What does Veeky Forums think about S classes?

What does Veeky Forums think about S classes?

I'm 24 and am trying to move out of my kid car phase, as hard as it is. Am I too young for an S class? I've been originally been planning on a GT3 but it doesn't fit me- can't see myself in it. Also seems a bit odd to arrive places in a gt3. I've grown up in a Mercedes family so an S class makes sense.

Would I just look like a pretentious asshole?

An S-Class is not a car you drive yourself. It's one of the best cars to be driven in.

You're going from one extreme to the other. The S-Class average buyer is 55+ years old.

Are you fucking Chinese or something? S-Classes are pretty fun to drive. Especially in V8 and V12 configurations.

By a C-Class. If you think a C-CLass is a kid car, try the C63 AMG.

There's no such thing as "being too young for a car" if you're of legal driving age. I'm not sure why you want an S class at 24. I'd assume you'd be into sports cars.

What's this dumb shit about it being odd to "arrive places in a GT3"? Are you one of those faggots? Pulling up in a GT3 is making a statement. Fuck that pussy shit. If you can afford a GT3, fucking buy it.

>Buy pic related
>Be classy AF
>You is kill in the first corner.

You mature to a c63
Not a limo lmao

You totally don't get it

go for it, if it's a daily, what autists don't understand is that after a long day of work you want your commute to be as pleasant as possible. currently have a w140, am 24, had it since 19.
you don't need a brash car like the gt3 to "throw shade", just look confident and get yourself a nice pair of cufflinks

There is however such thing as looking like a complete cunt when you drive a car that's utterly out of your age bracket, income bracket or the psychological maturity your appearance otherwise suggests. Driving an S-Class will make you look like an overspending fucking clown if you hop out of it with a snapback and cargo shorts.

pls tell about maintenance for the w140 i really want one

Why not the Porsche Panamera instead? It doesn't look like as much of an old person's car as the S-Class. At the same time it's classier, more luxurious, refined, and practical than the GT3 while the Turbo and Tubo S versions maintain a high level of performance. P good choice is you ask me famorino.

mechanically they're great, has never left me stranded, however expect expensive novelty things to go wrong, ie vacuum pump, hvac valve that lets warm air into the cabin.
A common problem is the oilers which WILL go bad, good aftermarket ones are 30 a piece

but it's a very diy-able car, just have money in case bullshit

thanks mang. What year and model do you have?

98 S500

That's completely wrong. If you said rolls maybe.

aww shiit senpai. Theres a 98(facelift) S500 selling near me, bit over 100k kms but the asking price is 10k€. Its absolutely mint tho.

Why not get a c-class amg or an m5? They are alot more fun to drive, and they still look like normal sedans in normie eyes...

The W140 is my dream car


i've never managed to find a good one that doesnt cost as much as a brand new car, for a 20 year old car with 200k kms

and i'm playing in hard mode since i only want an SEL, but not a 600 as they're too hard to maintain


that's giorgi tevzadze's car right ?

do you know where it is now ?

god i wish i could own that car

OP, S550 is basically the old guys car, you can go for an S63 instead if you want a younger look and feel, but still "mature" with 577(?) to the rear wheels

Or you could go for the E63, or CLS63, or even an SUV like GLE63, or GLE63 Coupe, or GLS63.

All great cars, and more sporty than the S550, but car guys will drool over them.

I personally plan on picking up an E63 or CLS63 in 1-2 years (am 20 atm), they're almost 50% depreciated now, so values should stick for a while

As long as you dress like a young professional. If you step out of that car with oakley gas cans and fox racing shit then you will look like a shitbag with an inheritance.

t. new bmw owner who recently had to revamp wardrobe

what if OP "did" get an inheritance?

thats offensive to people with inheritances you fucking white male racist bigot xenophobe

Say arent you late to a meeting? These guys want to rent your car again.

I knew that tevzadze had a 140, but never even thought that the one i posted could have been his.
I cant really find out because my russian is pretty shit.

yup, MBS070 is his personal S70 AMG. he drove it at his wedding and all and there's some videos of him drifting it online

i wonder where it is now.

>No such thing as driving age
>gee user, shouldnt you be driving X at 24?

actually it depends on your personal modesty level

I think the dude saying its the best car to be driven in is trying to say that the S-Class is for rich people who have others driving the car for them.

Or a corporate car for upper-management people.

But if you really like the S-Class and have a family, go for it. If not, just get the S-Class COUPE. Or the GT S/R . Or the SL. Or even a goddamn C63 S Coupe. A lot of options for different tastes.

You're gonna need a really fancy fedora to go with it.

More suited cars:
E350 coupe

CL550(basically an S class coupe)

Buy ye olde range rover

>all these people telling OP to get lower end cars

Comfy as fuck luxobarge, just don't act like a douche

Hopefully I can inherit my dad's diesel S class when he upgrades in a few years