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can you imagine being this salty tho

brown elf direct brain stimulation VR when


>he bought the deluxe version



There was no reason to go heavy-handed on nerfs, this leaves EVERYONE unhappy

You can like shotos, grapplers, zoners, top tiers, it doesnt matter because THEY ALL GOT NERFED

Who can walk away from this feeling satisfied?

marn is saying laura will break the game

www twitchtv/ultrachentv?sr=a

if you want to hear ultrachen read the patch notes, he's 1/4 in now

Are league points getting reset tomorrow? Should I even spend time beating scrubs tonight?

This is a cute girl(human).

>tfw skullgirls will NEVER EVER be played at a major event by people who matter

>Who can walk away from this feeling satisfied?

Urien players.

tfw pigskin

shit i aint got anything better to do

>they nerfed Alex
I don't even understand why

>we know that Karin has shit anti airs
>so we gave her an air target combo that's not actually going to help her

thanks combofiend

these are the last people i want to hear opinions from

Urien, Ibuki, Laura and Balrog players

that's about it


Mika is now a terrifying grappler who can juggle you in the air.

>V-Skill (Matador Turn):
Reduced projectile invincibility time 5F when follow up is not preformed

>HP Aurora Spin Edge (Claw):
Increased active frames 4F to 6F
Added hitbox to hit opponents behind Vega

>made Vega's V-Skill even more useless than it already is
>HP ASE actually sounds okay but will have to test

As for everything else he got nerfed

What the fuck Combofiend?

>Alex destroyed

Fucking garbage boring character

yeah right they'd nerf him right after 5 terrorist attacks? likely story

I'm gonna play him anyway, but what's the general consensus on Raven?

he's for fags

He isn't actually a bird.

Why do they want Alex to go back to 3S garbage level is beyond me

Well I'm dropping bitch made SFV for Blazblue. Who are the most fun characters in that game right now?

play cummy blasterz


>literally transforms into a bird when he wins
>not a bird


>nash got mostly buffs
I tought they would make him a shittier character instead he seems better than before

Who else buying revelator now that season2 is confirmed shit?
Get Guilty Gear instead.

how many pages of notes did the last patch have? anything less than 90 isn't worth my time sorry

>We're gonna do our best to not nerf any of the top tiers and only buff weaker characters
>Nerf weaker characters even more and slighty nerf top tiers
Thanks Capcom

>All those Rog buffs


Turn off your bluelight filter

Do people still play UNIEL or is it ded

nah, I think Guilty Gear character designs and music are fucking trash. I like Blazblue much better. plus better story

desu they are all pretty fun, they are all so unique.

too braindead and doesn't need his main gameplay gimmick at all to function

This is a bird that turns into a bird

people will defend this

people still play but its mostly steam now
i play ps3

Isn't the music down by the same guy for both games?


>bison gets a reversal in v-trigger

Wew fuckin lad

Ya'll seein this shit?

still loses to meaties

blazblue has actual neutral. if i want to get knocked down into another coinflip mixup i'd play sfv.

There's almost no point in using it when it gets punished so severely. I can only use it against Pot's.


How many slaps in the face does it take? I am petty sure capcom even had a powerpoint presentation where they wrote again that they swear only buffs now.

it's fully invincible on frames 1-25 tho?

>EX Head Press (V-Trigger):
>Changed to full invincibility to 1F-25F of animation

So who walks away from this awful season not feeling like shit?

Urien, Balrog, Laura(sort of)...?

Anyone who wants to join. Final Season 1 lobby for SFV.
password 2017

Come on in and have fun.

the season of Rashid begins in less than 10 hours

fucking laura

Sonicfox is the fighting game player that made the most money from playing fighting games.

and only a handfull of them are viable. so much fun

>gets punished so severely
>i only use it against this one character with large one hit moves and a 40% command grab
wew lad?

sick mixup

It also takes 35 frames for the hitbox to come out so you'll recover from your meaty in time to block it at which point you are +2.

I wish I could be fucking Laura right now

>tfw they guy one of your characters
>but break another



>Urien is buffed

3rd Strike is back bois

I would prefer if his oki projectile would have better startup but was worse for oki and that his pain gimmick was active at all times instead of just the stance. Otherwise decent coolio.
The cat.

>only a handful are viable
not true

isnt that just like new DPs

it needs to be invincible from frame 0 i thought

mostly because of mk tho
a game with no international competition

are u gonna dodge me in season 2 as well?

>frame 0


>people are going to play a game where the lower tiers are nerfed even more

so less character diversity? get fucked capcom lmao

The discord is fairly active.

What? Just back up, he's slow as shit.

Might be a little broken if it were active at all times

>those Ryu nerfs

Aaand dropped

Guess I'm picking up Urien or Laura or I lbuki

But BB is more one sided than GG and I don't say that as an angry goober, I play both of them a lot.




Rashid players are the most peaceful fighting game players of all time.

laura is mostly the same

nerfed some of her better buttons and made it so she can get different buttons of meaties.
>hit meaty lp elbow and you get st.lp links
>in season 2 you get link

Reminder that PC Xrd is the only game (in addition to skullgirls) where you can enjoy netplay with combined input delay of 2 (two) frames.

Urien, Balrog, Laura, Balrog top tier. I fucking hate the sound of this already mates

>they actually nerfed Vega

>b-but that doesnt count
kys tard


*coughing up blood* This is the end for me...farewell, my friends...

>But BB is more one sided than GG
you're absolutely delusional

that mus have been fun to animating, I wonder how they rig the characters

t. have an interest in animation

Parameters for most of Karin's general attack have been revised. As Karin's primary weakness was her lack of anti-airs, an airborne target combo has been added to strengthen her anti-air abilities.

Guilty Gear is literally Vortex: The Game...

No idea why so many people dick ride that shitty fuck game

I'm not, and its a good thing I'm here to correct your lies you think you can get away with outside of /blaz/. Neither game has issues with being too one sided though, both are great.

you'd swear combofiend had death threats the way he disappeared

thank fuck
i'm so sick of seeing Ryu

Of course the effect would be lessened if it was a passive trait.

this is why nobody likes goobers

And they will probably explain it all away with
>System changes don't count as nerfs.

Parameters for some of Vega's normal attacks have been revised. As Vega's damage output was generally questionable, Aurora Spin Edge and Crimson Terror have been strengthened, increasing the return when they land.

Are you guys ready for Rashid's season?
Soon, everyone will remember the name well!

well it doesn't.
mortal kombat can barely even be classified as a fighting game

Thats Zangief players

those anons are crazy user you're correct

I don't understand how they think BB isn't more oppressive that GG.

This hurts.

No more meaty LK Elbow? For what purpose?