Itt we share our car problems

itt we share our car problems

>my m5 tranny just shit the bed
>poor as fuck at the moment so will be out of commission for at least a few months

>Honda Accord

Nothing besides the shitty ass clear coat failing

>My cat uses a lot of fuel in stop start traffic (17-21L/100km, on the highway it sits at 8-9)
>Unsure if it is a problem or just how the car is
I expected the car to use a lot of fuel, but not that much.

Muh ISIS troop transport has a squeaking clutch slave

I have a new one in the center console, but its nigh-on impossible to change without a proper lift so I can stand up beneath it

I fukt my rear axle

Front wheel bearings just got replaced and the winter wheels are on. This winter is going to be A-OK.

I ducking hate this code, going part by part right now, and I'm poor as fuck. Blowing out my ducking pockets. If it's the exhaust manifold I'm fucked, I don't have a blue wrench engine hoist. So fuuuuuuu

Since my engine swap my exhaust keeps rattling against the rear of the car at idle. I can loosen the mounts, let it settle, then tighten them back down and it will stop for a week. It's driving me nuts but I'm too lazy to drop it, cut it, and re-weld.

Brakes started squealing. Don't know why

Passenger door won't open from the outside. I've got to lean over and open it from the inside.
The gas door cover doesn't open when you pull the lever, I've got to wedge something underneath the lever to hold it open so the door stays unlocked, and then put something between the crack of the door/car and flip it open

Oh, and when the wheel is turned completely to either direction, there's a squeal/stuttering. And it pulls to the right constantly. the [D] light for Drive on the dashboard to tell you what gear you're in doesn't light up. The clock quit working. When stopped, the car shakes until you take it out of drive and put it in neutral.
i'm really new to cars, got my license less than a year ago.

Polo 3 my left tail light only works when i gently slap it.

Just got a bmw. Steering wheel squeak when i turn the wheel rapidly

>driveway is so steep and gears are so tall with so much power that I can't even get out of the driveway if it's not perfectly dry

Check the pads, they might be low and the little metal tab is contacting the rotor. Time to replace if so.

Isn't there warranty on those Toyotas?

His is just a little out of warranty


Yeah, but its 1200 miles to the nearest dealer in Turkey, and the border patrol isn't too keen on letting me into their land

I question why you have that saved, but I am still flattered

I often see people saying stuff about frame stress with the Tacoma... wat dis?

Because I'm a jelly burgerfat who can't have one and that's a good picture of one

I like this one more

typical toyota frame

>car is getting built by performance shop
>bike was hit while parked and is in the shop too
>have to ride the bus

I just did this.

>trans am
I'd type "nothing of value was lost" but I don't want you to feel worse than you already do. Chin up bro, mistakes happen and now your life is just changing direction. Not stopping. Look to the future user, we're always here for you :)

mad max rebuild hwne

>17 mpg
Neighbour says they have spare winters in my size
>All seasons

>Oil fucking everywhere
>But it doesn't drip
>Just shits it all out when it gets too hot

>Can't figure out how to flush the front brake lines

>Wet oil fouling on one plug
>Too lazy to pull the block apart

>Paint was fading when I first got it
>Never did anything to stop it

If the paint was good I'd be able to take pride in it and might put in the money to find/fix the engine problems