine an F-150 with a Lotus Elise seating height and visibility.

Actually you do give a shit if your licenses are tiered by GVWR.

Simple. Wider track = better cornering. It's a performance vehicle, not a commuter car.

Okay, so they have a max weight. They are still not as concerned with weight as a sports car is. Not only that, my main point was that width gives you advantages in a truck, whereas it hinders you in a sports car.

>width hinders you in a sports car

Please, explain


Width = weight

Plus it makes it less maneuverable in a city setting where these will be inevitably driven. But then again this is a super car we are talking about so practicality isn't necessarily a concern.

And yet, I see europoor this, europoor that, americans complaining about how europe gets the best cars, etc etc etc.

That meme is objectively wrong.

you fuckwit. it doesnt matter what they are designed for, 80 fucking inches is 80 fucking inches.

jesus christ. i bet you are the dumb fuck that when asked "which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead" says lead.

Lol you misunderstood what meant.

He's saying that there's a difference with how practical 80 in width is for those two vehicles. No shit they are the same width you chucklefuck. If you are arguing 80 in is 80 in you already missed the whole point.

Using your example, a pound of feathers is obviously the same weight as a pound of gold. But which one would you rather own?

And I guess the Aventador is a legendary race car?

>Width = weight

Not true. Just because a car is wider doesn't mean it's heavier.

Also city maneuvering is not what the car was designed for. It was designed to be driven fast. Just because rich retards buy the thing and use it for something it wasn't designed for doesn't mean it was designed wrong.

Nobody is making that claim.

My truck is 96 inches wide, 80 isnt bad.

The R8 was a lot smaller than I expected.

Then why are you defending its ridiculous width if it doesn't actually make it turn well?

Well yes, but width does directly add weight unless if you make an extra effort to reduce the added weight.

And you do have a point. So ultimately it comes down to if you want to judge the aventador as what it was built to be (a performance car) or on a practical basis (who will buy this, and how will it be used).

Personally I think the aventador is stupid in concept. If you want a sporty status symbol, get something more practical for street driving. If you want a race car to be used on the track, get a fucking race car. This car is the worst of both worlds, expensive, impractical, and will never be raced.

A wider track improves lateral weight transfer and cornering grip, this is a fact of automotive engineering. Not sure where you got the idea that I said it didn't, especially considering that I have already said this earlier in the thread. It's just not a "legendary race car" as you said. Not sure what that even has to do with this, really.

1000mm = 1 meter you tard

How do you think they have the engine in that car..... it's not like your shitbox civic.

It has a longitudinal engine layout, not transverse. Btw the only acceptable transverse layout is with I4s.

Yet it's considered a really good supercar. You don't buy a Ferrari or a Lamborghini because it's super fast. The fact that they're fast is a side effect of their main purpose. That purpose, is to make the driver feel amazing.
I don't know if they still do it, but Ferarri used to musically tune their exhausts so it sounds perfect to your ears.

It's not an ideal car by an means. It's not meant to be the best at any specific thing. It's just meant to make you smile every single time you drive it.

The old NSX was ridiculously small. Anything from the 90s and earlier will be much smaller than anything today. The Lotus Evora 400 really has super car performance and is smaller than everything else.

Absolutely this. I have an AW11 that had an original width of ~1670mm. I've since widened it almost 60mm on both sides putting it at ~1790mm. It has drastically helped in corner roll and weight transfer.

That's a good way to look at it, I never thought of it that way. I've always heard lamborghinis and Ferraris being toted around as being super fast and performance cars, so I always assumed people bought them just because they liked the idea of having the fastest most expensive car.

Ferarri has always been 100% about the passion.
The same goes for Lamborghini now. They could make more power and have a lighter car with a TTV8, but that doesn't produce the same sound or stature that a V10 or V12 do.
I mean with both you're also paying for design, for the badge, for the overall experience. I could build a track car out of Corvette and go way faster around a track, but that's just not the point of these cars.
They're fast because it makes the experience better.

Some people do buy them because they think they're the fastest and most expensive, but those aren't really the people who's opinions we care about.

So lamborghini and Ferrari enthusiasts are basically just the richer counterparts to muscle car enthusiasts?

I'd say they're just the richer counterpart of any real car enthusiast. The car you choose and the reason you do what you do to it and why you drive should all be because you enjoy driving it.

The people that purely choose a car based on its looks, it's badge, or it's speed aren't real car enthusiasts. It's all about how a car makes you feel

You can choose a car only on looks when it's only going in beauty contests.
You can choose a car only on speed if you're only going to competitively race it.
Don't ever choose a car purely on its badge.

And its for niggers, like Bentleys


That's where I'm going to have to disagree with you. The look, and speed of a car are just as much a part of the driving experience as the feel of the car.

Are you saying that hot rod owners that restore old cars aren't enthusiasts if they don't enter into contests?


I'm not saying they aren't, I'm saying you just shouldn't purely choose a car on those basis. At the end of the day it's just what makes you smile.

I also kinda hate those competitions. It's like a big dick contest. It really doesn't matter who won if the guy with the 10" shlong goes home alone and the guy with the 2" pecker gets a supermodel. Your car should make you happy way before it makes anyone else happy. Getting your joy from others approval makes you a failure as a person.

I'd take the "No Fucks Given RX7" over a Maybach any day of the week.