Keeps the passenger away from things he shouldn't be touching.

Prevents awkward leg brushes when you're pushing buttons on the center console.

>look at the dash of an RC350
>looks like it was cut from plywood, sprayed flat black, and glued on top of supports
>$60K car

WTF Lexus? I though you fuckers did luxury? Even Honda has better looking interiors.

Why is the car so wide it's like a fucking military Hummer
Why are the windows so high up


jesus. how do you see out of this thing?

Why are the knobs up here?

le dash stroking
>Even Honda has better looking interiors.
Honda currently makes the most abhorrent, tasteless interiors of any car. Mercedes is pretty bad for the same reason.

Is that Fat Marah's million mile lexus?

I know, right? what is the fucking point?

You can't afford it anyway so why do you care?

Lexus """quality""" and """design""".

Looks like shit.



Oblique view.

Man that interior is fucking gorgeous, well done Lexus.

LFA you fucking bus riders

Why do you even complain about a car you are never going to be able to afford anyway

>not driving around with a qt and accidentally touching her thigh when using the radio or a/c

>le you can't afford it meme XD
just end your worthless life

Is a coupe sports car aimed at people who like driving and being focused on the road.

Nothing wrong here.

Then why is it so fucking pig fat heavy?

Seems like the ultimate posermobile, designed for the boulevard and parking at the Cuntry Club.

Weighs less than an S-Class coupe.

Looks less geriatric than virtually every other German coupe now.

And interior is just as gorgeous.

And overall, this car will be less of a maintenance nightmare.

I'm not seeing any negatives here, but then again, I don't ride the bus, so ymmv.

Because it's also a luxury car, so it's equipped with all kinds of comforts and materials that add weight

Not every car has no weight like aLotus or MX5, the Subaru WRX is a fun car also.

>posting the hideous 90s Mitsu Evo yellow version

I really hate the design of that shifter.

That has got to be the ugliest front end on any car. And they infected their entire lineup with it.

And I thought Audi fucked up!

You are gay and everyone in your entire family is gay.

But why are they up there? You shouldn't have to take your hands off the steering wheel to turn on your wipers and shit

Those aren't for wipers and shit. They're transmission/suspension mode selectors you blind fuck.

So now you know what those do

You never put your fat ass in this car, yet you are an expert already.

Haven't you notice that there are also traditional levers close to the steering wheel?

You are just looking for stuff to complain in a car you are never going to be able to afford, how sad.

>you are never going to be able to afford
again? hilarious

Reminds me of an r32 or a z32

>he's this mad
Stay poor

I see them now. The whole areas just so cluttered. And the placement of those knobs on top of the gauge cluster still doesn't make sense to me


user, I don't think shitting on car interiors is going to make you happy





you're kidding, right?

>Interior is so perfect faggots have to literally make stuff up to say anything negative.

Really makes you think.


I like it. Nice, clean and simple.

Because it was more driver-oriented to have them up there and at reach instead of buried in the center console when designing the LFA interior.

And the LFA interior is cool.

Maybe this is why?

>Have a 6 figure income
>Read these "you can't afford it anyways" posts

Just because YOU can't afford it doesn't mean others cannot.

If you wanted a slightly used bar of soap then you still have options user.

WTF are these extra bullshit?

theres nothing wrong with this.

Do you happen to have PhD in Mathematics?


This is shit interior desu

Oh nice it has a platform for the passenger to snort coke/oxy

Ok there you have it.

I hope that's a shoop, it looks retarded as fuck.

How does anyone find this tasteful? It looks like Donald Trump's shitter.

I agree. I think lexus is top of their game now. their cars are beautiful and the interiors are awesome

The only thing I don't like here is the stuff on the panel behind the shifter. You can't see it.

Here's your reply.

Well now I'm curious whose bathroom you think this looks like?

Thanks buddy

"let's talk about lexuses even if we start with mild disingenuous dislike"


The plural form of "Lexus" is Lexus, you mongoloid.

a) because i have no respect for the brand
b) because it's a plural proper name, not a plural noun, you stupid fucking asshole.

>user though anybody cared about his thoughts on "the brand"
Lexus is a trademark owned by a corporation, who says Lexus is plural for Lexus, you jizz-smothered dragon dildo.

I like it, but I would never call it "luxury"

That's actually pretty nice.

I thought this car would be ugly, but it's not. A tad overstyled, but exactly what most 100k carbuyers are looking for anyway.

It looks like it was carved out of carbon fiber by a Samauri. I am impressed with Lexus embracing their Japanese identity after two decades of trying to fool Americans into thinking they were European.

Okay so you have no argument

He's right. Look at the HVAC controls and how they jut out over the edge. Then the stupid piece of fake black wood under it. And the cluttered up center console. It's like somebody in design forgot to account for the dimensions of the sides and they just said fuck it.

Why not?

That center panel is a 3-dimensional design, intended to look as is floating on top of the leather left/right bolsters, I am sure. The "floating" look being a rather popular design idiom at this moment in history.

So, what is left? The materials. And of course all opinions based off viewing pictures alone are irrelevant until the materials are felt in person.

those seats look horrendous. Its like they made the seats shit colored on purpose. I like the interior color but the interior layout looks too much like a corvette. This interior just doesn't match up to its german counterparts imo. Lexus is great if you want a half point between luxury and reliability but it doesn't come close to touching the germans.

>letting girls in your car
Racers don't need girlfriends, friend.

>Lexus is great if you want a half point between luxury and reliability but it doesn't come close to touching the germans.


lel bmw is shit. Im a german fanboy but literally any car>bmw

Would this car be voiced by Alice Cooper in Cars 3?

Wouldn't it be Lexi

that looks like my legs will be super cramped in that seal

Looks fuggin swete m8

lol saved

rosie o'donnell's shitter. that alcantara wheel looks like the stupid covers old/fat people are obsessed with having on their toilet lids


All alcantara looks like a dog's ass after a couple of years of sweaty palms, hair gel, and sweaty backs.

Bringing back the old JDM style, see pic.

best interior


I'm more concerned about a shitty, out of place analog watch in a technologically advanced sportscar.


It's much better integrated than in previous Lexus.

Remember they are Japanese, they still use Internet Explorer 6. It may take for them a few more years to let the analog clock go.

Is that a fucking touchpad?

I dunno. the Lexus grille actually looks better now that it's embraced the gaping maw that it is.

These were beautiful. When will designers learn that less equals more sometimes?

Provably when focus groups stop demanding new features.

>nothing wrong
>upholstery triggers epileptic seizures.

I don't get it. This is a Lexus right? Why is there so much black leather and why is there microfiber suede on the seats?

Where's the wood trim?

Why are there additional stalks mounted in the gauge cluster!?!?

Okay, aside from the seats this look better than the black shot. But what is wrong with those seats?

Why is Cadillac copying the dripping tears front headlights?

because japan is a RHD country dipshit.

am i going crazy or does that interior look 80's as fuck?

It's polyester suede. A great number of luxury cars use it in interiors for areas where comfort is key but longevity and "cleanability" are also important.

It is hard to color-match dyed leather gicen the nature of the material, so most don't even try as it appears Lexus did as well.

This is really nitpicky stuff though. The media embargo on reviews was lifted today, and the three reviews I've read so far on this car all indicate the seats are superbly supportive and comfortable, "typical of Lexus."

Look at the car. This is completely a new age theme.

Wood is old world and wouldn't match at all.

so you dont notice the knob driving it