What's all this "data" shit he supposedly collects and what's that shit he does on his computer to make him a better...

What's all this "data" shit he supposedly collects and what's that shit he does on his computer to make him a better driver?

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Cheese Pizza and apex seal conservation tutorials

Calculating the noise:horsepower ratio of a rotary engine

He's a benchracer.

he has people on the course who give him segment times
and probably sneaks telemetry devices onto the fastest cars

>implying ryosuke isnt alphonse

racing theory.
Racing lines, optimal slip angles, corner exit speed, braking points etc. There's alot of shit he could be collecting.

analyzing geometry, weather conditions, and lap times of every togue in the world

he's got body monitors on pretty much every Nip who's ever entered an automobile, so he can use that data to calculate at what point in an endurance race to shit in his diaper

have you seen those GM vs ford lap time threads?

That's what he's doing


yfw he is the main character

He is tho.

cobb accessport


When and how soon people turn.

shitposting on Veeky Forums obv

keeps looking for an LS engine to swap but cant find any cause its japan

Probably watches best motoring videos

Am rooking fo most dericious rice nooder pancake recipe

Ry/o/suke lmao


wtf is up with ryoskei and keyskei, don't they have jobs or anything out of their car analysis bs

are they NEETs?

chasing the D for Dream baby

Dont they mention that their parents are rich af and a doctor or something

Their parents own a hospital i think


What does the D in Initial D stand for?





top fucking kek

ryosuke is a med student, and their parents are loaded. you have to remember that all of initial d takes place over two summers

>What's all this "data" shit he supposedly collects and what's that shit he does on his computer to make him a better driver?

It's actually pretty stupid. To understand the reason why he collects the data, you have to understand the point of Project.D which is to develop common street racers to a high level of driving skill by competing with other street racers. He approaches the task like a professional racing team would: having a dedicated crew of mechanics, collecting the telemetry data, and using the data to have the mechanics optimize the setup of the car and the have the driver adapt to the situation to get the best chance of victory.

As to the reason for starting Project.D in the first place is a mystery and the only theory is that he feels obligated to follow in his parents' footsteps as doctors and therefore Ryosuke is unable to realize his dream as a professional race driver. Because he feels destined to give up on his dream, he feels the next best thing is to use his remaining time to start up Project.D to cultivate drivers which he could live vicariously through. Obviously a real racing team competing on actual race tracks would cost more money than he/his parents have, so he does it at the street racing level.


Ryousuke's race in fifth stage was the single best thing after fourth stage.

I wish I could street race without any legal repercussions.

Jap memes. There's always this "analytical" type at least once. Like the computer guy in kill la kill.

You totally could, if you get rich and have your own private mountain pass built.

Hell, you might even be able to monetize it and get back your investment from other people who want to do the same.

Roads are expensive as fuck to pave and build. The process of just paving alone is like $2 million minimum

That's why I said 'if you get rich'.

Fuck I hate those types.

The too cool to show emotion, then pull out all of this theory and deduction monologue bullshit from the smallest, most minute thing

Why does every anime have this type of character

also why is anime better with English speaking voice actors?

Solving a problem with a bullshit random inspiration is not limited to anime fampai.


It's for a digital heads-up display kinda thing that superimposes ghost cars that represent his prior runs down the touge. He races not only against his opponent, but also against himself. In the end, he is his own worst enemy.


>also why is anime better with English speaking voice actors?
Because you're fucking deaf, clearly. American VAs are cringe-inducing, especially when they have to pronounce a Japanese name or word.

For starters, it's A FUCKING CARTOON.